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How to choose the best Halong Bay Cruise

best halong bay cruise

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Halong Bay, Vietnam, is a cruise through the surrounding emerald seas. There is an endless amount of options available for all manner of traveler. These cruises range from one-day to multiple-day options and allow the intrepid traveler to experience the full spectrum of Halong Bay delights in a short period of time.

Because there are so many cruise options available, however, it can seem daunting to choose the best one to fit your own personal needs.

Whether you are swinging through Halong Bay for a quick weekend or this part of Vietnam is your primary vacation spot, you will want to take some time to choose a cruise that fits all of your requirements. Here are the optimal steps to choosing the best Halong Bay cruise for you.


The first step to choosing any Halong Bay cruise is to decide how long you are planning to stay in the area and therefore how long you want your cruise to be. One-day cruises will give you a glimpse into the local life of Halong.

You will normally cruise around the bay, see a limestone cave or two, and possibly have a little time for swimming or kayaking. A two or three-day cruise will give you a much closer look into all that Halong Bay has to offer. You will be able to taste more of the food and engage in more activities such as nighttime squid fishing or early morning tai chi.

If you have plans to stay in the area for a weekend or longer than a multiple day cruises is best. If you already have plans to stay in a hotel or can’t manage more than a day trip from Hanoi, a one-day tour is perfect.


Finances always take their toll on any great adventure. When choosing a cruise through Halong Bay, you can easily narrow down your choices by deciding on a specific budget. Cruises range from less than $100 to well over hundreds more. Once you have decided how long you want your cruise to be, you can pick a specific price range.

There are many amazing cruises available for between $100-$150, which will let you see the beautiful sights and sounds of the bay and include some great food and activities. Most ships are decked out in opulent looking fabrics no matter what the cost.

It is usually best not to go for the absolute cheapest option out there. You get what you pay for. Spending just a little bit more will usually result in a slightly more efficient and comfortable cruise.


Travel Halong Bay Diary
Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise to travel hanoi to halong bay

Halong Bay is a small corner of Vietnam, tucked into Southeast Asia. You can easily see many of the hot spots within a day or two of touring around. However, different cruises cater to different spots. There are dozens of limestone caves to explore and several floating villages to observe.

Not only that, but certain cruises are known to venture “off the beaten path”, cruising past Halong Bay proper and focusing more on areas surrounding Bai Tu Long Bay. It is a good idea to sit down and consider which spots are most appealing to you.

what to do in Halong Bay
Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise

Would you prefer to see the Dau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave, or Thien Cung Cave? Does Cua Van or Vong Vieng floating village sound most appealing? The length of your tour may have some impact on your choices but it is always best to choose an itinerary that will stop at the spots that seem most exciting to you.


halong bay lazalee cruise
Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise

Another great way to narrow down your search is by researching a cruise’s reputation and safety standards. Any reputable cruise line will have to adhere to specific safety protocol. However, there are so many cruise lines advertised online, you don’t want to choose one without making absolutely sure that it is a secure and well-known company.

For example, modern cruise lines do not utilize wooden boats. This is a big red flag to pay attention to when sifting through options. Going cheap does not mean that you are choosing a bad cruise line, but you want to make sure to pay attention to ratings and customer reviews. It is usually best not to deal with a company that has little or no information to report.

Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise
Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise

Hai Au Aviation works with L’Azalée and Emeraude to name a few. Other well-known companies include Signature, Indochina Sails, and Orchid cruise to name a few. There are so many great options, just make sure you do your homework before booking.


Lazalee Cruise Halong Bay
Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise

The people you choose to travel with will always impact how you want to travel. Perhaps you are flying solo across the globe, looking for intimate romance with a partner, or carting a caravan of kids around.

Halong Bay advertises cruises for each of these scenarios. Certain lines make it clear that families are their top priority, boasting rooms that will accommodate larger groups. Other companies concentrate on creating a romantic atmosphere for newlyweds and lovebirds.

There are even options for party cruises or boats that have single rooms for backpackers or independent voyagers. You want to make sure that the cruise cannot only accommodate the size of your party but also fulfills the requirements of each of its members.


5 star cruise Halong
Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise – Emeraude Cruise

It’s usually said that size doesn’t matter, but in the case of Halong Bay cruises it often can. If you are a solo traveler or backpacker looking to see the sights with little to no fanfare, a petite little vessel might be just right for you.

However, the larger the group the harder it will be to enjoy a potentially cramped environment. Most Halong Bay cruise ships are not massive. There are so many boats roaming through the bay, it would be impossible to have a Titanic-esque ship floating through the surf.

But some boats are more spacious than others. Not only in terms of room space, but also in the dining rooms and on the decks. Travelers who want to spread their wings and enjoy the views from a tranquil spot on board will want to steer clear from boats that cram too many people into one tiny boat.


Desert on boat, Halong Bay
Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise

Most Halong Bay Cruises have a variety of food options available onboard. You will often find traditional Vietnamese dishes included in the menu as well as other international or fusion options. Many cruise lines even offer a Vietnamese cooking class or display as part of their activity itinerary during the excursion.

Adventurous travelers usually look forward to tasting the local flavors or dishes of whichever country they are exploring. However, today’s society also demands food requirements. If you have a food allergy, intolerance or restriction, it is best to find a cruise line that will comply with your needs.

Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise
Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise

The most popular dishes include seafood of varying sorts. If you are allergic to seafood or shellfish, make sure there are other options available. Families with children will want to make sure there are kid choices for children who might not have developed adventurous taste buds just yet. Most companies will happily accommodate vegetarians upon request.


No one books a cruise through Halong Bay just to stay on board and enjoy the scenery. While that is certainly a stunning part of the journey, the more exciting part is stepping off the ship and submerging yourself into the picturesque landscape.

There are numerous limestone caves, beaches and fishing villages to explore. Most cruises will include excursions into these gorgeous areas of Halong Bay, by small boat or kayak. You can swim in the surf for an afternoon, maybe even snorkel or scuba dive.

Travel Halong Bay Diary
Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise – Kayaking in Halong Bay

There are activities not only off the boat but also on. Activities range from music to cooking classes, movies to squid fishing or tai chi. Don’t waste your time in Halong Bay merely sitting in the comforts of a luxurious room with a view. Be sure to investigate and take part in the brilliant experiences included in your trip.


Hanoi, Vietnam is the closest major city to Halong Bay. Many tourists combine their tour of Halong Bay with some time spent in the capital city. Because of this, cruise lines generally include options for transport to and from the major city so that you can easily get to the airport and back regardless of the length of your trip.

One of the primary methods of transport is a shuttle or private car. The drive takes approximately four hours and is included in the price of the cruise package.

Travel Halong Bay Diary
Choose the best Halong Bay Cruise

Some tours even combine with Hai Au Aviation and include a seaplane flight one or both ways, cutting the travel time in less than half and providing an opportunity to see Halong Bay from above.

While you can absolutely try to get to Halong Bay by independent car, train or bus, it will take much longer and be far more complicated. The best thing is to choose a cruise that has transportation included and work within your budget and time frame.


Once you have finally narrowed down your search and chosen a Halong Bay cruise line, it is time to book your tour. The quickest and easiest way is to book online. This usually gets you the best price in a secure way.

Most cruise companies should have their own website so you can be sure that there are no tricks or traps involved in your purchase. However, many deals are available through other travel or discount sites.

Once again, make sure to research and read the fine print. Any reputable agent like Kayak or Expedia will provide and safe and secure service though other sites such as Halong Bay Tours and Trip Advisor work as well. Just be sure to check for reviews and added fees.

Once you have completed all of this steps, you will ideally be ready for a wonderful cruise through Halong Bay, Vietnam. The planning process for any trip can seem overwhelming and confusing, but a bit of research and organisation will always guarantee amazing results.  In the end, you will walk away from Halong Bay with memories to last a lifetime.

Travel with us

Take the time to filter through the mountains of information and prioritize your personal travel needs. Halong Bay is a top tourist and Unesco World Heritage sight so you will find infinite options available with Hai Au Aviation.


Prepare for a Halong Bay Trip: Book a cruise


When going on a trip there are so many different options to choose from, and doing a little online reconnaissance before your trip can help you to pinpoint all of the activities that you want to do so that you get the most out of your trip.

Halong Bay is one of the World Heritage sites that you really need to see, so get your bucket list ready.  During your trip to Halong Bay, one of the most romantic and adventurous things that you can do is going on a cruise of the bay.

There are a lot of options available to you, so this article will help to go over the ins and outs when book cruises in Halong Bay.


You may be wondering why should book a cruise in Halong Bay for your trip and the main reason is that you’ll get to see the area up close and personal while enjoying the luxuries of being on a cruise ship.

You can’t visit Halong Bay without going on the water as you’ll be denying yourself an experience of a lifetime.  Some of the beautiful island sights to see can only truly be enjoyed when going on a cruise.

Booking your cruise guarantees that you’ll get to experience this for yourself during your vacation, so exploring your options is a good idea. Romantic dinner in Halong on Cruise

>> How To Get From Hanoi To Halong Bay: 4 Best Ways To Travel | The 2019 Guide


There are two schools of thought when it comes to the best time to book cruises in Halong Bay.  There are those that feel that you’ll get a better deal when you wait until your trip to book with a local company.

On the other hand, there are those that feel that you’ll do better if you book in advance.  Both of these cruise booking options have their own pros and cons.



  • You’ll be able to speak in person with someone about the cruise that you’re booking, and see with your own eyes the ship rather than having to rely on online pictures.
  • There is always the option to get a better price because you’re able to bargain down the price or have last-minute deal, unlike paying just a set price online.

  • The main issue to waiting to book means that you may be limiting your options when it comes to what’s available during your trip.
  • If you go during the busy season, you may not be able to get on a cruise as your schedule may not sync up with the openings the cruise ships have available.

Booking in advance means that your plans will be set before you even step foot into the country.

  • You’ll have the first pick of the different options available to you, and you’ll know for certain when your cruise will be so that you can make plans around it to see other attractions in Halong Bay.
  • You can find specials and discounts to help you get a good rate on your cruise when you look online.  This can give you peace of mind that your trip will go along as planned, especially in the busy season where booking in person may leave you without many good options.
  • The main issue when it comes to booking in advance online is that you may be missing out on a better deal when booking up front.
  • Booking based on information provided online without being able to see the cruise companies in person.

Deciding when to book is often a personal choice as some people enjoy traveling by the seat of their pants where they just explore the area without a set itinerary, and others prefer to have everything in place beforehand.

Just keep in mind that if you prefer to wait and are visiting during peak season, you may end up without the cruise package you’d like to have and settle for the ones that are still open.



There are a variety of cruises that you can consider during your vacation that will be a good fit to your itinerary.  They offer day trips for people that are only planning on staying in the area for a short time or just want to experience a short excursion on the bay.

For those that are looking to have a short trip on the bay, but still get a good cruise experience you can try an overnight cruise.  This can be a great option for someone new to cruising, but wanting to see whether or not they’ll enjoy it.

People looking to get a full cruise experience with all the pampering and adventuring involved will enjoy going on the three days two nights or longer cruise packages.

halong bay day cruise


Not only should you look at the cruised based on how long they will be, but you can look into what types of amenities that you can experience when onboard.

There are luxury cruises that are like five-star hotels on the water and budget cruises that are wonderful for a day trip or a family looking to keep their budget at a minimum that is just like a budget motel with cruise levels in between.

One travel expert noted that often the difference between a more expensive budget cruise and the midlevel cruise is the quality of the food in that you’ll be feasting like a king with a slight difference in price while the difference between a low-budget cruise and a higher priced mid level cruise will often be the number of passengers on the boat.
Top 10 most famous cruises


Be sure to look at the departure and arrival times and dates for your cruise package carefully.  You don’t want to miss the cruise departure time for your cruise because you didn’t plan accordingly, such as a transportation delay at the airport.

The same is true with your arrival time back into port as you don’t want to miss another event you’ve scheduled or getting back in time for your flight home.  Some experts say that you should be in the port city the day before the cruise leaves to ensure that you’ll be able to make your boat trip on time.


Halong bay kayakingThe activities that are available on your cruise will vary with the company.  Try to find a cruise with an appropriate length and the activities that you want to experience the most.

Some activities to look for include:

  • Sail in a traditional Chinese Junk
  • Sightseeing
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • See the Bright and Dark Lagoons
  • Explore caves with guided tours
  • Have lunch in the caves
  • Kayak or canoe tours
  • Hiking excursions
  • Explore amazing rock formations, such as Chicken Rock
  • Go fishing for squid and other sea creatures
  • Attend a traditional Vietnamese cooking class
  • Explore Tai Chi
  • Visit a fishing village
  • Seaplane tours

Not every cruise will offer the same variety of activities, so when you are looking to book you should try to look for a cruise that will have all of the activities you are looking to explore.

You may not find a cruise that offers everything on your list, but you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised with the packages that are offered.


There are a number of ways that you can book your upcoming cruise to Halong Bay.  You can go online and locate cruises through a variety of sources.

You can try an online travel agent, your hotel’s website, the official websites for the variety of cruise companies in Halong, and other booking websites.  If you feel more comfortable booking in advance over the phone, you can contact many of the same sources.

Your hotel’s concierge will often be able to help you with booking a great cruise, or you can contact the cruise company directly.

When booking during your trip, you’ll want to book with an operator that you trust.  If you don’t book through your hotel, they can often refer you to reputable cruise providers.  Get brochures that talk about what your cruise offers, and don’t be afraid to compare your options.


One great source for information on the cruise operators in Halong Bay is by looking at reviews from prior guests.  You can get some great information from these reviews that will help you to pick out which cruise you’d like to take.

However, take some of the reviews with a grain of salt as some companies may put up false reviews, and some reviewers may have a skewed vision of what their experience was really like.

If you see a company with a lot of negative or mildly okay reviews with a few shining reviews showing up here and there may be trying to improve their image the right way by changing their tours, or they may be buying reviews.

When it comes to reviews from someone that had a bad experience, remember that there are some people that cannot be pleased no matter what is done for them, and that’s just the way that it is.   


There are a number of questions to ask when you are booking your cruise.

  • What activities are available on your cruise? (This may change with the seasons, so it’s a good idea to specify when you plan to visit, especially if it happens to be further out than a few weeks.)
  • Do you offer any extras?
  • What are your meal options?
  • Do your itineraries ever change during a trip?
  • Are your departures or arrivals ever delayed?
  • What is your refund policy if a trip needs to be canceled due to weather or other reason?
  • What are the safety measures in place?
  • Any questions that you think of should be asked for your personal situation.

Getting the answers to these questions can help to make your cruise in Halong Bay better.  You’ll know what you’re getting into in case any issues arise, and feel more confident about your trip.


The amount that you’ll pay on your cruise around Halong Bay will differ for a variety of reasons.  An overnight luxury cruise will cost you about US$ 220.  Overnight cruises that are in the midrange level are about US $110 to $130.  If you’re looking for a budget cruise, you can find day trips that are about US $60 dollars.

Even if you plan on booking your cruise when you arrive in the area, don’t be afraid to do some comparison shopping online.

This is an excellent way to view the price range of Halong Bay Cruise online and give yourself a good knowledge of what you should expect to pay for your trip.  Don’t be shy of using this to get yourself a good deal.

 Tip: Since there’s a lot of competition when it comes to cruises in Halong Bay, there’s a great chance that you’ll be able to find a cruise that has some extras added onto your itinerary for free.  You can lookout for a good deal while shopping around online, over the phone, or in person. 


There you have it.  Here are some great cruise options in Halong Bay that are open for you during your stay, and the information that you’ll need to make an informed choice on the type of cruise that’s just right for your group.

There great budget cruises that will give you a fun day out on the bay to explore the area and see the sights while getting back to port the same day to get into the other adventures on your trip.

At the other end of the services scale, there are amazing luxury cruises that will help you to feel pampered while exploring the regions.  You and your group members of all ages are sure to have a good time.

time-travel-halong-bayWe at Hai Au Aviation are here for your needs when coming to visit Halong Bay, so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about your trip.  It’s very important to us that you have an excellent time during your stay.


Visit us at our website to learn more about some of the cruises that can be booked through us in addition to our other great packages.

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Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

Cruises are one of the best-selling tourist attractions in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Since the bay is a veritable utopia of marine life and natural phenomena, cruising through the islands in a junk boat or paddling around in a kayak are some of the best ways of seeing the sights.

Budget cruises in Halong
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

There are so many ways to decide which cruise to take that many people find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer avalanche of options. Instead of panicking, make a list of your needs and expectations.

One of the first ways to narrow down your choices is to consider the price. There are full day to multiple day cruises available but most people agree that the longer the cruise, the more bang for your buck.

  • So, are you looking for a top deal?
  • Are you on a budget?
  • Are you treating yourself to a real splurge?

From low-cost to mid-range to high-end, Halong Bay Cruise prices are as diverse as their offerings.

Keep in mind that cruise prices vary depending on day and season so the prices listed are an average deal. We will compare some of the top 2-day tour price deals to see what works best for every price range.


L’Azalée Overnight Cruise from $145.00

Halong Cruise Lazalee
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

L’Azalée Cruise offers a comfortable overnight journey through the karsts and caves, highlighting the Pearl Farm located in the Lom Bo Canal area. You will get a chance to explore Sung Sot “Surprise” Cave for one hour and go kayaking through the Dau Trau islet area as well.

Hai Au Aviation offers a combination deal, adjoining one-way transportation in their state-of-the-art seaplanes with an overnight cruise through L’Azalée. Most tours provide two-way transportation by car or shuttle bus so you’ll be able to engage in the delights of the Vietnamese countryside but only during a 4-hour drive.

By choosing to ride in a spectacular seaplane, you will get a rare opportunity to see more of Southeast Asia and Halong Bay from above. It’s a fast, fascinating way to get to the bay or back. Whether you start or end your journey with a seaplane, this is a quite a deluxe deal.

Cristina Diamond – Day Cruise from $65.00

Budget cruises in Halong
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

For the big spenders out there, Cristina Cruise is a budget option at a slightly more moderate rate. The cabins are accented in crimson and private balconies are the norm.

The food is still considered top-notch and the customer service pristine. You will explore Vung Vieng Fishing Village and sunbathe at Ban Chan Beach.

At night you can engage in a variety of onboard activities from board games to squid fishing to karaoke. Cooking and tai chi classes are included in the cost, as well as a fruit carving demonstration. This cruise will provide you with the same itinerary as any luxury cruise but with a slight on the expenses.

Halong 2 – Day Party Cruise from $109.00

One of the least expensive cruises in Halong Bay is the Halong Party Cruise. The highlight of the tour is a sunset party held on the deck and continuing on for hours. This tour is generally marketed toward the young, the single, or the backpackers who’d like to meet new people and maybe party a little hard.

  • You will still get to see all the traditional sights, but with the added bonus of a party spirit filling the decks.
  • You will go cruising through the islets and kayaking in the Frog Pond area.
  • Food is included, though, like most tours, beverages are not.
  • The cabins may not be quite as decadent as some, but the price is certainly right.

If you’re in the mood for a wild night out, there isn’t a better experience than to drink and dance from sunset until sunrise while cruising through the seas of Halong Bay.

Glory Legend 2 – Day Cruise from $109.00

Budget cruises in Halong
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

At the low price of $109, Glory Legend 2-day Cruise is a real steal for your cruise through Halong Bay. Transportation includes a shuttle bus to and from Halong City and all meals are included.

You will get to explore Titop Island, choosing to climb to the top or swim in the seas below. Titop provides magnificent views of the surrounding land.

Sung Sot Cave, one of the most famous limestone grottoes in Halong Bay, is also on your itinerary. Cabins include options for families, sea views, or private balconies, though of course, the price will vary depending on size and occupancy.

This tour also offers a complimentary welcome drink as part of its deal. You will see the top sights of Halong Bay while you cruise through the emerald waters and listen to the junk sails flying over head. This tour is not the most glamorous or unique of the bunch, but it is a great value for the trip.

Poseidon Sail 2 – Day Cruise from $109.00

Budget cruises in Halong
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

Poseidon Sail Cruise is another one of the most affordable tour lines around. Their 2-day tour starts at the low price of $109.00 and includes the same sights and sounds as most of the other cruise lines.

You will be offered a welcome soft drink as you board the adorable wooden junk boat. It will then cruise you past such majestic attractions as the Fighting Cock islet, Incense Urn islet, Toad, Dog and Dragon islets just to name a few. You will get to go to Ti Top island and enjoy the stunning view from the top.

Poseidon Cruise also boasts a cuttlefish contest in which you may be able to enjoy some fresh cuttlefish in addition to other onboard activities. Single rooms are noted to be available at even cheaper rates, though the golden trimmed cabins look cozy enough.

Flamingo 2 – Day Cruise from $121.00

Budget cruises in Halong
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

Another budget option is Flamingo Cruise, which likes to connect their rare bird name with good luck and happiness. As always, meals are included and you will have the opportunity to visit many amazing sights such as Hoa Cuong Floating Village, Soi Sim Beach, and Coconut Tree Island.

This cruise also stops at Titov beach with time for kayaking and swimming. You can witness some Vietnamese cooking and learn how to make fresh/ fried spring rolls and mix fish sauce.

In the evening, you can have fruit and wine at the Sunset Party or go squid fishing with the staff. Cabins are decked out in white and cerulean blue, making you feel like you are apart of the bright seascape.

Calypso 2 – Day Cruise from $129.00

Finally, Calypso 2-Day Cruise generally prices in at the lower end of the spectrum. Calypso prides itself on flexibility and a taste for adventure. You will see the Bai Tu Long region and swim in Ban Chan beach.

While most beverages are an extra charge, you will also be offered a welcome drink upon arrival as well as free cocktails to cool down on the deck before or after you take a rejuvenating swim while the sun sets.

The traditional cooking class will entertain as you munch on fresh fruit. With Tai Chi and the Thien Canh Son Cave to look forward to the next day, there is no end to the activities available. This is an excellent cruise for people hankering after a little excitement at a reasonable rate.


LaFairy Sails 2 – Day Cruise from $154.00

Moving along to mid-range options, LaFairy Sails is a really great cruise line, offering spacious rooms and sprawling decks.

They pride themselves on creating a unique experience in an intimate environment. You will be treated to a welcome drink upon arrival and have all meals included.

Mid-range Halong Bay Cruise
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

This cruise sails through Bai Tu Long Bay and hits up Titov Island. Swimming, kayaking and climbing are all at your disposal. In addition to the usual perks like a cooking demonstration and Tai chi class, you will also be able to listen to live traditional Vietnamese music on deck in the evening.

What better soundtrack to enjoy before dinner and squid fishing. It’s an extra little look into the local culture of Halong Bay.

Signature 2 – Day Cruise from $143.00

Usually considered one of the more luxurious cruise lines, Signature Cruise still offers a good top-of-the-line option for an excellent deal.

Their cabins are spacious and light colored with wonderful views of the sea. In addition to the Bai Tu Long Bay-focused itinerary, this cruise markets their Vietnamese cooking and Tai Chi classes offered free of charge.

halong bay unique view
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

After a day of activities both on and off the boat, gaze out under the stars while you relax on the deck of this glamorous ship.

Though it’s a little pricier than some of the other deluxe deals, you get a few juicy options the others don’t share while maintaining the typicals sights and sounds of Halong Bay.

Ginger 2 – Day Cruise from $175.00

If you want to harken back to the Roaring Twenties, Ginger Cruise prides itself on its 1920s Indochina styled design. This tour will bring you to the Tien Ong Cave and Cua Van fishing village.

You can spend your evening having an onboard message, dancing on the deck, or squid fishing in the night. You can begin your second day with a Tai Chi session followed by an afternoon swimming or kayaking at Titop Beach.

This cruise includes a welcome cocktail, meals and various onboard activities. Ginger Cruise is a wonderful mid-range cruising experience.

Red Dragon 2 – Day Cruise from $190.00

Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

Red Dragon 2-day cruise ranks in at a slightly higher rate than the others, averaging a mid-range cost of $190. Kayaking services, meals and complimentary welcome drink are included in the price of the tour. You will also have an opportunity to utilize fishing and swimming equipment free of charge.

This tour will bring you out to Bai Tu Long Bay, a destination considered further off the beaten track from normal touristic zones. You will be able to see the stalactites and stalagmites of  the Thien Canh Son Cave.

You will also get to explore Vung Vieng floating Village in a wooden row boat. The cabins are a plush mahogany color, adding just a hint of luxury into your cruise. While just a bit more expensive than some of the other mid-range cruise lines, Red Dragon still provides a good quality to fit your expenses.


Emeraude Cruise Overnight from $235.00

Top cruises in Halong
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget to travel form hanoi to halong bay

Once again, any luxury experience should be accompanied by a sensational seaplane. This time, Hai Au Aviation combines with Emeraude Overnight cruise for a fantastic luxury experience.

Emeraude which has a most recommendation on cruise package deals, is known for having superior cabins and cuisine. They offer fusion Vietnamese and International meals on board, also highlighting their Vietnamese spring roll class.

Du thuyền 5 sao Hạ Long
Halong Bay Cruises Price range for your budget

You can enjoy a crepe station on deck before visiting the famous Pearl Farm. There’s also an opportunity to watch “Indochine”, a famous French movie partially filmed in Halong Bay.

Cruise or kayak through Sung Sot Grotto and Luon Cave. Imagine you are Catherine Deneuve yourself as you fly through the sky in a glamourous seaplane and cruise through the bay in a decadent boat.

Hera 2 – Day Cruises from $375.00

Just like the Greek Goddess namesake, Hera 2-Day Cruise is the Queen of ships. Home to a 6-star luxury boat and 5-star food and beverage options, Hera Cruise is one of the most luxurious options in Halong Bay. The rooms are spacious and modern with beautiful wooden detail. A welcome drink and all meals are included.

You will be able to enjoy kayaking, swimming, a cooking class and tai chi. You will also get to visit a local fishing village in a complex reserved exclusively for Hera Cruise and customers.

This will give you even more local experience and the opportunity to see the life of Halong Bay up close. The benefit of a cruise like this is that, while the offerings may be very similar, the quality may exceed other lower budget cruises.


Not everyone in the world has the same sized pocketbook, so when choosing how to experience the glories of Halong Bay, finances must be considered. There are budget tours, mid-range excursions, and luxury ventures all ready to be experienced in this serene area of Southeast Asia.

If you make it to Halong Bay, a cruise is must-see, so take a look at the fees and rates to help you make the best decision for you. While weather and tourism seasons will certainly affect prices, there are all manner of deals to be found.

Take a soaring seaplane for one half of your journey; be a flamingo, a greek goddess or a film starlit for the other half of your journey.


If you go to Halong Bay, there is no doubt you should engage in one of the amazing tours available. Of the hundreds of options available, there are some good deals for you from Hai Au Aviation. 

Halong Bay: Best places to photograph

Halong Bay Tours

For many travelers especially photographers who are seeking the impeccable views of Halong Bay to photograph out there, this article is perfect for you.

As you approach Halong Bay, Vietnam, the first thing you experience is a gentle breeze and a whiff of salty sea air. Halong Bay’s breathtaking views offer photographers who are hunger for the finest shots so many opportunities to capture the exceptional illustration.

Flying Through The Sky To Capture The Breathtaking Halong Bay

Flying Through The Sky To Capture The Breathtaking Halong Bay
Flying Through The Sky To Capture The Breathtaking Halong Bay

There aren’t many ways that you can cruise through the clouds of Halong Bay and still get close enough for some amazing views. Helicopters are expensive, hot air balloons don’t run, and parasailing isn’t optimal for photography equipment. One option, however, stands out from the rest.

Seaplane will blow your mind up

One of the unique ways to see Halong Bay is by seaplane. Hai Au Aviation offers a one of a kind experience to combine a tour of the bay with seaplane transport to or from Hanoi. Furthermore, you can also sign up for a tour from hanoi to Halong Bay and spend a blissful 25 minutes gliding through the clouds and feasting on the seascapes below.

Halong Bay photography

This is basically a photographer’s playground, having the opportunity to see Halong Bay intermingled with fluffy clouds and sparkling sun. It is a floating paradise of photo opportunities.

Halong Bay photography

While flying with seaplane, you are free to use mobile phone 3G to connect the internet. Therefore, you would have lots of great photos even without a proper camera. Gear up for the panoramic views and practically perfect shotsSpoiler content.

Halong Bay to photograph

Queen Cable Car and Sunwheel

A brand new attraction in Halong Bay to photograph is the Queen Cable Car, which runs from the Bai Chay district of Halong City all the way up to the top of Ba Deo Hill. It is an amazing opportunity to glide over the bay and get a majestic view of the sights below. Each car can carry 230 passengers, so they are quite large with windows bordering all sides.

Halong Bay to photograph
Source: Zing.vn
Halong Bay to photograph
Source: Zing.vn

Once you reach Ba Deo Hill, you can then take advantage of access to the Sun Wheel: an enormous Ferris wheel also offering fantastic views of Halong Bay to photograph.

Halong Bay to photograph
Source: Zing.vn

Each of these attractions provides a unique opportunity to enjoy a stunning perspective of Halong Bay to photograph from the sky. A two-way cable will cost around 300.000VND/ person.

Halong Bay to photograph
Source: Zing.vn

Mountains And  Peaks – Heaven For Photographs

Halong Bay is made up of stunning limestone karsts, creating islands, grottoes, and peaks all throughout the bay. These make ideal spots to climb and achieve a gorgeous view of the land and sea below. Some of the most optimal points are on the list below.

Expand Your Vision From Bai Tho Mountain 

Bai Tho Mountain is one of the most famous and highest peaks in Halong Bay. Located right in the city center, Bai Tho Mountain is not the easiest mountain to scale but certainly doable for most tourists. The entrance is tucked amidst local houses, hidden in a small corner with no sign in Hang Noi street.

Places to photograph in Halong Bay
Instagram: yoyochen0420

Ask the locals and they will be more than happy to point you the right way. You will finally come upon a magical staircase that winds up to the top of the mountain. It will take about 30 minutes to conquer this 200 meters (106m from ground level).

Bai Tho Mountain
Instagram: bburkley

From the top, you will have one of the most comprehensive and gorgeous views of Halong Bay. While it is a steep walk, there’s no reason why you can’t cart a decent camera and take advantage of all the wondrous sights from goats wandering through the rocks to birds soaring down to the bay below.

Bai Tho Mountain
Instagram: sian_owen

Trong Mai Islet – The Symbol Of Halong Bay

The tour guide said: “Once we are here as a couple, we need to take a kissing picture so that our love lasts forever”. This two chicken kissing rock formation is probably the most photographed scene in spectacular Halong Bay.

Trong Mai Islet
Instagram: joeydeviv

Located right in the heart of the bay, this pair of limestone islet jutting out from the calm water has become memorable landmarks in Halong Bay to photograph.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: jaraburgos

At times, the rocks look like lovers, at other times, they look like machinery or cockfighting. When there is a mist in the air, the marvelous effect will be embedded in your mind forever.

Ti Top Mountain – The Perfect View To Photograph Halong Bay

Halong Bay to photograph
Photo by Phong Nguyen

No better place than Ti Top Mountain to experience the beauty of Halong Bay. Right in the heart of Halong Bay lies Ti Top Mountain, 8 kilometers from the Southeast of Bai Chay Harbor.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: amyseder

Approximately 400 steps will take you from Ti Top beach to the top of the peak. While many cruise lines stop here, it is generally a quieter spot than Bai Tho and will provide a much different perspective from the center of Halong Bay to photograph.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: johnschumacher_

This gives you a perfect opportunity to discover views from the small sandy shore as well as up high in the sky. Ti Top Island offers wonderful views of Halong Bay to photograph, walk to the top is not an easy journey. The climb is extremely hard and treacherous since the stairs to the top are not uniform in size or shape.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: terka_pavlikova

Just make sure you have plenty of water and keep pushing yourself to the very top. The view once you get there is worth every moment of pain.

Adventurous Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is situated on Cat Ba Island. It is a rock climber’s wonderland, home to about 60 sports routes. There are sheets of limestone shooting out of the terrain in many spots. It is also a popular area for honey and honey-related products so keep on the lookout for local food opportunities.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: charlottedailyparis

Most people choose to go on a hiking or rock climbing tour to check out these amazing sights and make sure that they have guidance for safety concerns. If you have an adventurous spirit and a longing to shoot some amazing geographic anomalies. This is a great opportunity to go somewhere off the beaten path.

Halong Bay to photograph
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Floating Villages Will Bring Your Shoots To The Next Level

Floating Villages Will Bring Your Shoots To The Next Level
Floating Villages Will Bring Your Shoots To The Next Level

The floating fishing villages of Halong Bay are one of the unique ways of seeing the local Vietnamese culture in action. Hovering over the emerald water, the multicolored houses stand out as a patchwork of family and industry. These are an ideal place to not only meet some native inhabitants of Halong Bay but take interesting shots of daily life.

Lively Pictures In Cua Van Villages

Cua Van village is one of the most popular and the largest of Halong Bay fishing villages. It sits in tranquility about 20km from the touristic boating wharf. It is the largest fishing village in the area and boasts a population of 733 people in 176 households.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: wade_bucher

Home styles range from the small and clean to the more spacious and well-equipped, utilizing electricity and televisions.

Halong Bay Photography
Instagram: asianflaneur

Not only will you be able to see the real-life homes of the fishing families, but observe the vast amounts of marine life floating below. An excellent opportunity for you when in Halong Bay to photograph the many layers of the pace everyday life.

Halong Bay Floating Villages
Instagram: jairoiglesias

Local Vibes In Vung Vieng Village

Located in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng Village is a slightly smaller fishing community. There are about 50 families with approximately 200-300 members. Most of these villages are generally considered to be poor.

Vung Vieng Village
Instagram: anaishayar

Fishing is their primary income for things like food and potable water but nowadays tourism also assists their economy. One of the most beautiful sights is seeing the local children learning their family craft, romping around in the surf and contributing to the trade.

Padding Around Cong Dam Fishing Village

This old and small fishing village is located on Bai Tu Long Bay. Quite far from the mainland with the population of 120 people. Not really close to the center of the bay, so the Cong Dam Village is pretty isolated from the normal tourist routes.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: dave_le

The first thing you will feel about this fishing village beside the simplicity of life is its mysterious and unusual vibe. It is fascinating to see how very different some people live and work. And how they have adapted to their environment.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: antoinebourdet

Instead of kayaking around those karsts and lime-stone, choosing to hire a rowboat and discover sides of Halong Bay to photograph is a better idea. Visiting this isolated villages to take pictures of the inhabitant and fisherman’s cute kids will be the highlight of your journey.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: abhitbhatnagar

A Glimpse Of Ba Hang Village

To capture extraordinary life moments based on simplicity, yet filled with complexity at so many levels, then this indispensable village is a right spot in Halong Bay to take photograph. Three Caves Village is one of the four famous villages attracts major tourists in Halong Bay.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: projetdeouf

Beautiful in every direction, there 50 families living here so it’s easy to talk to local people and get to know the fisherman daily lives. A relatively simple life without the stresses of modern living. Seeing the floating villagers, eat, sleep, make their living and raising their family is truly unbelievable. Their living quarter is really small, but they have the best out of it and their friendliness will warm your heart up.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: lindous

You will be amazed at how fascinating everything is utterly quite traditional and more than just beautiful. Nonetheless, an interesting scene along the river – a must see if you are in Halong Bay. Don’t miss those unique experiences if you have the chance.

Falling In Love On The Decks Of Cruises

Falling In Love On The Decks Of Cruises
Falling In Love On The Decks Of Cruises

One of the hot spots of Halong Bay tourism is their wide selection of full day to multiple day cruises (2D1N or 3D2N). It’s an ideal opportunity to get out into the water and take some panoramic photos of the world around.

Halong Bay Cruise
Instagram: lukebender

Most of them will also include Sung Sot caves visit, which will allow you to get up close and personal with the limestone karsts so you can take some exquisite photos of the landscape. There are many options for cruises of all length and price. These are some of the top sellers.

Magnificent Views On L’Azalée Day Cruise

Seaplane Flight & L’Azalée Day Cruise is one of the most affordable options and is ideal for people working with time restraints. Hai Au Aviation has many tour package deals which combine their seaplane experience from Hanoi to Halong Bay with a hotel or cruise option. By taking advantage of this option, you will be able to see the sights from the sky and the sea, snapping shots from every angle you can think of.

Halong Bay Cruise
Instagram: benitaschuh

They also have a wonderful overnight affiliated with Emeraude cruise, a high-end cruise line that will provide you with some delicious Vietnamese food. And show you some of the amazing scenery where movies such as Indochine were filmed. The itinerary often includes visiting Sung Sot Cave, Ti Top Island, Pearl Farm and 2 meals on board.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: roshanimal

The Lovely Sights From Indochina Junk

Traditional Junk ships stand out like a blast from the past as you gaze out into the waters of Halong Bay. The rust-colored sails flying high above the deck are photo-worthy themselves, inspiring all manner of adventure theme.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: naveda89

Indochina Junk will bring you out toward Bai Tu Long Bay, an area considered more “off the beaten track” then some of the initial Halong Bay sights.

Halong Bay Cruise
Instagram: justine.dolores

You will have the occasion to kayak into the caves and mingle with the floating villages. Seeing many of the sights you have on your list for great photo ops.

Let Your Eyes Wander Around The Scenery On Signature Cruise

Signature Cruise is considered a luxury romantic cruise ambiance. You’ll be able to take a Vietnamese cooking class or try out a lesson in Tai Chi. This itinerary could bring you out toward the Cong Dam Area and includes all of the sights and activities typical to a Halong Bay experience

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: madonnahooper

Imagine walking on the day during sunrise or sunset and capturing the moment the sun first starts glittering on the horizon. These cruises will give you ample opportunity to take some of your most astounding photos.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: amyseder

Unusual Limestone Caves And Karsts

Unusual Limestone Caves And Karsts
Unusual Limestone Caves And Karsts

Some of the most remarkable aspects of Halong Bay to photograph are the limestone caves and karsts that jut out from the sea and create the magical skyline surrounding the bay. Most cruises and tours will include time to explore some of these grottoes either by kayak or by foot. It’s a fantastic opportunity to take out your camera and get clicking away at all the stalactites and stalagmites piercing the terrain.

Creating Lifetime Moments In Dau Go Cave 

Dau Go Cave is located on Dau Go Island and is considered to be the largest and grandest of the limestone caves. It is almost 2 million years old and holds the dimensions 12 meters wide and 17 meters high at the entrance.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: ericagcrowe

90 steps will bring you into the first of 2 chambers ready to explore. As you walk through the cave you will see the amazing geological detail as the light reflects from mystical angles.

Thien Cung Cave – Magical Grotto

4 kilometers away from Dau Go Cave you will find Thien Cung Cave, another magical grotto. The cave is 10,000 square meters. After a narrow passageway, you will come to a spacious chamber filled with the reflective light so common to these ancient structures.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: meoowchann

The complex network of stalagmites and stalactites make it a challenging yet incredibly worthwhile experience in Halong Bay to photograph.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: meoowchann

Unexpected Adventure In Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot cave is another legendary experience, often called the most famous of the Halong Bay limestone caves. 100 stone steps mark the entrance to the various chambers, once again denoted by the kaleidoscopic light and geological wonders.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: moonhor829

The deepest section is the “royal garden” where you will find a crystal clear pond decorated with various flora and fauna. It’s a stunning haven away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside. Hire a tour guide and the myth of each cave could surprise you.

Ho Dong Tien Cave – Fairy Lake Cave

Legend has it said that the lake inside the cave is fairies’ favorite place for bathing and sleeping that is why this cave is called Fairy Lake Cave. Its special features, magical values of geology and stunning scenery makes it become a top destination for many researchers in Halong Bay to photograph. Different from all other caves in Halong Bay, entering Fairy Lake Cave is an exciting experience.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: through_da_iris

You can only access this wet, dark, small chamber by one boat, the entrance is really narrow that allows one person to go through at a time. After passing through that tiny tunnel, you will be surprised because of its spacious chamber and gorgeous, glowing stalactites beautifully hanging down from the ceiling. Marvelous beautiful nature creators in Fairy Lake Cake are waiting for you to discover.

Me Cung Cave – Bewitching Grotto

Me Cung Grotto (Bewitching Grotto) is located on Lom Bo Island, about 2 kilometers far from Ti Top Island to the southwest. Bewitching Grotto’s beauty standing out among many caves in Halong Bay to photograph. It is famous for not only being a remarkable appealing cave but also being the evidence that scientists found of prehistoric life in Vietnam.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: walkerkristymeglin

The combination of sunshine on the outside and sparkling diverse shapes and sizes of stalactites on the inside makes Bewitching Grotto become a magical feature in Halong Bay to photograph. Its natural beauty provides photographers transforming pictures and wonderful experiences for travelers.

Extraordinary Hidden Beaches In Halong Bay To Photograph

Extraordinary Hidden Beaches In Halong Bay To Photograph
Extraordinary Hidden Beaches In Halong Bay To Photograph

Finally, there are many hidden beaches sprinkled around Halong Bay to photograph, giving the tourist or the photographer alike. A chance to frolic in the deep blue sea and capture some of the most picturesque moments of the bay. Many beaches closer to the city are small and touristy, but because there are so many beautiful islets around the bay, there is always a place to find some solace and serenity.

Halong Bay Photography
Instagram: _.myk

Original Beauty Awaits In Ngoc Vung Beach

While you will still find beach chairs and sunbathers at Ngoc Vung Beach. The sandy shores and pristine waters make up for it. This spot is still considered relatively untouched and the sea is crystal clear all year round. It’s a beautiful location for pictures of beach dwellers, marine life, and panoramic views of the bay.

Halong Bay Photography
Instagram: alexcallahan4

The beach is about 34 km southeast of the tourist wharf and the island is approximately 12 square kilometers. Walk as long and as far as you can or stick around for campfire and see the sparks twinkling under the deep blue sky.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: skipper_paterson
Original Beauty Awaits In Ngoc Vung Beach
Usually, tours in Halong Bay do not provide to Ngoc Vung beach so that you have to arrange everything by yourself.

Finding Peace In Son Hao Beach

Son Hao Beach is located on Quan Lan Island. It is a small island and scarcely populated, to begin with, though there is a small village in the center and moderate tourist trade. Son Hao beach is hard to find and still considered one of the most secluded areas around.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: kritikaandcompany

If you can find the entrance, you will be well rewarded as one of the only inhabitants taking advantage of its beautiful shores. It is not as well-maintained as some of the other more touristy beaches. But for exquisite shots of a serene seascape, it ranks on top.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: cetqal

Ancient Feelings In Ba Trai Dao Beach 

Ba Trai Dao beach is also on the tourist track but is unique due to its mythical association. Three small mountains resembling peaches separate the three small beach areas that are ideal for swimming and kayaking around.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: gordy98

Legend has it that a fairy fell in love with a fisherman near these isles and offered the young man three peaches as a token of her affection and to bring him eternal life. Because she had stolen them from heaven. The King of Heaven became angry and turned the peaches into the three limestone isles. Then separating the fairy forever from her love. The islands are now considered romantic and enchanted hamlets to take advantage of only during the 2-3 hours a day when the sand is not covered in the tide.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: sepoissts

An Appealing Destination – Soi Sim Beach

Soi Sim Beach is a charming, small island and pretty unfamiliar compare to other attractive places in Halong Bay. Peaceful ambiance, quiet atmosphere and natural beauty of blue sea will lead travelers to another different side of Halong Bay to photograph. Because of its clear-cut emerald water, you can easily see schools of fish while swimming there.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: klaudia_strzyzewska

Furthermore, from the highest peak of Soi Sim Islet, you will great chance to enjoy the spectacular views to photograph and other activities. The Sim Soi Islet is receiving more attention from locals and tourism to set up a plan to developing this new feature to become an eco-tourist site which brings both economic interest and value of preservation.

Halong Bay Beaches
Instagram: liinanotta

Travel Photos Tips You Should Know Before Getting Started

Having a list of beautiful places in Halong Bay to photograph but not everyone can make the best of it. Probably you will be wondering how to make your shot look better than everyone else. Here are some handy travel photograph tips will guide you through your Halong Bay photoshoot and take gorgeous shots like a pro.

Shooting Epic Landscape Photos In Halong Bay

To get a beautiful and artistic landscape photos in Halong Bay, you can’t just lift up the camera and shoot. Landscape photos are about being prepared, being able to get to the place you need to go, and being able to bring everything with you. These landscape photo techniques you need to take with you into the field to ensure you have a perfect trip.

Essential equipment

1. Camera and Lens

Beginner photographers don’t need to spend too much money on the most expensive cameras and lenses. The most important for beginners is to learn the setting and how you can get the most out of it. When it comes to right time, you will know when it’s time to upgrade.

2. Tripod

Having a tripod is highly recommend for any kinds of photographs. Tripods can be heavy and bulky but it will help you out for different situations to photograph to best of Halong Bay. Investing in a good tripod is actually a good idea to achieve high-quality images, catching the good light, sharp angle and longer exposures

3. Don’t forget to clean your equipment

Treat your equipment well with nice cleaning materials, it protects your camera, keeps your images in good quality and helps you save a lot of time in the editing game. Carrying your cleaning wipes with you nearby through your trip could be extremely beneficial in unexpected situations.

4. Waterproof and dustproof protection

Unexpected things happen all the time in traveling, to ensure your camera not getting any damaged during your Halong Bay trip. Bringing waterproof and dustproof protection is highly recommended. Whether on cruise, beach or hash environment situation it protects your camera from getting wet, dusty which will lower the quality of your photo.

5. Last but not least is yourself

Keep a clear focused mind to become a storyteller with your own photos, creativity in shooting can be hard to get. Fresh and new composition is waiting for you to explore. Listen to your inner self, take a step back and shot. With a keen eye for odd nature in the landscape orientation may seem the most important asset in your photographer’s toolkit.

Nature landscape photo tips to photograph the best of Halong Bay

For nature landscape photos particularly in Halong Bay, you should do some research to know more about that place, the weather, viewpoints and find inspirations for your own shoots.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: _emilyrosephoto

Perhaps even more important is to know when to travel to Halong Bay, it’s amazing how different landscape photo can appear at different times of the year. Each season has its own unique scenes that you can capture then turning it into spectacular images.

Catch the best light in Halong Bay to photograph

What time is the best time to travel Halong Bay may seem the first question that pops up in your mind? For the finest illustration, the easiest tips that also get the best result when being in Halong Bay to photograph is to patiently wait for the right light.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: valent.andr

Bright sunny days tend to add more contrasts in nature scene with clear bright highlight and also sharp shadow. Shooting in early mornings and late afternoon will help you get photos with fewer contrasts and beautiful pleasant glow.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: shaneadversalo

For a lot of people, cloudy days are nightmares to photograph. But if you know how to overcome those cloudy day’s challenges. This kind of weather is somehow proving that it is perfect for photographing. Cloudy days provide interesting skies from top to bottom. Dramatic skies combine with beautiful mountains and peaks in Halong Bay image is definitely what you wish for.

Don’t forget to add a subject

Adding a subject or a human element to your landscape photo is a plus point that conveys depth and interest. Instead of shooting just natural beauty in Halong Bay, try to ask someone to pose in front of the scenery to make your picture more impressive which can also help better personal connection.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: kathbeau

The interaction between human and nature always bring the best poetic contrast to landscape photography. The meaning of a photo can be delivered totally different with the combination between magnificence of nature and human.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: whext_travelblog

Finding The Perfect Angle In Halong Bay To Photograph

There is no better way you can find in Halong Bay to photograph when you have a chance to explore it from the above with seaplanes or queen cable cars and sun wheels. Don’t be lazy by just shooting everything from one viewpoint which is so dull. Exploring Halong Bay thoroughly and you may find the viewpoints that everyone else wishes they should have a shoot from. Photographing from an unusual angle can give various perspectives, make your photos unique if you want them to stand out.

Perfect angle to photograph in Halong Bay
Instagram: bbabebenz
Finding The Perfect Angle In Halong Bay To Photograph
Have fun with shadows, shades, sunset shots and angles to get tons of fascinating photos in Halong Bay.

The golden hour

The golden hour is normally appeared after sunrise or before sunset, to make the most of the golden hour you have to know exactly what time the magic light happens. Regularly the golden hour includes the first hour after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: reisbrigade

To catch the best moment of golden hour in Halong Bay to photograph, you should check it each month or even every day when you want to take photos. Understanding subtle light in golden hour and how it impacts the quality of your photos is probably the most important aspect when you do cruising shoots.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: spiros_e_pandis

And in the “magic hour”, portraits photos will be much warmer and pleasing. The soft, warm, dimensional light is totally worth all the preparations.

The golden hour time in Halong Bay – 2018:

Month Sunrise Sunset
January 6:25 – 6:30 AM 5:20 – 5:40 PM
February 6:12 – 6:30 AM 5:42 – 5:55 PM
March 5:45 – 6:10 AM 5:55 – 6:05 PM
April 5:20 – 5:45 AM 6:05 – 6:15 PM
May 5:05 – 5:20 AM 6:15 – 6:30 PM
June 5:09 – 5:15 AM 6:30 – 6:37 PM
July 5:13 – 5:25 AM 6:30 – 6:37 PM
August 5:25 – 5:35 AM 6:08 – 6:30 PM
September 5:35 – 5:42 AM 5:40 – 6:10 PM
October 5:40 – 5:50 AM 5:15 – 5:40 PM
November 5:54 – 6:10 AM 5:05 – 5:15 PM
December 6:10 – 6:30 AM 5:10 – 5:20 PM

The water reflection of Halong Bay

Water refection can turn your ordinary photos into something surreal, outstanding but you need a bit of patience and creativity to expand your imagination for stunning results. Understanding few fundamental techniques can bring the quality to the next level. If you are on a cruise, it is so much easier for you to make the amazing water reflection photo. Water reflection photo makes Halong Bay look extra special.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: segwenstar

A calm weather and a clear blue sky keep the surface stay still provides you great opportunities to make gorgeous images. Animals are also a good subject to photograph their reflections so try to include them into your shots.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: travelloverblogi

Instead of focusing too much on the reflection, you should try to find the right angle and nature extraordinary sheer which is going to make your images really miraculous.

Playing With Halong Bay’s Darkness When Being In Caving

Entering deeper inside Halong Bay’s caves makes you feel like you are walking in Disney Land because it is hard to believe that there is an other-worldly place with beautiful natural formation still exits. Hazy, cold and excitement, it is apparent that there is something magical waiting just beyond the opening to the cave.

Getting to know caves first, photographing second

Shooting extraordinary photos in caves can be a real challenge for those who aren’t prepared before going there. Taking photographs in slippery, gloomy cave is not everyone’s cup of tea. The environment in a cave can be harsh for travelers especially photographers who are hungry for the finest shots.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: girlgoinglobal

Go out and explore, get to know how incredible things that happened naturally in caves is a way to make remarkable moments and best storytelling in photos.

Photographing caves techniques

Make sure you know about your camera fundamentals and choose the right camera to photograph Halong Bay’s caves. A camera with low light capability will work better in the dim light situation.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: paulbucknallphotographer
Photographing caves techniques
Bear in mind to pre-check your camera equipment before entering the cave. A lot of photographers make mistake is to go caving without checking then end up leaving behind the essential stuff.
Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: amyseder

Keep in mind to test your shots

Taking a few test shots to check the camera exposure and lighting effect of the slave flashes. Adjust your camera settings if required. Always have your camera set on the highest resolution to take every photo.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: ameliamoelle

Re-creating the perfect shots with lighting effect is impossible but deleting those not work out the photo is so easy. Caves are kind of wet, dirty and muddy which can be harmful to your camera. So remember to protect your equipment and keep yourself safe when exploring pretty formations. A strong water and dust proof case is highly recommended!

The right light angle in Halong Bay’s caves

Getting the light angle properly can create some exceptional results. Not only focusing to highlight the formations and sophisticated details of every cave but also changing your point of view to find out the unique things.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: trillica

Most caves have little or no light at all, so lightening the cave yourself should be considered if you want to get magnificent shots of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: gabriela_salgueiro

Capture the ancient moments and learn to work your camera in the dark in Halong Bay to photograph. Look for interesting formations around you or even getting low to find creative perspective in Halong Bay to photograph.

The right light angle in Halong Bay’s caves
Don’t forget the previous tip is to add a person (family members, a friend or your travel mate) in the photo for a better neat portion.

Exploring The Floating Villages Through The Lens

Leaving away from all of the luxuries of city centers and urban places. The floating villages are an ideal place for you to discover leisure moments and find tranquil times. Going to fishing villages to witness the exciting life of a fisherman on floating and the unique ethnic communities.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: flaneur_7117

The photo opportunities are endless as your launch glides through the villages and the whole new different angles of Halong Bay are waiting for you to discover through amazing photographs. The simplistic way of life in floating villages can possibly bring out the sentimental side of you when traveling Halong Bay to photograph.

Talk to locals

Spending more time in Halong Bay to photograph the moments, to explore the cultures and get to know the locals will give travelers a taste of rural part in the incredible Vietnam. Trying not to become a tourist is the first thing that you should keep when exploring Halong Bay. There is nothing more interesting than capture the random individual moments you can observe various perspectives.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: marcia.dch

When photographing people in the floating villages, don’t forget to be friendly, open and honest. Smile, be nice, talk to local people and focus on those inspiring things they do – which providing context.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: kieronlawrence_

Capturing not only the events that will take place over and over can make a great storyline. But also the subjects that show high value to make your trip in Halong Bay so much more meaningful.

Get lost on purpose 

Finding beauty in imperfections seem the right way to describe how Cua Van and Vung Vien floating villages will make you feel. You get the chance to open your journey deeper inside look into the everyday life of fishers.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: projetdeouf

To freeze these moments in time capturing the details when being in Halong Bay. Spending a day to get lost on purpose, you will have the opportunities to see a lifestyle that stood the test of time and the remarkable experiences for sure last a lifetime.

Instagram: shaneadversalo1
Let yourself wander without agenda, without knowing what you will find, you are open to more surprising and unexpected things waiting for you forward.Hai Au Aviation

Top 10 Best Halong bay Overnight Tours


Every traveler hopes to come back home with a treasure chest full of amazing memories. One look at a photo of Halong Bay, Vietnam inspires a million thoughts and feelings, from excitement to adventure to relaxation to romance.

One perfect way to create these vivid recollections is by booking an overnight tour through the karsts and emerald seas of this brilliant Unesco World Heritage sight. It’s an ideal experience to see some of the lesser known spots and weave a two-day tale for the primary characters on your journey.

Halong Bay view from seaplaneYou explore some of the limestone caves, get acquainted with a local fishing village, and lounge for hours in the sun. While there are several tours to choose from, all with unique attributes and tantalizing itineraries, here is a list of some of the best Halong Bay overnight tours of 2021.


top cruise halong
Emeraude Cruise is one of the most luxury cruise in Halong

If excitement is what you seek, stick with Hai Au Aviation and book their Halong Bay Flight and accompanying Emeraude overnight cruise. This option will allow you the same benefits of a seaplane flight to or from Halong Bay, but with the added advantage of an overnight cruise through the mystical waters of the bay.

Imagine flying through the skies, looking down on the stunning scenery below, then submerging yourself in the landscape by taking a decadent cruise. Emeraude is known for top-of-the-line luxury boat experiences.

ecc_shot_37_dinner_bow_c5a0890_finishThey offer multiple activities such as a Vietnamese spring roll cooking class and an opportunity to kayak through Pearl Farm. You’ll also have plenty of time to swim through the sea and stare at the sunset. You’ll be able to mix excitement and tranquility as you end your day wandering the deck under the heavens above. After cruising through Human Head islet, Trong Mai and Dinh Huong islet, you will leave this tour with excitement ringing in your ears.

You could book the tour here. 


There’s a little thing called wanderlust that tugs at the heartstrings of travelers worldwide. Many of these intrepid folk are backpackers who pick up their life and carry it around with them as they venture through the world with nothing but a spirit for travel in their hearts.

Halong Bay pulls these travelers from all around the globe, throwing its siren call out to the masses with beauty and charm. Griswalds Vietnamese Vacations (The Real Kangaoroo Cafe – 18 Bao Khanh Str., Hanoi) focuses on an economic way to see the sights of Halong Bay.

On your way to Halong Bay you will make a short nature stop at the Hong Ngoc Humanity Workshop. While on the boat, hit up Ti Top Island and Sung Sot Cave. Climb to the peak of Ti Top and marvel at the scenery below.

Discover the mysteries of Sung Sot and ponder the ancient history. You’ll be given time for swimming, kayaking, and even nighttime squid fishing. We suggest booking at their office.

They also encourage making reservations last minute so you can enjoy the flexibility of your trip and make spur of the moment decisions. Wanderlust at its best!


Unique tour in Halong BayWalking arm-in-arm on a twilit deck while the sun slowly sets in the background is the perfect scenario for the romantic at heart. This tour is known for taking you a little off the beaten track. You will arrive in Hai Phong City and cruise through the seductive sights of Lan Ha Bay.

Rather than fighting the crowds of some of the more touristy areas of Halong, this tour offers a little more tranquility for those looking for a private moment to steal a kiss.

  • You can take a Vietnamese cooking class and learn a new dish to share together at home.
  • Take a lesson in using fish nets and get caught in each other’s gaze.
  • Book one of the luxury rooms with a big private balcony and enjoy a nightcap with the breeze blowing through your hair.
  • Enjoy a scrumptious brunch with the Vietnamese backdrop framing your perfect honeymoon photo before bidding farewell to Halong.

Nothing says romance like this dreamy overnight tour.

The price average is $384/ suite cabin with private balcony, available for booking online.


True travelers at heart are known for an independent streak and a desire to live life to the fullest. Their memory books are filled with friends, family, and solo trips alike. For those heading to Halong Bay on their own, the Paloma 2-Day Cruise is a great way to experience Halong Bay. You will make your mark on the beautiful scenery as you glide across the waters in a traditional junk boat.

Top Cruise in Halong BayThis cruise embraces some of the highlights of Halong Bay while also cruising further out toward Bai Tu Long. You will be able to roam amongst the stalagmites and stalactites so unique to the limestone caves as well as visit the traditional floating fishing village of Vung Vieng. Take a solitary moment in one of the karsts or mingle with the natives on shore.

There are plenty of onboard activities such as films, dancing or board games if you’re in the mood to meet some fellow voyagers. If not, cozy up in your private cabin and muse over your solo adventures.

The average price is $600/ deluxe ocean view cabin, as booked on their website.


If you’re traveling with a group of friends in search of lifelong memories then Ethnic travel is a good way to go. Ethnic Travel prides itself on utilizing a “style of travel that is environmentally, culturally and socially responsible.” They emphasize low-impact tourism and prefer to show off areas of Halong Bay that are less frequented by travelers.

You will tour on  junk boat and see some of the typical limestone anomalies around the bay. You will also spend much of your time kayaking through the karsts each day and swimming if the weather is clear. This is a great opportunity for physical activity and bonding with your mates. In addition to the good value of the tour including meals and entrance fees, the larger your group, the lower your fee per person.

This is your opportunity to seal the bonds of friendship and have a merry time. It’s an amazing tour for building camaraderie and coming home even better friends than ever.

The average price is $115/person due to group of 2 to 10 persons, available for booking online.


lavender cruiseVery few travelers are able to wander the globe without considering finances. For the frugal-minded, Lavender Cruise is known for giving wonderful tours at very good value. They are some of the most affordable cruise lines for two or three-day tours. You will enjoy all of the typical Halong Bay sights while cruising on a traditional junk but without worry about excessive prices.

You will kayak through Ba Hang Village to meet some of the locals then have a choice to go photo hunting in caves or discover how beautiful jewelry is made at Pearl Farm. In the evening you will get to savour the delights of traditional Vietnamese food followed by a nice game of cards or a round of karaoke. It is a chance to see Halong Bay at its best under ideal circumstances.

This tour may not have some of the luxurious perks as the other cruise lines, but you will not leave disappointed or broke. You can book through their website with The price will be from $150/ person for 2D1N trip.


Some of the best travel memories come from trips with your family. Perhaps you are exposing your children to a new culture, or taking your parents on a long-awaited retirement adventure. Handspan

Source: Ethnic Travel

Travel hand spins your tour to make it just right for you and your family. You will cruise away from Halong Bay and closer toward Bai Tu Long Bay, seeing the limestone rock formations and getting a chance to kayak closer to the karsts. Enjoy meal times as a group, relishing in the unique tastes and flavors while catching up on the events of the day. Wake up to engage in some tranquilizing tai chi lessons as the sun rises from the horizon the next morning.

The prices are reasonable, the conditions are great, and children’s menus are available. Don’t leave Halong Bay without writing some more history into your family tales. The average price for booking online through their website is $129/ person.


Nothing will make you feel more like an explorer of the deep seas than cruising around on a traditional junk boat. Dragon Pearl Junks offers beautiful historic looking boats that will put you right into the shoes of a wily pirate or savvy spelunker.

  • Swim all afternoon in the crystal clear waters of Halong Bay and fancy yourself a mermaid swimming through treacherous seas.
  • Wind your way through the secret passages of Thien Canh Son Cave and imagine the ancient explorers discovering new territories.
  • Take a rowboat through Vung Vieng fishing village, pointing out the infinite amount of sea creatures shooting around below.

You can follow the map of the journey and envisage your own grand adventure out at sea. Halong Bay is filled to the brim with mystery and mystique, from the stone caves to the sea creatures. So don your explorer’s hat and set sail. Average price for twin sharing cabin is $185/ cabin.


Nguồn: www.vietlongtravel.com
Source: www.vietlongtravel.com

For the adventurer who doesn’t want to leave a moment left undiscovered, the Cat Ba ventures tour will have you trekking, camping and kayaking nonstop. You will ride a bicycle through the rice fields, trek through rainforests and valleys, and climb to the top of a mountain to see the land that you just conquered for yourself.

After an amazing day of nonstop discovery, you will have delicious bbq on an open fire and sleep under the stars if the weather permits. The next day, you will cruise and kayak through the caves of Halong Bay and have the opportunity to swim and snorkel in Ba Trai Dao Lagoon.

This tour is full of grand adventure, physical exertion, and a mountain of memories for the daring and courageous. Don’t take this tour if you are in the market for rest and relaxation, but make it your number one choice if you want to write an epic tale. The lowest price as booking online is $138/ person for a group from 2 -8 persons.


wyndham_hotelIf indulgence is what you’re after, the first choice on our list is the only one that doesn’t include a cruise option. Instead, it offers a 1-night stay in a glamourous hotel with a 1-way transfer by spectacular seaplane. Hai Au Aviation is the only seaplane company in Halong Bay, specializing in one-of-a-kind seaplane experiences. These modern aerial wonders take tourists to and from Hanoi on a daily basis, cutting the transfer time in less than half.

Rather than spend most of your journey in a 4-hour transfer by car, taking a seaplane will make you feel like an absolute star. Fly high above the ground and feast on the sights and sounds of Vietnam as you fly both to and from Hanoi.

Then stay in a fancy hotel equipped with all the modern convenience one could wish for. Not to mention stunning views of the sea and the sky. Breakfast is included before you board the seaplane once more and finish your decadent trip.

This tour is excellent for business people who need to stay in Halong for a work meeting, or couples looking to indulge in a lovely hotel while they spend their days building their own memories in and around the seascape.


HAA_HL_M1_ (249)Halong Bay, Vietnam holds the keys to all manner of merry and mischievous myths. No matter what kind of traveler you are, the stories and memories brought home after a 2-day trip in the bay will last a lifetime. From a bird’s eye view on a stunning seaplane to a romantic walk at twilight to a kayaking excursion through the local floating villages, the anecdotes and flashbacks will come in full force. The memories you want to bring back home from a truly magical vacation are always lined with the most stunning detail.


With each Halong Bay overnight tour, there is a separate story to share. Whether you are looking to satisfy wanderlust, hankering for family time, or desperate for adventure, there is a perfect Halong Bay overnight tour for you, along with our flights to Halong Bay  flights.

Top 10 Best Halong bay Day Cruises


Halong Bay is full of adventure, romance, glamour, and tranquility. It’s no wonder that this stunning piece of Southeast Asia has been the site for endless amounts of films looking to find a panoramic backdrop filled with magical seascapes.

From the limestone caves to the floating villages to the sandy hidden beaches, it is a perfect paradise for panoramic backdrops. No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is something to entice and intrigue in this stunning Unesco World Heritage Sight, tucked in the beautiful seas of Vietnam.

One of the best ways to experience the charms of the bay is by booking a cruise to explore the deeper layers of Halong Bay and see the sites up close. For those without the time or resources to spend more than one day in Halong Bay, there are abundant full day cruises offered by all manner of companies. A full day cruise is one of the very best ways to get a quick glimpse into the beauty and charm of Vietnam.

Take a look at some of the best Halong Bay day cruises of 2021.

BEST HALONG BAY DAY CRUISE FOR THE SEASCAPE – L’Azalee Day Cruise & Seaplanes Flight

lazalee halong bay cruises

For those looking to see amazing views from above as well as below, Hai Au Aviation’s Seaplane Flight and L’Azalée Day Cruise is the one for you. Instead of taking a 4 hour bus or car ride to and from Halong Bay, take advantage of this amazing opportunity to soar through the clouds on one leg of your ride.

Some may choose to begin their journey with this decadent flight and be privy to a birdseye view of Halong Bay before landing and boarding your cruise by flight from Hanoi to Halong Bay. Others may prefer to end their day lounging in the glamour of a seaplane, saying goodbye to their spectacular experience of the bay while cruising high in the sky on the way back.

L’Azalée is a prime cruise line offering quality service at reasonable costs. In between seaplane rides and shuttle bus journeys, you will enjoy a Vietnamese-style buffet lunch and wander around the typical sights of Halong Bay, from Cock Fighting Island to Ba Hang Floating village to Thien Cung Cave. For those with a mind for landscape and panoramas, this is the tour for you.


cruises-halongbay halong bay day cruisesThe first Halong Bay day cruise on our list is organized by Pelican Halong Cruises. While there are many options for day cruises in Halong Bay, this one stands out due to its affordability and summarized Halong Bay experience.


Your family will be picked up at your hotel at 8 am, eliminating any public transportation or need for running around town. You will then enjoy a 4-hour scenic drive through the countryside of Vietnam before arriving at Bai Chay Harbour. After a satisfying seafood lunch, you will board the vessel and cruise around Halong Bay for the next four hours, seeing sights such as a local fishing village, limestone caves, and grottoes.

By the end of the day, you will have culture and history to talk about for ages, the perfect way to share a moment with your family. This tour is quick and efficient, giving you a traditional overview of Halong Bay without any fuss and at a great rate for you and your loved ones.



cruises-halongbay halong bay day cruisesAnnam Junk offers a similar itinerary to the others we’ve listed so far, but with the added bonus of just a touch of sophistication. While still open to families and friends alike, this is a good tour for adult couples who are looking for something simple and straightforward in a small sized boat.

  • Enjoy a sumptuous seafood lunch while looking through the windows of this elegant boat and the seascapes around.
  • Explore the Thien Cung and Dau Go Caves, amongst other karsts and caves of the bay
  • Take advantage of the other groups and couples lining the decks and make some memories for you all to take home together.

Converse about your adventures across the globe and muse over the beautiful sights of the day. The price remains in a moderate zone so you will cruise around worry-free as the junk boat sails glimmer in the breeze above.


alova day cruise halong bay day cruisesTraveling around Halong Bay with your friends means being on the lookout for tours and experiences that will easily accommodate. Alova Day Cruise offers medium sized boats with cozy interiors, perfect for small groups of tourists.

Along with their typical list of Halong Bay sights and sounds, Alova also offers a welcome drink with fresh fruit, in addition to two bottles of water per person. You will feel utterly indulged as you visit Thien Cung Cave and all the other grottoes in the bay. Since the cost of the tour itself is at the lower end of the spectrum, this tour is great for groups of any age or size looking to find good value during their one day cruising the bay.

You will be able to all fit on this vessel and enjoy the scenery as you make your way around Halong and see the wonders above and below the sea. Though the boat is not in the traditional junk style, it makes up for it with personality and pizazz.


Signature Cruise, which is one of the top 10 most recommended cruises in 2016, is renowned for their luxurious junk boats and romantic atmosphere. This unique cruise offers intimate experiences that will make any pair of love birds swoon.

You will be given a signature seafood lunch as you embark on a tour through Bai Tu Long Bay and drink in the magical surroundings. Bai Tu Long Bay boasts a few less touristy sights such as Oan Lagoon, Teapot and Monster Head Islet. Rather than taking a group boat to the caves, try out a romantic kayak for two. Paddle to some of the more hidden passages and cozy up by the karsts for a moment or two.

Take the time to learn a little bit about Vietnamese cuisine by taking part in the cooking classes given on board. Finally, find yourself enchanted by the stunning Halong Bay sunset as you sip cocktails and sail back to shore.


INDOCHINA PEARL JUNK halong bay day cruisesOf all the traditional junk boats gliding around Halong Bay, Indochina Junk prides itself on being one of the best. Somewhat different than the other tour company options, Indochina Junk offers a choice between a morning or an afternoon tour.

This gives more flexibility to those travelers who really don’t have the time to explore Halong Bay for more than a few hours. Perhaps you are a business person staying in Halong and only have a quick morning before meetings to jettison out into the perfect blue waters. No matter which time of day, you will spend some time in the Cong Do area, kayaking to explore Thien Canh Son cave.

Since transportation to and from the bay is an added expense, the price ends up on the higher end for those coming from a further distance. This tour is best for people already staying in Halong Bay and looking for a way to see the breathtaking sights. But for those travelers with the resources to oblige, this tour is a great opportunity to see the beauties of Halong Bay in a very limited time.


cruises-halongbay halong bay day cruisesWhile there are many good deals lining the seas of Halong Bay, Halong Phoenix Cruiser is considered one of the best values. Whether it’s a one, two or three-day tour, Phoenix Cruiser keeps the expenses at bay while you sail around Halong.

Their one-day tour takes place on a traditional junk boat and follows a traditional itinerary. You will see the stalagmites and stalactites sprinkled throughout the caves and grottoes, exploring Duck, Swan and all the other islands with magical names. You will also get the opportunity to try a daring kayak adventure. Whether this is your first time or you’re an experienced kayaker, it’s still a thrill to paddle through the glittering rocks.

You’ll be able to take some of the exotic photos that probably seduced you to Halong Bay in the first place. By day’s end, you won’t have a single regret in your choice to cruise along Halong Bay.


Paradise_peak_cruise halong bay day cruisesParadise Cruise has a reputation for decadence and fine dining. Their boats are large and luxurious with a sprawling deck offering wonderful views of the bay around. Paradise also provides a choice of either a half-day or a full-day tour, once again considering the options of travelers with limited time.

On either tour, you will be treated to lunch and the delights of several sights to feast upon.

  • If you book the half-day cruise, you will see Soi Sim Beach, Coconut Tree Island, and Cua Van Floating Village.
  • If you choose the full day option, you will also stop at Titov Island and have various water sports and activities to choose from, including climbing to the top of the mountain for even more spectacular views.

This cruise line is marketed for the luxurious and therefore not considered the least expensive. However, for those searching for something special, you’ve come to the right place.


cruises-halongbay halong bay day cruisesThere are many different options for solo travelers in Halong Bay. Depending on your time frame and budget, you may want to try out a day cruise that will hit the highlights without leaving you broke.

V’Spirit Cruises offers a traditional junk day cruise that will give you what you are looking for and allow you the chance to see Halong Bay in the comfort of a cozy cruise. You can try out a kayak or perhaps get to know some new people on a bamboo boat as you weave through the floating villages and pass by the Dog Stone and Burning Incense Islet. By mixing with the locals, your craving for culture will be perfectly satisfied.

This cruise also offers a seafood lunch, two bottles of water, a welcome drink and fresh fruit. For those looking to have some fun and not spend a lot, this tour is a fantastic choice.


Most backpackers traveling the globe are looking to see the sights, get into the real culture of the environment, and do so without too much extravagance. They are interested in spontaneity and seeing the local scenery up close.

Flamingo Cruises has one of the cheapest rates around without missing out on any of the typical Halong Bay must-dos. You will get your traditional lunch, your opportunity to kayak on the open seas and your time to explore the grandeur of the caves and grottoes. You’ll cruise around  Tuan Chau Island, Dinh Huong Island, and Dog Island to name a few.

Don’t forget the traditional fishing village, giving you a glimpse into the local culture and inhabitants of Halong Bay. While this tour doesn’t have the same perks as some of the other tours, it is by far one of the most affordable around.


Through the limestone caves, fishing villages, and emerald-colored seas of Halong Bay, cruise ships sail every day and all year long. It is one of the things that makes Halong Bay shine as a pillar of beauty and local culture in Southeast Asia. There are an astounding amount of options to choose from when deciding which cruise is best for you.

However, when you have only one day to throw yourself into the overwhelming number of things to see and do in this beautiful area of the world, quality, timing, and finances are the biggest things to consider.


From the soaring seaplanes of Hai Au Aviation to the traditional junk boats of Indochina Junk to the romantic ambiance of Signature cruise, these are some of the best Halong Bay day cruises of 2021.

Top 11 Adventure Experiences in Halong Bay


Halong Bay, Vietnam is a treasure trove of excitement and amazing experience. As a Unesco World Heritage site, this beautiful bay is a must-see when planning a trip to Southeast Asia.

Why go on adventure in Halong Bay?

It’s stunning seascape, glittering geography and endless opportunities for fun and fantasy are only the tips of the iceberg when considering the best activities in Halong Bay.

While some travelers prefer to sunbathe on the beach and relax upon the sea, many voyagers prefer the unique thrills of more exotic excursions. For the spirited explorer at heart, Halong Bay provides the perfect opportunity to test your adventuring skills.

From seaplane flights to fishing villages to parachute-pulled canoes, the list of adventures in Halong Bay is never-ending.

CONVIVIAL CRUISES HALONG BAY – Highlight in your itinerary to discover the Bay

The number of calm and casual cruises running through Halong Bay is astounding. From overnight to week long trips, each cruise has its own special way of providing comfort and class to their clients.

The benefit of a cruise is that you can enjoy a luxurious jaunt through the bay while having immediate access to delicious food and many Halong Bay activities both on and off board the ship.

Combining a seaplane connection from Hanoi to Halong Bay with a cruise package deal is one of the very best ways to enjoy all aspects of your trip. Nothing is better than flying through the sky in an elegant seaplane en route to a charming cruise sailing upon the sea.

dinner on cruise adventures experiences in Halong Bay
Dining in Emeraude Classic Cruise

Lounge on the deck with an afternoon tea while gazing at the beautiful shore. Take an evening stroll on the deck as you drink in the reflection of the mountains glimmering off the bay. From cooking classes and evening entertainment on the boat to swimming and sunbathing offshore, a cruise is an exquisite antidote to finding housing, food and fun in separate spots.

Take a minute to look at 10 best Halong Bay cruise in 2021 and The memories you can take away from a cruise in Halong Bay last a lifetime.

KEEN ON KAYKAKING – An adventure to explore the hidden lagoons of the Bay

kayaking halong bay adventures experiences in Halong BayAnother amazing way of exploring the bay is to take advantage of the many kayaking excursions available. You can either rent a kayak on your own or book a tour, both offering enchanting experiences in the bay.

Kayaks are a wonderful way of staying in the water while getting an up close and personal view of of the caves and caverns sprinkled throughout the sea. Not only will you swiftly sail through surf, weaving in and out of the geographic wonders, but you can spend some time investigating the world of plants and animals below.

Look down past your oar and stare into the stories told by the creatures of the deep. Just beware the karsts and secretive sink holes. While most of the bay is covered by serene watery ways, every once and awhile, an unexpected thrill may come your way.

JOURNEYING ON A JUNK BOAT – A “Travel back in time” adventure in Halong Bay

JOURNEYING ON A JUNK BOAT adventures experiences in Halong BayJunk boats are an ancient Asian-style boat, originally created by the Chinese for extensive seafaring. Nowadays, the name generally refers to a specific, very historic looking ship most recognizable by its distinctive triangular sails.

Swimming amidst the kayaks and cruise ships are these notable boats ready to tell the tales of the past as modern travelers tour around Halong Bay. Junk tours are available in the daytime or in the evening, offering anything from all-inclusive food and drink to BYO-All of the above.

The daytime may offer better deals and more access to the usual Halong Bay haunts. The evening, however, takes on a whole new set of enchantments. Imagine the romantic views from a junk ship as the sun sets over the mountains beyond the bay. Night time squid fishing is another leap back into the past as you manage a bamboo rod and toss it into the deep to see what wonders may be brought back up from the sea.

From the mysterious past to the modernized present, a junk boat will ferry you around the bay with magical nostalgia breathing in the ocean air.

FAMILY FRIENDLY FLOATING VILLAGE – Best cultural and historical adventure

floating village Halong Bay adventures experiences in Halong BayNo true adventure is complete without a step into the local life and culture of the scene. The fishing villages of Halong Bay are a haven of Vietnamese quotidian. Specializing in fishing and aquaculture, these floating cities are filled with friends and family native to Halong Bay.

They are not only homes, but also transportation and business enterprises. They are the lifeblood of the bay and encompass the traditional lifestyle of the area. Visually, the villages are a sight to be seen as you take a kayak, a cruise or a junk boat through the hovering households and witness the colorful exteriors of the local dwellings.

Taking the time to navigate through these villages and meet some of the people who live there allows a real opportunity for escaping the touristic view and seeing Halong Bay through the eyes of its true inhabitants. Not all adventures are filled with death-defying feats; some involve the pure simplicity of daily living.

LIGHT UPON THE LIMESTONE CAVES – Adventure to the Magnificent masterpieces of the Creator

thien cung cave adventures experiences in Halong BayGeographical anomalies are one of the most sought after and most recommended activities in Halong Bay. The limestone caves, caverns and grottos carving their way through the bay are what make up its most tantalizing topography.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself a true explorer, spelunker or adventurer the likes of Indiana Jones, this is the hot spot for you. Wandering through the islands and caves provides a deep look into the secret passages and places all around the bay. Stalagmites and stalactites line the walls and secret lakes lurk within, harkening back to ancient stages of geological formation.

With eerie luminescence guiding you on your path around the caverns you can just picture yourself unearthing a treasure chest or a set of age-old fossils. Search and seek out the Sung Sot Cave. Dare to delve into the Dau Go Grotto. Perhaps a little mysterious or even mystical, a day spent probing the grottos leaves you in no doubt of the spellbinding attributes of Halong Bay.

MOVING UP BAI THO MOUNTAIN – An adventure for an overview of Halong City

Bai Tho Mountain adventures experiences in Halong BayLike a castle standing guard over its kingdom, Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain) fortifies its surroundings with stunning beauty as well as one of the best views of Halong Bay below. The mountain is accessible by land or by sea and certainly demands a high level of activity.

Climbing the mountain and moving along its winding paths with stone steps engraved into the landscape is no easy feat, but a little fortitude yields a high reward when you reach the top and are gifted a magnificent view of the bay. Enjoy the company of a grazing goat or mischievous monkey as the sun sets upon the horizon.

Start or end your journey with a rejuvenating pause at Long Tien Pagoda, a Buddhist conclave and necessary stop on your Halong Bay activities list. Combine the some rigorous exercise with some well-deserved relaxation by taking advantage of all aspects of the mountain trail.

By the end of the day, you will have your own poem in honor of Poem Mountain, filled with the memories of your Bai Tho Mountain experience.

SNORKEL HIGH AND SCUBA LOW – Best adventure for underwater lovers

scuba diving adventures experiences in Halong BayWhile there is an infinite amount of sea level and above activities to take advantage of in Halong Bay, there is a whole world of deep sea adventures waiting in the briny blue below.

There are coral reefs and forests along the islands of Cong Do or Van Gio, over flowing with sparkling sea life and colorful creatures. Crustaceans, mollusks and fish line the bay with an abundant supply of marine life to observe. Swim with the cuttlefish or dance with the octopus like cartoon fantasy come to life.

Spend an afternoon snorkeling around the corral forests and snapping selfies with your new waterproof Gopro. Envision the peaceful serenity of a day spent scuba diving tens of meters below the surface as you get acquainted with the natives of the mysterious aquatic realms. Underwater adventures are the heart and soul of Halong Bay and shouldn’t be missed.

CYCLING THROUGH THE SCENERY – An adventure for wanderers in Halong Bay

Walking, climbing, hiking and swimming are all amazing ways of venturing through the fascinating sights in Halong Bay. Cycling, however, adds just a bit more magic as you speed along the roads and paths, seeing more and more of the idyllic isles.

Racing fast down the lanes with the wind in your hair or trotting calmly along to take in the minutiae of the landscape, both styles of cycling have their merits and allow for endless new discoveries.

Take a tour through the back roads and see the hidden tracks and forests the sailors rarely get to see. Park your bike for a few minutes while you cool off in the turquoise waters of the bay.

Cycling allows you the flexibility to move along quickly while still being able to stop and stare at the next unexpected ornaments dazzling all around Halong Bay.

TAKING A TERRIFIC TREK – An ideal adventure for witnessing the wild nature of Halong Bay

adventures experiences in Halong Bay While cycling is a quick and spirited way to explore Halong Bay, trekking allows for a much more detailed experience into the winding paths and more complicated terrain.

Water sports and limestone caves may be the more obviously highlights of the bay, but the jungles and wildlife on each of the isles are incredibly worthy recipients of a well-planned day trek. Make sure to check your fitness levels and buy a pair of sturdy shoes before heading out into the dense botanical environment.

If you’re lucky, you may get to see a hawksbill turtle or a languor monkey. And with a relaxing bay so close at hand, nothing will stop you from taking a cooling plunge into the soothing sea when the afternoon sun blazes down. By the end of this intense but gratifying physical exertion, you will feel like an explorer discovering new lands.

PUMPING UP FOR PARASAILING – A thrilling adventure in the open air

adventure time in Halong Bay adventures experiences in Halong BayFrom kayaks to junk boats to good old-fashioned cruise ships, there is a never ending amount of nautical ways to explore Halong Bay: a parachute-pulled canoe is by far one of the most interesting and unusual ways of doing so.

This Halong activity, for example, is not at all for the light-hearted. A true thrill-seeker will be right at home as the engine roars and the wind begins whipping around, pulling you up from the ground and further toward the clouds.

A high-speed canoe rushes forward as the parachute is pulled into the sky at a safe but seemingly alarming rate. From there, you are left to float above the sea while the canoe continues racing on and you are able to see the tranquil bay calmly keeping watch underneath.

Just like the seaplane flying higher in the clouds, the parachute makes it possible to see a captivating picture of the bay below. While seaplane may feel slightly more secure, this adventurous option will certainly satisfy the more adrenaline-inclined.

SPECTACULAR SOARING SEAPLANE – Best adventure for a panoramic view of Halong Bay

Halong Bay overview adventures experiences in Halong Bay

Hanoi To Halong Bay

Halong Bay is home to an array of seafaring adventures, but none so spectacular as the Hai Au Aviation Seaplanes. Flights to and from Hanoi can be enjoyed as the perfect method of travel between the capital city hub and the secret lairs ensconced in the bountiful bay.

Not only can you enjoy the seaplane as a commuting connection, but you can also book these aerial wonders purely for the sake of scenic sightseeing. Instead of riding in a shuttle or car for hours, take a quick seaplane trek to your tropical destination. Better yet, book a scenic flight and enjoy an aerial view.

As you soar over the breathtaking landscape of Halong, you will get a reader’s digest version of the many amazing sites that the bay has to offer. For an ethereal 25-minutes, you will glide above Dau Be, Cong Do, and Bo Hun Islands before lightly touching down back in Tuan Chau Marina.

It is an ideal way of examining the overall map of the bay before exploring the detailed tapestry on land. This is truly one of the top activities in Halong Bay.


From the mesmerizing experience of a scenic seaplane to the local culture of the floating villages, the bewitching delights of climbing Bai Tho mountain to the riveting thrills of a parachute-pulled canoe, the activities in Halong Bay include some of the best adventures in Vietnam. adventures_halong_bay adventures experiences in Halong Bay

The adventures available in Halong Bay are numerous and diverse. Aside from just the relaxing sounds and soothing thoughts of beachside tranquility, there are more and more discoveries to be made in all parts of the bay with Hai Au Aviation.

Halong Bay Weather: The Best Time To Visit


There are many things to take into consideration when choosing your travels throughout the year. For some people, being able to secure vacation time is a huge factor, often involving everything from striking deals with coworkers to finagling the right days off to balancing the children’s school schedules.

Other people would rather focus on Mother Nature’s cycle of weather patterns. If you love the cold, the winter months are a great time to visit Halong Bay, whereas if swimming and sunshine are high up on your list of demands, a summer trip is in the cards.


Other travelers may make decisions based on when travel is the cheapest, or when to avoid the crowds during peak travel periods. Halong Bay is no exception to the rule.

When visiting this beautiful corner of Southeast Asia, travelers should think about the ideal time to travel to Halong Bay, taking into consideration the weather and optimal travel conditions.

Spring in Halong Bay

Halong bay view from sung sot cave
View from Sung Sot cave in spring

With more than 1,900 magnificent islands and limestone pillars scattered around an area of 5,000 square kilometres, Halong Bay is known for its splendid beauty. As one of the world’s best natural marvels, visiting Halong figures high on the “bucket list” of many travelers.

Early spring, during Vietnamese Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday, is actually a good time to visit Halong Bay.

In the past, many visitors to Vietnam have chosen to celebrate the holidays in Hanoi or Saigon, but many have begun to realize that spring brings cool weather to Halong as well as a tranquil atmosphere.

Why not start off the lunar new year with a scenic flight over Halong Bay, taking in bird’s eye views of the gorgeous seascapes, followed by a day cruising the glittering emerald waters of this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Overall Halong Bay weather in spring

Late spring is the start of the wettest season of the year in Halong, with occasional drizzle and mist. While great for trees and plants, the weather does have its drawbacks for tourists.

However, the spring mist undeniably adds to the ethereal beauty of the bay, enhancing its otherworldly beauty. Photographers, especially, will enjoying playing with the contrasts and will likely be able to capture stunning photos in spring.

January – February: Vietnamese traditional New Year

Halong Bay Weather January to February

The most important celebration for the Vietnamese people is Tet, the Lunar New Year based on the Vietnamese calendar.

During this time of the year, people usually go back to their hometown to take part in family reunions.

The holiday lasts up to 10 days during which Vietnamese people spend time cleaning the home or cooking special holiday favorites.

At this special time of the year, visitors can get a glimpse into Vietnamese Tet culture in the days and weeks leading up to the holiday when the cities are abuzz with people shopping, buying flowers and plants, and otherwise preparing for the most important holiday of the year.

In Halong City, you’ll be able to see this flurry of activity at the local market or at shopping malls like the Vincom Shopping Center where people will be buying new clothes to start off the new year and looking for gifts to bring home to family.

If you have the chance to visit a local family’s home during Tet, you may even receive a red envelope of “lucky money” yourself, and be invited to sit down and enjoy dishes made specially for Lunar New Year.

However, because of increased travel and shopping, prices can be higher during this time of the year.

Additionally, if you plan your Vietnamese holiday during the first days of Tet, you may very well find your favorite restaurant closed as the cities often shut down for the celebration.

However, because many local Vietnamese head back to their home villages and provinces, Tet is actually a great time for international tourists to visit Halong Bay.


Halong Bay weather in January - February

Because spring weather often brings rainy skies and drizzle, avoid wearing white as the streets in Vietnam can get muddy at times. The temperature in spring also drops to about 15 Celsius. Remember to pack an umbrella, comfortable shoes and warm clothes in your luggage.

March: Time to visit traditional festivals

Halong Bay Weather MarchAfter a week of relaxing with family at Tet, March is often when Vietnamese people like to go out and attend festivals.

If you visit Halong in March, you’ll also be able to attend a few traditional events. One of the most interesting is the Cherry Blossom Festival, timed over just a few days when the flowers are in bloom.

Visitors should aim to visit Halong Square from March 17-21 to witness this exciting festival. There are a variety of flowers from different countries on display which only bloom during the lunar new year, such as cherry blossoms and golden apricot blossoms.

In the evening, there are often musical and cultural performances from Japanese and Vietnamese artists to enjoy.

If you like peace and quiet, then March is an ideal time to cruise Halong Bay. Usually in March, skies can be hazy in the mornings over this UNESCO World Heritage Site, giving the seascape a forbidding vibe.

March is also low season which means you likely will not have to share Halong Bay with as many tourists as during other parts of the year. While the cool temperatures in March may be too cold for water activities, there is still lots to do in Halong Bay.

Book a seaplane flight for noon, after the morning mist has lifted. Enjoy taking off from the water and seeing Halong Bay from above. The 25-minute scenic flight by Hai Au Aviation offers some truly spectacular views of the islands and is a highlight of any Halong Bay trip for many travelers.

Halong Bay weather in March

March sees a gradual increase in temperatures compared to the winter months, from 19 to around 22 degrees Celsius. However, as the number of rainy days begins to increase, humidity levels will also rise slightly.

There are usually 6 hours of sunlight, especially from noon time, which is perfect for enjoying a scenic seaplane flight over the bay.

April: Best Halong Bay weather for an independent vacation

Halong Bay Weather April

April is one of the best times of the year to visit Halong Bay. The ideal weather in April, when it’s not too cold and not too hot, will add much to your enjoyment of the bay.

Additionally, in April, Vietnamese students are likely preparing for exams and adults are back to work after the Lunar New Year holidays, which makes April a great month to travel to Halong Bay.

One of the highlights of Halong Bay is Titov Island. Famous for its golden sand beach and calm, shallow waters, Titov Island also features panoramic views from the top.

Visit Titov early in the morning or later in the afternoon and practically have the whole island to yourself to lay on the beach or hike up to the viewpoint.

Halong Bay also offers many exciting water-based activities, including canoeing, kayaking and swimming.

With more than 1,900 magnificent islands, Halong Bay offers something for everyone, whether it’s an active holiday with lots of physical activities, or simply taking in the scenery from your cruise ship or enjoying bird’s eye views from the luxury of a seaplane flight.


Overnight cruises on the bay also offer the opportunity for shore excursions to the many fascinating caves in the area, including Sung Sot (Surprise) and Luon Cave, or individual islands, like Titov Island.

Halong Bay weather in April

On the calendar, April finds itself in the period between spring and summer and the weather in Halong Bay reflects this transition.

Temperatures start off cooler towards the beginning of the month, then gradually rise to about 23 degrees Celcius as summer approaches.

April is a great time to take part in outdoor activities in Halong Bay, as the days start to lengthen and the humidity decreases to about 60%.

Suitable activities in spring time

There is a wide range of spring time activities for visitors to enjoy in Halong Bay. Whether traveling solo, in a group, or with family, you’ll never be at a loss for things to do.

If you’re interested in cultural activities, spring offers a host of festivals in Halong City, including the Cherry Blossom Festival.

The annual Halong Carnival is also fun for the whole family. Halong’s biggest festival is held yearly towards the end of April at Sun World Halong Complex.

The carnival includes exhibitions on food, culture and sporting events while the final night of the carnival features performers in colorful costumes from many countries around the world, as well as spectacular music and dance performances.

Halong is also home to several famous temples, including Ba Vang, Long Tien and Cua Ong. Some of these temples have tranquil gardens, ideal for de-stressing and communing with Nature.

On unseasonably cold days, there are a few indoor attractions to visit, including the Quang Ninh Museum (on Tran Quoc Nghien Street). With an entry fee of just VND 30,000 (USD 1.50) per person, spend a few quiet hours learning about the province of Quang Ninh. Another activity to try is the scenic flight over Halong Bay.

Especially on clear, sunny days, the views are truly magnificent. These are scheduled flights and are often booked out early, but you can always check to see if there is last-minute availability.

For many travelers, flying in a seaplane is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and there is no better place to do it than over scenic Halong Bay. Scheduled seaplane service is also available between Hanoi and Halong, flying over the Red River Delta.

Halong Bay Tours



Summer: Halong Bay weather for Vietnamese tourists

While spring offers the best Halong Bay weather for independent travelers who are looking for a quiet  holiday with an extra dose of culture, summer time is ideal for those looking for some active adventure.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather and sunny skies, summer is the high season for domestic tourism in Halong Bay. While there may be additional crowds to deal with, international tourists should not overlook the fact that the beginning of summer offers some of the best Halong Bay weather.

May: Great time to enjoy Halong Bay from above

Halong Bay Weather on may

May is considered the best month to travel to Halong Bay for international tourists due to several factors. First, traveling in May, you can avoid the bulk of the domestic tourism market as children are still in school.

Take advantage of this period right before the summer holidays start for a quieter, less crowded holiday. Also, the weather in Halong Bay in May is fantastic, with clear skies and pleasant temperatures, ideal for a Hai Au Aviation scenic seaplane flight.

In full sun, expect the water to be brilliant shades of blue and green and for the lush, jungle-draped islands to really stand out.

Halong Bay Weather
Enjoy the view from above

On a Hai Au Aviation seaplane flight, you can tick off another “bucket list” experience with gorgeous views from above over both the islands of Halong Bay on a scenic flight, or the beautiful patchwork of farms and countryside landscapes in a comfortable, time-saving flight between Halong and Hanoi. The water take-offs and landings are also a thrilling part of this adventure.


Halong Bay weather in May

The weather in May is fantastic, just before the arrival of the summer heat. The temperature will be around 27.5 Celsius degrees, cool enough to enjoy every must-do activity in Halong Bay.

Also, the long days of sunshine are great for photographing the mesmerizing scenes of Halong Bay in varying light conditions throughout the day.

Overall Halong Bay weather in summer

With temperatures around 30 degrees Celcius, the weather is perfect for practically any and all activities in Halong Bay from water sports to indoor activities.

Under sunny skies, simply imagine yourself sunbathing on the top deck of a luxury cruise ship or sunning yourself on the white sandy beaches of Cat Ba Island in Halong Bay. As the summer progresses, temperatures tend to rise, reaching approximately 38 degrees Celcius towards the height of summer.

In addition to warm temperatures, crowds also increase, especially at some of the better known places of attraction, such as Titov Island, Sung Sot Cave and Bai Tho Mountain. Vietnamese families, in particular, like to travel to Halong Bay in summer to take advantage of warm temperatures and school holidays.

June to July: The months of tropical summer

Halong Bay Weather June to julyNorthern Vietnam’s tropical summer heat is a great time for getaways, especially to the beach or the cooler temperatures found in the mountains.

Expect larger crowds during summer as local families go on vacation with their children, especially in June and July. Prices can be higher during these months as it is peak travel season.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 for its gorgeous seascapes of untouched karst mountains rising from deep emerald waters, Halong Bay is truly a photographer’s paradise.

In addition to Hai Au Aviation’s seaplane flights, another way to get bird’s eye views of the bay is by taking the Queen Cable Car in Halong City to to the Ba Deo Mountain.

The cable car is said to be the first reversible gondola system in Asia where up to 230 people can fit into one cable car cabin.

For close-up views of the islands from the water, book an overnight Halong Bay cruise, and enjoy the scenery from the comfort of your cabin any time of year.

Halong Bay weather in June - July

The searing summer temperatures (maximum 35 degrees Celsius) may be a little too warm for some, but don’t forget that Halong Bay has beaches from which to cool down with a dip in the water, especially from the sandy beaches of Titov Island.

If vacationing in summer, don’t forget to bring sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen against the heat and intense sun. Despite the warm temperatures, summer in Halong Bay often means clear, blue skies.

August: A last-minute summer break


An August holiday in Halong Bay is an excellent way to cap off your summer. The weather in August tends to be good, just before the monsoon season starts, so why not book a last-minute trip to Halong Bay? Beautiful beaches and sunny skies await!

August is also a great time for outdoor adventures in Halong, including kayaking among the limestone islands, many of which contain caves which can be explored on foot. Colored lights make the experience even more memorable.

Halong Bay weather in August

As this is the month before the rainy season, there is a chance of rain in August. However, rains are usually light and should not impact significantly on any of your planned activities.

Halong Bay temperatures in August hover around 25 – 30 degrees Celsius with an average humidity of approximately 75%. Just to be sure, monitor the weather forecast before you go to be able to adjust to any unexpected weather situations.

Suitable summer time activities 

Most overnight Halong Bay cruises will include outdoor activities in summer, including kayaking, visiting a floating village, or swimming and sunbathing on one of the gorgeous island beaches.

Other activities allow for quiet reflection, including spending time just watching the scenery go by from your ship’s sundeck or opting to go for a scenic hike on Titov Island.

For a guaranteed respite from the crowds in summer, think about booking a Hai Au Aviation seaplane flight which is typically limited to just 12 passengers.

Enjoying the beauty of Halong Bay in exclusive company, taking in stupendous views that few ever get to witness is truly a treat for yourself.

Amazing Halong from above

Ranked among the top “Things to do in Halong” is a scenic seaplane flight, either over the bay itself, or flying between Hanoi and Halong.

Because Hai Au Aviation offers the only seaplane service in all of Vietnam, this experience will definitely tick off an entry on your travel bucket list as you get the chance to see the nearly 2,000 islands from up above.

The scenic seaplane flight over the bay is also surprisingly reasonable, making it accessible to most travelers.

To extend your time in Halong, there are multiple attractions in Halong City, including the 214ha Sun World Halong Complex with a beach amusement park and a Mystic Mountain area connected by a 2km-long cable car ride. The complex includes a Zen garden, coin-op games and one of the world’s tallest Ferris wheels.

For indoor experiences, don’t miss the Quang Ninh Museum with fascinating exhibits on the culture, history and wildlife of the province.

When it gets too hot, escape to the air-conditioned comfort of the Vincom Shopping Center and Bai Chay Center, which also makes for a great summer time outing.

Autumn: Low season for domestic tourism

Vietnamese schools start in fall, and you’ll find fewer domestic tourists in Halong Bay at this time of the year. The cooler temperatures and fewer tourists make Halong Bay an ideal autumn honeymoon destination.

Choose any of the Top 10 Luxury Cruises in Halong Bay and let the ship and the scenery be the backdrop for gorgeous honeymoon photos.

Relax in the on-board spa or laze about on the golden sand beaches of Halong Bay. The weather in September allows for excellent outdoor adventures as well.

autumn best time to travel Halong for couples
Wedding photos on Emeraude Cruise

The overall Halong Bay weather in autumn

The autumn weather in northern Vietnam is quite beautiful, marked by cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the leaves.

Many honeymooning couples head to the parks with the fall leaves providing a colorful backdrop.

Overnight Halong Bay cruises can also be a good choice during this time of the year, with the early morning mist lending an otherworldly quality to the island views.

September: Adventurous holiday with possibility of tropical storm

septemberThere is a higher possibility of typhoons in September than in other times of the year, with 2-3 tropical storms on average in the month.

However, if you’re able to dodge the bad weather, you can still enjoy a great holiday in Halong.

Seaplane flights operate year-round, and you’ll receive notification if a flight is affected by weather with the option to reschedule or receive a refund in most cases.

Halong Bay weather in September

Expect rain in September, averaging 14 days in the month. However, if you’re willing to brave the weather, there’s still lots to do in Halong.

Pack a rain poncho and hike to the top of Bai Tho Mountain or cozy up in your cruise cabin and watch a movie while waiting out the rain. The average temperature in Halong in September is 28 degrees Celsius.

October: Travel to Halong and enjoy the romance of autumn

Halong Bay Weather OctoberOctober is the beginning of high season for international tourists, so you may find that the added demand for flights, hotels, and other tourist services result in higher prices. That said, autumn is a great time for couples travel.

There’s a certain romance in the air and Hanoi and Halong Bay make excellent backdrops for photos, either riding bicycles through the photogenic Old Quarter or perhaps watching the Halong Bay scenery glide on past as you hold hands on the deck of your cruise ship or taking in views from above aboard a scenic seaplane flight over the bay.

Halong Bay weather in October

As October marks the end of autumn, there can be a chill in the air, especially in the evenings. The average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, ideal for strenuous outdoor activities such as kayaking or hiking. October does see high humidity, but it’s definitely bearable and should not impact your holiday in Halong Bay.

Suitable activities in autumn

As the weather is pleasant and much cooler than summer, visitors enjoy being outdoors and taking part in different activities.

Overnight cruise packages always include kayaking, swimming and hiking in Halong Bay, so make sure not to miss those iconic activities. Clear skies are excellent for photography in Halong, and many couples can be seen taking wedding photos in and around Halong Bay.

The views from the Ferris wheel at Sun World Halong Complex at night are also excellent, especially during the full moon festival. In addition, Halong City has several spots for rooftop dining which makes for a very romantic night out.

Halong Bay Weather in autumn
The perfect background for your family photos

Winter: High season for inbound tourism

Dreaming of a beach holiday to beat the winter blues?

Halong Bay has beaches, but in winter time, they’re more for lying in the sun than swimming.

However, if you’re willing to brave the chilly water, a very refreshing dip awaits! Other than swimming, there are lots of activities to do on and off the cruise ship, including watching the sunset and sunrise over the bay, waking up early for a Tai Chi session on the deck of your boat, or sleeping in and enjoying a lazy breakfast.

Regardless of the weather, Halong Bay rarely fails to delight any time of year.

Overall Halong Bay weather in winter

With the monsoon season over, expect dry, sunny days in winter. While the average temperature is a brisk 20 degrees Celcius, throw on a sweater or a jacket and enjoy the clean, crisp air.

There may be the occasional lingering shower, but overall, Halong Bay’s winter temperatures are quite refreshing.

November: Low season for domestic travel, high season for international travel 

Halong Bay Weather novemberVisit Halong Bay in winter and you’ll likely by joined by international tourists who are taking advantage of winter holidays including Christmas and New Year’s, rather than domestic Vietnamese tourists who are months away from celebrating Vietnamese New Year.

As it’s peak season for international travel, you’ll likely find fewer deals in Halong Bay and demand may be high, so remember to book ahead.

Halong Bay weather in November

The temperature throughout November will be around 22 degrees Celsius in the daytime and will likely drop down to 18 degrees Celsius at night. November also has high humidity, at around 79%.

December – January: Winter getaway for travelers

Halong Bay Weather December to januaryIn contrast to domestic travel, inbound tourism to Halong Bay spikes during the winter months, particularly in December and January.

That is balanced with a decrease in domestic travelers who prefer the summer heat to the chill of winter.

That could lead to shorter lines to the most popular attractions and perhaps even getting a slice of beach to yourself.

Landing in Hanoi for a few days of city life provides an excellent transition to enjoying a lovely weekend on the waters of Halong Bay.

Traveling by seaplane through the clouds during this time of year is nothing short of amazing. In addition to scenic flights over Halong Bay, seaplanes flights are also available between Hanoi and Halong.

Better yet, combine the seaplane flights with an overnight cruise to see the islands from two distinctly different points of view.


Halong Bay weather in December - January

As winter has truly arrived in Halong Bay, the temperature during December / January is typically around 15 degrees Celsius, so don’t forget to bring a warm jacket. There are usually only 7 days with rain in December, so chances are that you will enjoy good weather.

While the water is chilly, the beaches are nice for catching some sun or reading a book while looking out over the boats and islands. Warm up with a hike or a kayaking trip and you’ll actually find yourself enjoying the cooler weather.

Suitable activities during winter time

To go along with the brisk 10 degree-temperature,  winter brings along hazy, misty morning skies, burning off as the morning progresses. The early morning mist makes for excellent photos and sets a mysterious mood.

While the water may be a bit on the cold side for swimming, there are still lots of other activities to keep you pleasantly occupied, including kayaking among the karst islands, exploring some of Halong’s stunning caves, and visiting floating pearl farms.

The dry weather in December also makes for superb viewing from aboard a Hai Au Aviation seaplane flight, especially in the afternoons, once the clouds have burned off.

Halong Bay weather in winter is the best to try local food in Halong
Having a dish of steaming hot banh cuon, a perfect cold weather meal

If you’re in a hurry to get to Halong, forget the bus or car and take a seaplane flight from Hanoi instead. Cool temperatures and moody, misty morning skies await in Halong Bay.

While in Halong City, work up a sweat exploring the town on foot, with ample stops to try the local street food, including grilled BBQ items, a steaming hot bowl of noodles, or a plate of steamed rice flour crepes known as banh cuon.

Our advice: Weigh the pros and cons of Halong Bay weather in planning your trip

There are a few different factors to consider when planning when to visit Halong Bay. The high season for domestic travelers tends to be during the summer while international travelers often visit towards the end of the year.

So, peak travel season is in the summer, in July and August, and also towards winter, in November and December.

The shoulder seasons (in spring and fall) are actually ideal to visit, as you’ll experience good weather (typically mild temperatures and dry conditions, avoiding the monsoons) and fewer crowds, and perhaps even snag a few travel deals as a bonus!

In addition to the pleasant spring weather, there are often festivals to enjoy in February and March, with the highlight being Tet, or Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

Expect to see firework displays, musical performances, and parades along the streets, while in people’s homes, families gather to celebrate Tet in their own way, often with feasts lasting many days.

There may be the annoyance of businesses and restaurants closed for the first few days of Tet, but it’s a small price to pay for the festive atmosphere that envelops the country during this time.

As spring turns to summer, there are fewer festivals and the temperature starts to rise, but if you come to Halong Bay before Vietnamese school lets out for the summer, you’ll still enjoy good weather conditions with fewer domestic travelers.

Autumn is also a great time to visit Halong Bay. Tourist numbers are lower compared to the peak in November and December, and the north of Vietnam does experience quite a change in climate compared to the perpetual summer in the south.

Expect to see some leaves changing color, making Hai Au Aviation seaplane flights quite appealing providing unique views of the jungle-clad islands below.

If you’re out to enjoy the beautiful emerald waters of Halong Bay, though, prepare to brave the crowds and visit in summer.

While the beaches may be packed, summer time offers great swimming weather, along with a host of outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking and visits to floating villages and pearl farms.

While there are pros and cons to every season, most travelers will agree that there’s never a bad time to visit beautiful Halong Bay.


Top 10 Best tours in Halong Bay for Travelers

In Halong Bay, Vietnam all of these experiences are available and more. From Indochina Junk Boats to Hai Au Aviation Seaplanes, below are just a few of the best tours in Halong Bay, Vietnam of 2021.

There are many things to consider when choosing the people and places to explore around the globe. What with travel expenses, time management, and an infinite number of opportunities available, many decide to take advantage of tours so as to maximize the amount that they will be able to discover within a limited period of time.

There are walking tours, cycling tours, aerial tours and boat tours, just to name a few. Choices range from top-of-the-line luxury experiences to backpacker’s guide budget travels.

Quick one-day excursions will allow a brief glance into the surrounding landscape while a 2-day to 2-week adventure will provide a longer look into the life and times of the destination. Some people prefer a traditional list of sights and sounds to wind their way through while others would rather have a unique adventure and go off the beaten path.

BEST LUXURY TOUR – Emeraude Classic Cruises

In contrast to the budget tour, many travelers may choose to indulge in a higher end experience during their time in Halong Bay. If you have the time and money to really sink your teeth into a luxuriant Halong Bay experience, Emeraude Classic Cruises is right for you.


These cruises include all of the typical Halong Bay treats like kayaking, grottos and squid fishing, but with an added elegance of classiness and style. Sit on the deck at sunset for a romantic gaze into the bay or book your destination wedding here. 

Emeraude prides itself on a top-of-the-line experience, from their superior cabins to their renowned Vietnamese spring roll cooking class. You can even combine this cruise with a Hai Au Aviation seaplane connection and go world-class all the way.

BEST OFF THE BEATEN PATH TOUR- Indochina Junk’s Dragon Legend 2D1N Cruise

cruise in Halong BayOne of the most popular tour companies is Indochina Junk tours, which offers a variety of options from one day to four day cruises involving many options for sightseeing.

The Dragon Legend 2-day cruise is a perfect choice for travelers spending a quick weekend in Halong Bay while journeying around Vietnam. The traditional junk boats are an experience in and of themselves and make for a lovely time cruising around the bay, seeing the limestone caves, kayaking through the tranquil sea, and enjoying all the comforts that are offered on board.


This particular tour claims to go off the normal beaten track of Halong, focusing on the Bai Tu Long Bay region and highlighting more clandestine areas of Halong. In addition to the many things provided on the boat such as Vietnamese meals and Tai Chi, is a water puppet show performed by local artists in Yen Duc Village. 

While this tour does not get right into the heart of touristic Halong Bay, it does an excellent job of introducing a travelers to the traditions and culture surrounding Halong.

BEST BUSINESS TOUR – Hai Au Aviation Tour Round trip Flight, 1-Night Wyndham Legend

While Hai Au Aviation has many exciting combination packages, one of the best opportunities for business travelers is the round trip flight and hotel option. Perhaps a business professional needs to travel to Halong Bay for a conference, research or any number of entrepreneurial needs.Top hotel in Halong

While he or she may not have the option to explore the bay under optimal circumstances, the views from high in the sky and strategically placed hotel windows will still supply a peek into the beauty and serenity of Vietnam.


Flying by seaplane from the mainland will not only efficiently cut out endless hours in a car but will allow the business traveler to see the exquisite isles from above. Combined with door-to-door transportation and a stay in the 5-star Wyndham hotel which offers gorgeous views of the bay, you will feel classy and comfortable while you prepare your presentation or relax for an early morning meeting. 

Any changes to itinerary are absolutely allowed and flexibility with agenda is easily embraced.



While offering many of the similar opportunities that other tours do, the Orchid 2-Day cruise is notable for its value and hands on activities. The ship will tour through many of the exciting areas typical of Halong Bay, as well as make way further out to Cat Ba Island and Ba Trai Dao beach where you can enjoy an afternoon kayaking or swimming.


The benefit of this tour, however, is that you will also be able to engage in cultural delights such as enjoying an early morning Tai Chi session, learning how to squid fish or taking a cooking class. 

The staff is ready and willing to instruct tourists on the joys of traditional Vietnamese cooking or how best to best use fishing nets and catch that wiley marine creature from the deep sea. Orchid also offers the opportunity to upgrade your stay by choosing combined deals with accommodations such as with the Apricot Hotel, a luxury 5-star residence.

BEST SEAPLANE DAY TOUR – Hai Au Aviation Seaplane Flight & L’Azalée Day Cruise

seaplane Ha LongOne of the most spectacular ways of touring around Halong Bay is by seaplane. Hai Au Aviation has a plethora of options from quick flights over the bay to day tours to 2-day excursions, each combining a breathtaking seaplane flight with cruise, hotel or more.


One of the most convenient and economical options is the day cruise, an ideal choice for travelers with limited time. This tour begins or ends (your choice) with a magical trip flying through the air to or from Hanoi to Halong. As Hai Au Aviation is the first and only seaplane experience in Halong, this is an opportunity not to be missed. 

Drink in the sights of Halong Bay as you soar from the mainland to the islands and get a unique bird’s eye view onto the bay below.

Once you have landed you will be treated to welcome drinks and a traditional Vietnamese-style buffet lunch before sailing around in an adorable cruise ship. While on board, you will journey past famous islands, caverns and floating villages of Halong Bay.

Whether you choose to start or finish your trip on the seaplane, you will not be disappointed in this perfectly scheduled glimpse into the heart of Halong.

BEST BUDGET DAY CRUISE – Garden Bay Halong Day Cruise

2 to 3-day cruises can certainly be found on the cheap but sometimes a nice day cruise is all you have the time for when attempting to fit in so many wonderful things in Halong Bay.

Garden Bay Cruises offers some amazing deals for the more frugal travelers and their one day cruise is a great glance into the highlights of Halong. In a Tonkin cruise vessel, you will be provided with a lovely Vietnamese lunch before heading toward Bai Tu Long and the Hon Co Area. You will get to swim, kayak and explore the Thien Canh Son Cave. In just a short twelve hours, you will walk away with a reader’s digest version of this spectacular bay.

No matter how many days you have in Vietnam, it is always worth it to make time for a quick journey around Halong Bay.

BEST DECADENT TOUR – Audley Travel Wonders and Waterways Tour

Audley travel Halong
Luxury Cruise

The Emeraude classic cruise may be a marked step into the lap of luxury, but this Audrey Travel tour takes grandeur to a whole new level. For the world traveler interested in an in-depth tour of Vietnam including several days in Halong Bay, nothing could be better than this extensive and magnificent jaunt.

 This tour is much more time-consuming and therefore much more expensive, but for those who have the availability and resources to take advantage of a lengthy excursion, take the time to investigate the tailor-made or small group tours at Audley Travel. 

Starting in Hanoi and ending in Saigon, this tour spends three days and two nights relishing in the delights of Halong. Incorporating a cruise through the limestone islets and all of the traditional sights, you will see how Halong Bay fits into the larger context of Vietnam and shines like the hidden gem that it is.

BEST 3-DAYS BUDGET TOUR – Ethnic travel tour

For those looking to find a more extensive tour at a reasonable price, Ethnic Travel is the site for you. This tour goes from Hanoi, through Bai Tu Bay, Quan Lan and Cai Rong Islands, and back to Hanoi.

You will be able to try out the typical Halong Bay activities such as kayaking, swimming and exploring the limestone caves. You will also get to experience some cycling and a hike to Dao Village, a local ethnic minority people.

 Unlike some of the other tours, this one does not center around a cruise ship so there are many interesting things you can happen upon while journeying around the bay. Meals are still included, made up of local ingredients and representing the traditional preparation and cuisine. 

One night you will stay in a home and another in a hotel so you are able to see a much different side of the local culture than cruising on a ship will offer. Despite this being a less glamorous tour than some, you really get an amazing bang for your buck.

BEST CYCLING TOUR – Spice Roads Halong Bay Cycle and Cruise

Cycling on Ha Long BeachMany travelers go on holiday for rest and relaxation but not all. Sometimes the wanderlust driving many people forward is a desire for excitement and adventure. Rather than calmly being ferried from one landmark to the next, a true explorer would rather rush into the scenery and use their own adrenaline for fuel.

 Spice Roads’ tour will allow you to race from Red River and galavant through Cat Ba National Park. This tour does include time on a traditional junk, striking a lovely balance between cruising and cycling so you won’t have to forgo an opportunity to enjoy the true seagoing experience of Halong Bay. 

Spice Roads offers a wide variety of cycling tours throughout Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia. For many people, cycling tours are a thrill unlike any other. They are a chance to be a part of the landscape as you fly down a path with the wind whipping through your hair, having much more direct access to your surroundings while still being able to move along at a steady pace.

BEST TREKKING TOUR – Active Travel Trekking Cat Ba National Park & Kayaking

Trekking Halong Bay TourIf you are still in search of adventure but cycling is not your forte, consider an Active Travel 4-day trekking tour. This tour combines one day of full on trekking, one day taking a kayak, and one day relaxing on a cruise. It is an excellent balance of stimulation and sightseeing, culminating in some of the more traditional aspects of a tour.

Intrepid travelers will rejoice in a day of trekking through the Cat Ba Jungle followed by a day kayaking in Lan Ha Bay. Finally, your fitness feat will be rewarded with an overnight junk boat right through Halong Bay proper. You may have to sing for your supper, but this tour is utterly worth it for the truly venturesome globetrotters.


The almost overwhelming amount of activities, excursions, romantic experiences and astounding memories to be had in Halong Bay make it virtually impossible to pinpoint just one method of managing it all.

  • A luxuriant and relaxing cruise will brighten anyone’s quality of life.
  • A rigorous ride on a bicycle will turn anyone into an automatic daredevil.
  • A fantastic flight in a stunning seaplane will leave no one in doubt that Vietnam is an exquisite country of natural beauty.

Depending on your time and availability, your budget, or even your sense of adventure, Halong Bay offer a wide range of tours from Indochina Junk Boats to Hai Au Aviation Packages, the options you could choose are endless.

Halong Bay weather and holidays

halong bay weather

Where you live you usually know exactly what you’ll be wearing depending on the month of the year. All of the seasons are familiar to you, and while there may be some variation, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect to happen. Plus, you know exactly what types of activities you can get up to in your area.

You know when it’s a good time to go fishing, swimming, or ice skating thanks to these seasons. Traveling to an exotic location like Halong Bay in Vietnam may make you wonder what type of clothing you need to pack for the weather and what types of activities you can expect to do during your stay.

This helpful guide of Halong Bay weather will give you all the information you need to plan your packing and your itinerary no matter when you decide to visit.


Halong Bay is located in North Vietnam.  You can enjoy all four seasons while visiting this lovely region.  Spring is from March and April with perfect days of warming temperatures and new blooms.

The summers in this area typically run from May to October.  The summers are humid and hot with a large amount of rainfall.  You can experience autumn in the months of September and October.  Cool days and occasional showers are typical weather in the autumn. The winter is typically November to February.

The winters in this area are usually cool but dry. The temperature will average about 17 to 22 degrees Celsius or about 63 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Visitors that arrive in July to September may find that these are the wettest months with the highest amount of rainfall. This weather can often impact what happens on and along the bay.

things to do in halongHaven’t set a date yet?  Let’s go through this monthly breakdown to help you to decide when you should visit based on your preferred weather and activities.


Visitors to Halong Bay can expect to experience a rather dry month.  There will be blue skies and lots of sunshine for your visit. Temperatures can run a bit lower during this month at about 18 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

While you can expect there to be less rain during this time of year, you may find it can get rather misty and foggy around the bay area.  At this time of year, you’re going to want to wear layers with a light jacket or hoodie.  You may want to bring along your swimsuit just in case the water is nice enough for a dip.

Halong Bay weather
Halong Bay

This is a good time of year for most of the activities you want to experience while in the area. The skies are perfect for going up in the air for a seaplane flight or sightseeing off of one of the tall attractions in the area.

Our express trip that takes you on a sightseeing tour of Halong Bay is a wonderful choice for this time of year.  The bay is perfect for going out on a junk for a cruise. The one thing that you may want to avoid during this time of year is swimming and other water activities. The water temperature may be too cold depending on your personal preferences.


Like January, you can expect to experience more beautiful blue skies and loads of sunshine making your vacation lovely. However, you may notice that the days are a little cooler at about 17 degrees Celsius or 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ll notice that there may be the same misty conditions as the previous month. Layers and a light jacket or hoodie are perfect to have for this time of year. kayaking Halong

Most of the activities that you can do in January are also great for February.

January and February Holiday Celebration

Visitors should take note that during late January and early February is Tet or the Vietnamese New Year. People may celebrate this for about six days with many people traveling to visit their ancestral homes.

You may notice that if your trip is during Tet that some of the markets, tourist attractions, and stores are closed. Government offices are also closed during these celebrations.


Many consider March an excellent month to visit the country. Halong Bay during this time of year features much of the sunshine and beautiful blue skies as the previous months. Plus, the temperatures are starting to rise a bit with average temperatures being about 19 degrees Celsius or 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Layering your clothing with a sweatshirt or light coat may also be necessary during this month.

Halong Bay view from aboveTemperatures in the more mountainous areas are starting warm up making it perfect for hiking. In addition, as the waters in the bay are also starting to warm, this can be a good time to start planning a dip for those that don’t mind the waters a little on the cooler side.


April is considered the end of the peak season as the trend of the dry weather and temperate blue skies will be coming to an end as the rainy season will begin ramping up for the summer months.

Many enjoy this time of year because you’ll have to deal with fewer tourists. There are still plenty of dry days during the month that you can enjoy during your visit to Halong Bay. Most of the rainy days will occur towards the end of the month.

The temperature during the month of April is much warmer at 24 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit. At this time, you probably will not need to do too many clothing layers during your visit, and may even be able to break out the shorts.

Halong Bay CruiseThis is a perfect time for all of the different activities that you can do in Halong Bay. You’ll definitely want to bring along your swimming gear to enjoy the warming waters and drier days.

Your hiking, biking, boating, and sightseeing plans are all green-lit during this time of year for your visit. On of our most attractive packages, the flight around the bay and the overnight Emeraude cruise is perfect for this time of year.

April Holiday Celebrations

Visitors can take note that there are two different holidays during this month. There’s Hung Kings Commemorations that will occur in 2021 on the 6th of April. Then there’s Reunification Day that falls on the 30th of April this year.


May is another great month for travel, but you may find the weather is a bit harder to pinpoint towards this time of year. There may be more rain in the Halong Bay region of the country, and the temperatures are starting to rise into the range that makes for a summer that features hot and sticky weather.

Temperatures average about 29 degrees Celsius or 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and when you combine the humidity, which can make for some toasty warm days. Luckily, being on the bay can often offset the warmth with nice cooling breezes.


where to go HalongThis time of year you’ll definitely want to pack some shorts and tank tops or short sleeve shirts. Swimsuit will certainly come in handy when you need to take a dip to cool off after a fun adventure or two.

Be sure to add your rain gear with raincoat and boots to finish off your packing. If you’re not scared off by a higher chance of rain this month, it can be great for water activities on the dry days.

The beach is great at this time of year because there are fewer visitors. Don’t shy away from getting wet or getting away on one of the numerous cruises around the bay that you can enjoy during your stay.

May Celebrations

There are a number of celebrations that you can plan your trip around. Labour Day happens on the 1st of May. There’s also the Buddha’s Birthday or Le Phat Dan that occurs on the 21st of May.


June in Halong Bay features full summer with high temperatures and rain being more normal than dry days. Those that enjoy hot, rainy weather will enjoy this time of year. There can often be very spectacular storms during this time of year, but being on the bay can help to reduce the severity of the storm.

Temperatures are on the rise again as they average about 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to pack clothing meant for warm weather and plenty of rain gear. You may not get a chance to use your swim gear depending on the weather, but there’s no harm in packing it.

Scuba diving

Most of the outdoor activities may be delayed or canceled due to the rainy weather, so be aware of any refund policies available in case you book in advance. This may also not be a good time of year for hiking around the country due to the rain.

May and June Celebrations

In late May and early June, you can expect to experience Tet Doan Ngo or the summer solstice celebration.


Both July and August tend to stick to the same weather pattern. You can expect more of the same of rainy, hot days with temperatures that are about the same as June. This is a true wet season with many daily downpours expected to occur.

dinner on Halong Bay Cruise

Emeraude Cruises – Best choice to travel form hanoi to halong bay

This happens to be a time of year when there are certainly fewer visitors to the region, so this could work in your favor if you happen to find a string of days with less rain in the forecast. Halong Bay is usually at its wettest during these months, so that makes it very hard to enjoy many of the sights and activities that are so popular in this region.


September tends to be the month where the rainy periods are starting to shift to becoming less frequent. This is especially true the closer you come to October. The temperatures are also starting to come down a bit during this time.

You can expect it to be about 28 degrees Celsius or 83 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll want to be sure that you pack your rain gear just in case along with your warm weather clothes.

Travel to halong
Cycling on Halong Beach

As the wet weather is coming to an end, you’ll find that many of the activities that were put on hold due to the rain are no longer having as many closures and delays.

You’ll be able to enjoy all of the fun water activities along with being able to travel to the more mountainous regions where you can get more adventures in thanks to the drying weather.

A great to treat yourself during this time of year is to check out our hotel bundle packages like our round-trip flight with a one-night stay in a five-star hotel, the Wyndham Legend.

September Holidays

There are two holidays to keep in mind during your trip in September to Halong Bay. There’s National Day that falls this year on the 2nd of September.

Finally, there’s also the Hungry Ghost Festival that takes place on the 5th of September this year. This is the time of year when it’s believed that deceased family members come to visit the land of the living and the people pay homage to their ancestors.


The skies are continuing to clear, and there’s less and less rainfall. The humidity of the hot, moist summer months is finally starting to break leading the way to more temperate days.  The temperature is usually around 26 degrees Celsius or 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ll want to pack more of your warmer weather clothing like shorts and short sleeve shirts along with your swim gear, but don’t ignore the slight chance of rain, especially in early October.

weather in Halong

This is another excellent month where you’ll be able to enjoy all that Halong Bay has to offer.  There will be plenty of nice weather days for fun above the bay in seaplane or trek up to a sightseeing platform.

Plus, you’ll have the bonus of the warmer weather and water without the heavy humidity that can make most physical activities seem more strenuous than they actually are.  This is a great time to hike and bike around the area.


November signals the start of the dryer and cooler weather of winter that makes Halong Bay so perfect to visit.  Many enjoy coming to the area at this time.  The temperature is at about 24 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit making it rather pleasant during your stay.

When packing, you’ll want to opt for warmer clothing than not, but it can be a good idea to bring along a sweater or light jacket for cooler nights. Don’t forget your swim gear as this is prime season for being out on the water.

what to do in Halong BayMany say that this is the most perfect month for going to Halong Bay for a junk cruise for one day or more. That being said, if you plan to visit during this time, you should probably book in advance if you’d prefer.

You can check out our previous piece on booking a cruise on Halong Bay for reference. This is also a great time for those that are looking to explore the great outdoors with hiking and biking as the conditions couldn’t be better.


December is considered to be one of the driest months in the area because ushers in more cool weather with very little rain in the typical forecast. There are plenty of clear and dry days to get all of your adventures in.

Temperatures are about 19 degrees Celsius or 66 degrees Fahrenheit.  You’ll want to pack a mix of warm weather and cooler weather clothing for layering, especially as the nights can get rather cold during this month.

halong bay weatherThe winter months are approaching in this region meaning that this cool down makes it perfect for exploring. You can enjoy many of the land activities that get you moving, such as hiking, but you may want to skip the water activities depending on how you like your water temperatures.

Note on Christmas

Although Christmas is not celebrated in Vietnamese society, you’ll notice that more people are paying attention to visitors that come to the area during this season in case you’re thinking of skipping Vietnam for missing out on this holiday.  It won’t be exactly the same, but it’s not completely ignored by everyone either.


Halong Bay is a beautiful destination no matter what time of year you plan on visiting.  Winter and Spring are considered peak times to visit the region, but the Fall and Summer have their own benefits. Many enjoy traveling off peak season to be able to enjoy a region without having to deal with more tourists.

Halong Bay weather doesn’t need to be a mystery for your upcoming trip. Following this guide, you should be able to plan ahead for what you can expect from the weather during your vacation to the area. Have fun and explore the area during your stay.

Need some help with planning your trip or want to book a seaplane? Contact us today. We are ready to help you to plan the vacation experience of a lifetime.


Best Halong Bay cruise advice for travelers

Your vacation cannot complete without booking a Halong Bay cruise tour. Whether you have one day or several, choosing the most suitable Halong Bay cruise for your holiday is not an easy job.

As this is one of the most enjoyable options to spend time relaxing along the bay, tourists may find looking for a Halong Bay cruise is overwhelming. Our Halong Bay cruise advice based on the itinerary, outstanding features and the overall rate from reliable travel websites: TripAdvisor, Booking.com, and Agoda.com.

Halong Bay cruise can go with various forms of land and air travel tour. Tourists can enjoy the view Vietnamese landscape from the top. Then, have a closed look at the blue water of Halong, witness every sight and sound you could wish for.

Halong bay cruise route regulated by Halong Bay management board

To manage Halong Bay cruise activities and protect the UNESCO Heritage Site, the management board has announced that cruises can only exploit these following routes. Therefore, your Halong Bay itinerary will be almost the same with each other.

Route 1: Thien Cung, Dau Go, Hon Cho Da, Ba Hang Cave, Dinh Huong Islet, Trong Mai Islet.

Route 2: Soi Sim beach, Ti Top, Sung Sot, Me Cung, Bo Nau, Luon cave, Trong cave, Trinh Nu cave, Pearl farm

Route 3: Cua Van, Tien Ong, Ho Ba Ham, Ba Men temple, Ang Du cave

Route 4: Co cave, Thay cave, Cong Do, Cap La, Vung Vieng, Tung Ang- Cong Do ecological tourist area, Hon Xep

Route 5: Thien Cung, Dau Go, Cho Da Islet, Ba Hang, Hoa Cuong floating village, Bo Nau Islet, Soi Sim Source: baoquangninh.com.vn

NOTE: Your cruise will not have enough time to stop at every tourist destination. Depends on your vacation length, they will choose 2-5 stops from these routes to weigh anchor.

Best Halong Bay overnight cruise from US $250/ cabin – Emeraude Halong Bay Cruise

The vintage Emeraude Classic makes anyone fall in love at first sight because of its unique design. Stepping onto the Emeraude Cruise will give you the feeling of transporting in a time machine. Pay attention when the guide telling you about the Emeraude’s story in 1999, to understand the history of this antique cruise.

Halong bay cruise itinerary of Emeraude Cruise

Follow route 2, Emeraude Cruise will take you to some of the most famous tourist destinations. Your first stop will be Sung Sot Grotto, where you can see thousands of stalactites being brightened up by the colorful lights. After that, enjoy your French mini Crepe served on the top deck while cruising to Titov Island.

Tourists can spend an hour swimming or hiking before coming back to the ship. At night time, travelers can take part in squid fishing activity or watch the Hollywood movie “King Kong: Skull Island”. The next morning, take your time to explore Pearl farm and kayak around before going back to Tuan Chau Marina.

What’s is on your Halong Bay 2-day cruise package?

  • Superior cabin on cruise
  • Welcome cocktail drinks & cold towels upon check-in
  • Full meals on board
  • All activities excluding kayaking fee
  • Entrance fees, tourist tickets and government taxes.
  • Full 2 days 1 night itinerary on the Emeraude Classic Cruise

Why traveling with Emeraude Cruise?

Take part in this timeless journey with Emeraude Halong Bay cruise to perfect your trip. With experienced staff, enthusiastic tour guide, Emeraude Cruise proud to provide the most memorable cruise to every customer. Continuously received awards from many trustful international organizations with one of a kind activities on board. Surprise your partner by booking a combination of cruise and seaplane flight in Halong Bay.

Emeraude Cruise Contact

 Add Hanoi: 9th Floor, Viet Bank Building, 70 – 72 Ba Trieu, Hoan Kiem District

Halong Bay: No. T7 Villa, Tuan Chau Marina, Halong, Quang Ninh.

 Tel (+84) 24 3935 1888
Hotline (+84) 906 237 899
 Email  sales@emeraude-cruises.com

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Best Halong Bay Cruise for classic adults from US $149 – Bhaya Cruise

Since 2007, Bhaya Cruise Halong Bay became one of the largest Halong Bay cruise operators. With Bhaya cruise, tourists can try some of the local activities like tai chi in the morning or squid fishing at night while riding on a traditional junk ship.

On Bhaya Classic, travelers will be amazed by the exceptional decoration represents Vietnamese culture, which makes Bhaya Cruise the best Halong Bay cruise for adults. Exploring Halong Bay while enjoying a traditional tea ceremony among rich cultural atmosphere makes Bhaya.

Halong bay cruise itinerary of Bahaya Cruise

Halong bay cruise itinerary

As you can see, the map shows Bhaya Cruise itinerary in details, tourists can have a look to imagine your journey clearly. While having lunch on board, tourists can see many majestic islands through the windows. Your vacation will be fulfilled with less-visited places of the bay so tourists are more likely to enjoy the scenery themselves.

What’s is on your Halong Bay 2-day cruise package?

  • Welcome drink
  • Air-conditioned en-suite cabin
  • Entrance and sightseeing fees
  • Visit fishing village by rowing boat
  • Kayaks
  • 01 Breakfast, 01 Lunch, 01 Dinner, 01 Brunch
  • Onboard insurance, tax and service charges
  • Master-Chef Competition and Fruit Carving Demonstration

Why traveling with Bhaya Cruise, Halong Bay?

Bhaya Cruise Halong offers a wide range of tours in the magnificent bay with affordable price (from US$ 149). Tourists can choose to spend 1-2 nights on deck, spend time sailing among the limestone caves.

Bhaya Cruise invests in their online booking system, therefore, booking with Bhaya cruise is easier than ever. You can check available rooms and instantly book by online payment methods. Moreover, travelers can also stay updated to new deals every day by visiting their website: www.bhayacruises.com

Not only will you be able to embrace the bird’s eye view from your seaplane above, but you will get a more in-depth look into the charms of Halong Bay. With the Bhaya cruise, you will have the opportunity to ride on a traditional junk ship and try out some of the local activities like tai chi or squid fishing.

Bhaya Cruise Contact

Add Hanoi:   No. 47 Phan Chu Trinh Str., Hanoi, Vietnam

Halong Bay: No. 08, 09, 10, Tuan Chau International Port, Halong, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Hotline (+84) 933 446 542 
Email sales@bhayacruises.com

Best Halong Bay Cruise for young adults from US $139 – Oasis Bay Party Cruise

Lives up to its name, the Oasis Bay Party Cruise is suitable for young adults with energetic hearts. From one to three-night options, this tour embraces fun and adventure, nightlife and socializing. This cruise line offers an amazing Halong Bay tour with a wide range of activities on board for young travelers.

Halong bay cruise itinerary of Oasis Bay Party Cruise

Oasis Bay Party Itinerary

Follow route 5, Oasis Bay Party Cruise will take you to less famous area so you can enjoy the peaceful Halong Bay. While having lunch on board, tourists will pass by Cho Da, Dinh Huong Islet, and floating village.

After 2 hours, you can explore the fairyland of the bay, Frog Pond by kayaking. After a day full of activity, make sure you put on your dancing shoes as from 8 pm on, it’s time to party. If you aren’t up for a night or two of partying hard, however, this cruise won’t be a hit so much as a miss.

What’s on your Halong Bay cruise package?

  • Fully furnished luxury cabins with A/C, hot water, en-suite bathroom
  • All meals on board (02 lunches, 01dinner, 01 breakfast)
  • Complimentary morning tea and coffee
  • Complimentary mineral water
  • Welcome drink
  • Cookery demonstrations
  • Entrance and sightseeing fees
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Water Trampoline
  • Halong Bay Kayaking
  • Music, exciting games
  • English speaking guide
  • Round Trip Shuttle bus from our meeting point at 12 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem Hanoi

Why traveling with Oasis Bay Party Cruise?

The best part of this cruise is the affordable price for many younger travelers or backpackers. Perfect for getting into the swing of things and meeting some new fellow globetrotters.

Oasis Bay Party Cruise Contact

Add 24 Tuan Chau Harbour, Tuan Chau Island, Halong Bay
Tel (+84) 2439310291/ (+84) 2439310292
Hotline (+84) 914274489 ( Mr Quan )/ (+84) 1243035888 (Ms Ha)
Email booking@oasisbaypartycruise.com

Best Halong Bay private cruise with one-of-a-kind experience from US $819/pax – L’Azalee Cruise

Not only will you be able to embrace the bird’s eye view from your seaplane above, but also get a more in-depth look into the charms of Halong Bay. By booking a one-of-a-kind transportation experience, travelers will be flying above the clouds to or from Hanoi and Halong. For those who are busy and don’t have enough time for a two-day cruise, you can choose a day tour with L’Azalee Cruise.

Halong bay cruise itinerary of L’Azalee Cruise & Hai Au Aviation

Passengers can choose to fly from Hanoi to Halong Bay or vice versa to enjoy the breath-taking view from above. Then, embark on the L’Azalee Cruise, follow route 1 to explore Tung Lam, Cock Fighting Island, Ba Hang village and so on.

What’s on your Halong Bay cruise package?

  • One way seaplane Hanoi – Halong Bay OR Halong Bay – Hanoi
  • One way shuttle bus Hanoi – Halong OR Halong Bay – Hanoi
  • 4.5 hours exploring with L’Azalee Classic Cruise
  • Welcome drinks
  • Vietnamese-style buffet lunch
  • Entrance fees, tourist tickets, and government taxes

Why traveling with L’Azalee Cruise & Hai Au Aviation?

While this tour is a bit more pricey than some other day tours due to the momentous seaplane experience, it cuts travel time in half. You can choose to book separately or combine them together to explore the skies and Halong Bay cruise in one day. Use a private car for the opposite journey to complete the perfect day in Halong Bay.

L’Azalee Cruise & Hai Au Aviation Contact

L’Azalee Cruise
 Add  No. T7 Villa, Tuan Chau Marina, Halong, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
 Tel (+84) 24 3825 5342
 Hotline (+84) 965 890 499
 Email resa@lazaleecruises.vn
Hai Au Aviation
Add     No. T7 Villa, Tuan Chau Marina, Halong, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
Tel  (+84) 24 3943 9966
Hotline  (+84) 962 069 689
Email  rsvn.online@haiauaviation.com

Best Halong Bay cruise with unique route from US $240/ pax – Dragon Legend Cruise

For a lovely overview of Halong Bay and its surroundings, the Dragon Legend Cruise hits the mark for travelers interested in expanding their horizons around Halong Bay and on a limited time schedule to boot.

This cruise will take you by luxury bus to the bay, where you will step onto a traditional junk and head toward Halong and Bai Tu Long Bays. You will get to experience all of the usual Halong activities such as swimming and sunbathing with the added bonus of seeing some of the sights a little further out toward the Cap La and Cong Do areas.

Halong Bay cruise itinerary of Dragon Legend Cruise

The itinerary is a unique, less touristy experience. You will kayak through the Cong Dam geological park and have a BBQ lunch on the beach before exploring Thien Canh Son cave. For travelers who may have cruised around Halong Bay before, this tour will bring you to one or two new sights off the beaten path.

Halong Bay Cruise itinerary
Dragon Legend Cruise Itinerary

What’s on your Halong Bay cruise package?

  • Hanoi – Halong – Hanoi (Luxury Van)
  • Welcome drink
  • Luxury en-suited cabin with A/C, hot water
  • All meals on boat
  • Tea & coffee free with breakfast
  • English speaking guide on board
  • Kayaking
  • Tai Chi
  • Water puppet show

Why traveling with Dragon Legend Cruise?

The itinerary is a unique, less touristy experience. You will kayak through the Cong Dam geological park and have a BBQ lunch on the beach before exploring Thien Canh Son cave. For travelers who may have cruised around Halong Bay before, this tour will bring you to one or two new sights off the beaten path.

Dragon Legend Cruise Contact

Add 58 Au Trieu str, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel (+84) 243 926 4085
Hotline (+84) 964 34 33 22

Best Halong Bay junk cruise for budget travelers from US $160 – Oriental Sails

While Halong Bay are having different cruise lines, Oriental Sails offers one of the best deals around. There may not be quite as much frill and fanfare on this overnight. However, it will give you the best bang for your buck when choosing a Halong Bay cruise.

As a 3-star cruise line, Oriental Sails offer deluxe cabins of Vietnamese traditional style with modern facilities. From the inside, travelers can have the amazing view of Halong Bay through the windows. Meanwhile, the top deck allows different exciting activities to join. Take a closer look at this Halong Bay Cruise: http://www.orientalsails.com/cruises/oriental-sails.

Halong bay cruise itinerary of Oriental Sails

Their one-night cruise covers a similar path to the Dragon Legend cruise, centering around the Bai Tu Long Bay, but little more straightforward and to the point. Follow route 4, you will have the opportunity to swim and kayak at Ban Chan Beach. Then, visiting Vung Vieng fishing village, one of the best ways to see the day-to-day life of the local Vietnamese. You will be back by noon the following day, having had good food, clean accommodation, and lasting memories.

What’s on your Halong Bay cruise package?

  • English speaking tour guide
  • 24-hour security
  • Themed parties on request
  • Car rental service with driver
  • Tender for sightseeing
  • Kayaking & Fishing equipment
  • Room capacity: 2 adults + 1 child below the age of 6 per cabin
  • Cuisine: Vietnamese seafood & various international dishes

Why traveling with Oriental Sails?

Further than just cruising, Oriental Sails gives you a long-lasting experience in Halong Bay. There is no better place to de-stress in Halong Bay than Oriental Sails’ sundeck, great space to take stunning photos of Halong Bay and wonderful atmosphere for a cocktail when the sun starting to set.

Oriental Sails Contact

Add The OS Lounge, Hong Gai Wharf, No. 6A Le Thanh Tong Str, Hon Gai, Quang Ninh
Tel (+84) 24 333 819 233
Fax (+84) 333 819 233
Email reservation@orientalsails.com

Best Halong Bay luxury cruise US $439/ pax – Paradise Cruise Halong Bay

Travelers in search of more luxurious surroundings to accompany them around Halong Bay will be entranced by the richness and decor of Paradise Peak Cruise Halong Bay. From start to finish, guests will be treated like VIPs. As you discover Vietnamese and international cuisine in the luxury restaurant on board and indulge in the spacious cabins. Request a balcony suite and envelope yourself in the magical views from your very own luxury room. From cooking classes to squid fishing to the glories of the seascape, this tour will not disappoint.

Halong bay cruise itinerary of Paradise Cruise Halong Bay

Paradise Peak itinerary
Paradise Peak itinerary

What’s on your Halong Bay cruise package?

  • Butler service
  • 2-day cruise itinerary and program
  • 1 night in luxury suites, deluxe amenities, en-suite bathroom, air conditioning
  • Access to sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, fitness corner, library
  • 1 Breakfast / 1 Lunch / 1 Dinner
  • Unlimited local beer, soft drinks, house wines & selected spirits on board
  • Complimentary regular tea and coffee on board
  • Complimentary mini bar
  • Cooking demonstration, afternoon tea and Tai Chi session
  • Onboard insurance, taxes and service charges
  • Entrance and sightseeing fees

Why traveling with Paradise Cruise Halong Bay?

As one of the leading in luxury travel and hospitality industry, Paradise Cruise Halong Bay stands out as the most reputable and trustworthy cruise line. For those desirous of a relaxing glimpse into the heart of Halong, there’s nothing better than Paradise Cruise Halong Bay.

Paradise Cruise Halong Bay Contact

Add Unit 201, 2nd Floor, Hanoi Tower, No.49 Hai Ba Trung Str, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
Tel  (+84) 24 3941 6666
Hotline  (+84) 906 099 606
Email  info@paradisecruise.com

Best Halong Bay cruise for family holiday from US $975/ family cabin – Orchid Cruise Halong Bay

While many solo travelers and romantic couples fly to Halong Bay, so do families. Wishing to experience and new or native landscape? Orchid Cruise Halong Bay is a wonderful balance of comfort, efficiency, and economic value for the whole family.

Halong bay cruise itinerary of Orchid Cruise Halong Bay

Orchid Cruise Itinerary

Orchid Cruise will take you to Lan Ha Bay, a separate part of Halong Bay, this is a quiet paradise to enjoy the bay. Immerse in the crystal clear water of Ba Trai Dao area, then, take part in the traditional cooking class. Beauty Spa Service and Massage are available to relax before having dinner with your family.

What’s on your Halong Bay cruise package?

  • English speaking tour guide on boat
  • Luxury Cruise through Halong bay – Lan Ha Bay
  • All meals aboard (02 lunches, 01 dinner, 01 light breakfast) for 2 days 1 night
  • Kayaking, Cooking class, Tai chi exercise, Bamboo boat, Swimming (if the weather permits), Movies, Squid fishing, Music entertainment, satellite TV
  • Sightseeing entrance fees
  • Luxury cabin with A/C
  • Day boat for exploring Viet Hai village, Ba Ham lake, kayaking and tour guide for the 2nd day of 3 days/2nights package
  • Welcome drink, cold handkerchief, fresh flower and fresh fruits basket, two bottles of mineral water in each cabin

Why traveling with Orchid Cruise Halong Bay?

From start to finish, guests will be treated like VIPs, as they discover Vietnamese and International cuisine in the luxury restaurant on board and indulge in the spacious cabins. Request a balcony suite and envelope yourself in the magical views from your very own room. From cooking classes to squid fishing to the glories of the seascape, this tour will not disappoint.

Orchid Cruise Halong Bay Contact

Add 32, Anh Dao St, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province
Tel (+84) 3759 3098/ 3927 5797/ 3927 5796
Hotline (+84) 934 368 069 – Mr. Martin (24/7 service)
Email sales@orchidcruises.com

Best Halong Bay honeymoon cruise from US $237/ pax – Signature Cruise Halong Bay

Lovebirds all around the world dream of a romantic spot to run away to once the wedding day has passed. With romantic seascapes, Halong Bay is certainly the most seductive and exotic locations around the globe. Signature Cruise offers the Honeymoon & Wedding Package, prepared just for you.

Signature cruise offers reasonable rates for two or three-night trips, depending on your availability. Cabins are paved with hardwood floors with creamy white fabric decor. Each room has a private jacuzzi, perfect for couples to enjoy their days and nights together.

2-day itinerary of Signature Cruise Halong Bay

As the ship starts heading to Bai Tu Long Bay, tourists will be served a special lunch on board. Then, have the chance to explore Vung Vieng fishing village, Thien Canh Son Cave, and islets. Last but not least, travelers can add the highlight of this trip by asking the staff to prepare a private beach BBQ just for you and your loved one.

Why traveling with Signature Cruise Halong Bay?

Signature Cruise offers reasonable rates for two or three-night trips, depending on your time frame and availability. Cabins are paved in hardwood floors with creamy white fabric dominating the decor. Each room has a private jacuzzi, perfect for newlyweds enjoying their days and nights together.

Signature Cruise Halong Bay Contact

Add Vinashin Port, 6 Le Thanh Tong St, Halong, Quang Ninh, Vietnam
Tel (+84) 3 935 1268
Hotline (+84) 948 205 335
Email info@signaturehalongcruise.com

Best Halong Bay cruise advice to perfect your vacation

Halong Bay, Vietnam is an aquatic paradise of adventure with opportunities for all manner of traveler. No visit would be complete without a cruise highlighting all the wondrous things that the bay offers. Take a shuttle bus or seaplane from Hanoi to Halong for one day or more and experience Halong Bay in all its glory.

Water sports like swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking are never better than when diving from a cruise ship. Limestone caves, grottos, and fishing villages are best explored as up close and personal as possible.

When sitting down to choose your upcoming trip to Vietnam, one of the first things you should consider is an excursion to Halong Bay. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Halong Bay stands out as a necessary attraction. You can book all the cruise through their website or visit our website for some good choice.

Whether you are a solo traveler looking for new mates, a family looking to spend time together or a romantic couple looking to make new memories, Halong Bay cruises are a spellbinding opportunity not to be missed.

This information is updated from January 15, 2021, used for reference purposes only.

Halong Bay Cruise Review: 2D1N L’Azalee Cruise and Seaplane flight

This March, my friends and I decided to register for a tour in Halong Bay and of course, wanted to see the real stunning view in “Kong: Skull Island”.


Halong Bay is a UNESCO world heritage site, The bay has emerald green water and over 2000 limestone islands dotting the landscape. The best way to experience the bay is by boat with many types of tour on the bay available, we chose a-2-day trip with Hai Au Aviation and L’Azalée Cruise

Price: US$ 459 for 2 days (INCLUDING Tax. entrance fees and tourist tickets)

You might think the price is a little bit higher compared to other tours, however, since the package included a scenic flight from Hanoi to Halong Bay, it’s still worth the hype.

Halong Bay Cruise Review: 


– Booking:

+ I booked the tour on this website

Booking through hotline is recommended because I found this web is a little bit hard to understand.

+ Summer is the most suitable period for travellers to enjoy the stunning view of Halong Bay from above.

– Get ready:

+ For this 2D1N tour, you only need the basic clothing option such as T-shirt, comfortable walking shoes, cardigan and sunglasses.

+ Games: Uno, poker or your favourite board games. During the trip, you can’t access to wifi/3G to check what’s happening in the virtual world. So make sure to create the most quality time with your loved ones.

+ Camera: you don’t wanna miss any marvellous moments of Halong Bay

Brief Itinerary
Means of transport: + Hanoi – Halong: Seaplane: from Noi Bai International Airport (45 mins) to Tuan Chau Marina.

+ Halong – Hanoi: Shuttle bus (4 hours)

Accommodation: + L’Azalée Cruise, a 2-person room
Destinations & Activities:
  • Scheduled flight with Hai Au Aviation
  • Kayaking
  • Squid fishing
  • Sung Sot Cave
  • Pearl Farm
  • Titov Island


Day 1: Hanoi – Halong, Sung Sot Cave, Pearl Farm

By 8:30 am, company’s bus picked us at 17 Ly Dao Thanh Street to Noi Bai International Airport.

It’s really quick to get everything done, no need to queue for check-in.

hai-au-aviationFortunately, the weather was so fine that day, the sun was shining which gave us a stunning view of Halong Bay from above.

What I like about the journey is direct interaction with fantastic captain and co-pilot on board, they even took selfies with us…LOL

seaplane filght with hai au aviationDuring 45 mins of the flight, you can use cell phones with GPRS to post status, picture or even live on Facebook or Instagram to check-in (Don’t forget to tag Hai Au Aviation).

You may find it’s a little bit shaky and noisy when flying with seaplane, however, it was still an amazing experience with spectacular scenery from the plane and very safe/ new aircraft.

Hanoi suburb area, view from seaplane.


After 30 mins waiting, we were amazed by the breath-taking beauty of thousands of limestone karsts jutting up from the jade green waters of Halong.

Picture took from seaplane
Halong Bay from above
Halong Bay is right here

seaplane filght with hai au aviation

Stunning view of Halong Bay in “Kong: Skull Island” was right underneath. Make sure you capture all the best moments so you can come back home with a treasure chest full of amazing memories.


After a 15-minute scenic flight, we were amazed by the thrill of water landing at Tuan Chau Marina. Love it!

While waiting to check-in, we took advantage of the beautiful background at the port to take some pics.

Halong-Lazalee-Cruise-seaplaneWELCOME ON BOARD!

My first impression of L’Azalée Deluxe was the tone of colours on the boat: orange & turquoise.

travel trendsWhile other cruises prefer: light brown and white with classic style, I believe L’Azalee is chic, elegant and suitable for those who are young-at-heart.

Our room was surprisingly spacious with great natural light and offered every amenity we needed to make our stay comfortable.


seaplane filght with hai au aviation and cruise

After experiencing our first lunch – a feast of mango salad, hot and sour seafood soup, sautéed squid,  and, my personal favourite, Vietnamese rice with spring rolls – we were hooked. I couldn’t wait for the next meal. After an hour cruising, we were floating in the middle of the bay so that we cannot access to 3G or wifi. So, get ready to enjoy the real world and the once-in-a-lifetime experience.



seaplane filght with hai au aviation and cruiseHelpful staff made us feel really comfortable with professional service and delicious food. We decided to wander around rather than stay in the cabin. And guess what? We found L’Azalée’s upper sun deck was amazing, giving us a chance to get up close to the beautiful rock formation, you can have a cup of tea/coffee (for free), chit chat with friends while cruising through the calming area.

I saw this beautiful boat from Emeraude cruise. If you are into something classic and sophisticated, this would be a perfect option for you.

After a while, we went back to our cabins to have a cat nap before going to explore Surprise Cave.

Around 3 pm, we transferred to a small tender to enter SUNG SOT Cave. It took us about 60 mins to explore every single detail. I can’t help myself but take hundreds of photos because of the magnificent nature.

Halong Bay Cave
Don’t miss out Sung Sot Cave because this is an ideal place to capture the best moment of your trip

Halong bay cruise seaplane flight tour

Back to the boat, we headed to Pearl Farm to find out how pearls were made and used in Ha Long.

Make sure to come with wife and kids. Educational and enlightening for the family. Very wide range of pearls and pearl art for all budgets. Friendly staff and open to bargaining too!! Well worth a visit.

The implanting of the pearl inside the oyster

It’s time for kayaking!


  • ALWAYS wear a lifejacket!
  • Do not bring electronic devices, or else, you might take risks breaking them.

Lazalee-cruise-Halong-BayMost of us newcomers embarked on a one-hour kayak adventure to explore the calming sea surrounds Pearl Farm. We paddled around, enjoyed the craggy karsts up close in near solitude and the fresh air in Halong Bay.

Then, we came back to our cruise, took a short break and ready for an added bonus – the “Wrap & Roll” lesson held before dinner where the chef taught us how to make Vietnamese rolls.

Food-class-Lazalee-cruiseAfter that, dinner was served.

Dinner-Lazalee-CruiseWe decided to review hundreds of pictures that we took during the day on top deck, had a small talk and enjoyed the peaceful nightlife of Halong Bay.

Do not miss out squid fishing at 9 o’clock with the lovely tourist guide, who taught us how to bait and catch squid in the old-fashioned way. Unfortunately, we can’t take any photos because it was too dark.

The last activity of the day was playing Uno and the “Truth or Dare”. Make sure you have an abundant of punishments for losers to make them look miserable LOL. None of us touched our phones, and we still had so much fun that night

Day 2: Titop Island & back to Hanoi

We were so lazy in the morning, opting to sleep in rather than join the tai chi sensei on the deck for a morning stretch.

Once again, I had to give a compliment for L’Azalée’s delicious meals. I’m in love with the chef’s salad.

Lazalee-Cruise-dinnerAfter breakfast, we made our way to Ti Top Island – another tourist attraction of Halong where we enjoyed the overview of Halong from the top of Titov mountain.

There is a sandy beach but the weather was a bit chilly and grim so only western tourists swam and we enjoyed hiking and climbing mountain.

Then, we came back to the boat and started packing our bags and getting ready before returning to Halong City.

We saw a lovely “Happy tip for the staff. Thank you very much” box in the dining room.

We were so impressed by this delightful staff and the hospitality they showed us on board.  It was a little sad to have to say goodbye.

halong bay cruise reviewAll too soon it was time for the L’Azalée Deluxe to return us back to Halong City for our transfer to Hanoi.

Our lovely tourguide in pink

We had an air-conditioned coach pick us up at L’Azalée Lounge and transferred back to Hanoi. I was impressed by the décor, comfortable seat and other notable amenities. I would edit and post my entire adventure on facebook right the way.

During the long drive, we had a small break at a Vietnamese Handicraft village. I’m sure that you will be amazed by a wide range of handmade work of art for all budgets here.

About 4 pm, we arrived at the Old Quarter, ended tour.


As with anywhere, so much our impressions of a place are based on our overall experience with the people, the activities and the food. We found the L’Azalée staff to be extremely enthusiastic, professional and accommodating from start to finish.

Costs of cruises vary significantly between junk boats and accommodate a wide array of budgets from a mere US$60 per night to US$600 or more. A 2D1N Halong Bay cruise aboard the L’Azalée Deluxe costs US$102 per person.

Hai-Au-Aviation-seaplane-to-HalongI’ve just checked, they are having SUMMER PROMOTION PACKAGE, only US$ 350 including seaplane flight and a 2-day-1-night cruise.

Finally, all I can say about this tour is “worth every single penny”, if you want to see Halong in different angles, then this is the right choice for you.

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Top 10 Recommended Halong Bay Cruises

The beauty of Halong Bay has long attracted visitors from all corners of the globe. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of The Seven Natural Wonders of the World the Halong Bay is a destination that is calling out to everyone who finds themselves in South East Asia.

Halong Bay - Cruise Experience
 One of the most popular ways of taking in the amazing views and warm culture is through the many cruises that embark daily on the Bay. Travelers who choose cruises will be able to slalom their way through the giant limestone karsts and thousands of islets, as they marvel at the emerald green water below them. 

Many of the cruises have itineraries that will allow guests to also enjoy many of the other attractions found around Halong Bay such as the beautiful caves, fisherman’s villages and even the some of the surrounding islands. Guests may also learn much about the Vietnamese culture with all inclusive travel guides, cooking lessons, Tai Chi lesson and squid fishing lessons provided by many of the cruise lines.

The following list is for the most highly recommended cruises in Halong Bay based on the top rated and most reliable websites (minimum of 50 reviews).

EMERAUDE CLASSIC CRUISE – Best Halong Bay Cruise Package Deal recommended

Emeraude Cruise recommended Halong Bay cruises
Hai Au Aviation offers you the best package in Halong Bay

Emeraude Classic Cruises in Halong comes aboard a 5-star cruise vessel that takes guests on a single day, one night and two-night cruises around Halong Bay. The Emeraude Classic Cruise is rated an excellent 8.6 on Booking.com and an 8.4 on Agoda.com.

The cruise couples with the top ranked air tour in the area according to Tripadvisor, Hai Au Aviation, to give guests a spectacular aerial view to go with the lovely sea view of the Emeraude.

 The package includes an overnight cruise,  a scenic seaplane ride over the Halong Bay, a one-way shuttle bus from Halong or Hanoi as well as entrance fees and tourist tickets to all the major tourist destinations on the cruise. 

The Emeraude Classic Cruise is stacked useful amenities. Some of the more lucrative amenities are a full-service spa that specializes in native treatment techniques, a world-class restaurant, and a beautiful bar/lounge for those looking for a place to relax and have drinks.

emeraude service recommended Halong Bay cruises

DRAGON LEGEND JUNK INDOCHINA  Best Rated Halong Bay cruise in TripAdvisor

dragon legend junk recommended Halong Bay cruises
Each attraction has the potential to lead to side journeys involving swimming, fishing and kayaking your way to more adventure.

Ranked the #1 tour in Halong Bay by TripAdvisor this IndoChina junk vessel has been long known for being the best luxury 5-star cruise available to travelers. With over 2000 excellent reviews on TripAdvisor there is no question that the Dragon Legend Junk is amongst the top ways to take in the beauty of Halong Bay.

One of the features that makes the Dragon Legend Junk different from other cruises in Halong is off the track cruise experience from Halong to Bai Tu Long Bay, which takes guests to the most remote areas of Halong Bay. Some of the sights which you will be able to enjoy on the Dragon Legend Junk Cruise are:

  • The majestic hidden Thien Canh Son Cave
  • The white sandy beaches of Hon Co Island
  • The remote Vung Vieng fishing village

The Dragon Legend Junk features 24 luxury cabins and 4 decks which give guests access to indoor or outdoor dining areas overlooking the Bay. Each cabin is elegantly decorated with traditional styles and equipped with all the modern amenities required for a pleasant stay.

“Beautiful boat , very short time” – Joseph L., HongKong, China (Jan, 2017)
“Very friendly guides (JD/Kenny). Bai Tu Long is amazing and not as crowded as Ha Long. The food was really good. Cave visit was not really exciting, could have used the time to enjoy the facilities on board.” – Maria, Germany (December, 2016)
“The boat was superb – didn’t expect a heat pump and a bath in the cabin!! Wonderful Staff, went to out of the way beach so avoided the crowds. Would definitely recommend this cruise.” – Slushna. New Zealand (October, 2016)

APHRODITE CRUISE – Best Rated Halong Bay cruise in Booking.com  

Top recommended cruise in halong recommended Halong Bay cruises
The Aphrodite cruise also provides guests with a top-notch itinerary that includes visiting many of the Bay’s most famous attractions.

The 5 Star Aphrodite Cruise is currently the top reviewed cruise on booking.com with an exceptional rating of 9.6. The Cruise is also rated the 9th best cruise in the Halong area by TripAdvisor. This 2 day and one night cruise are ideal for travelers looking to discover the exotic Halong area while still enjoying elegant comfort.

The Aphrodite Cruise has built a name and reputation on providing all the amenities that guests require and more. This facility is perfect for travelers looking for a trip full of rest and relaxation. One of the standout facilities of their cruise is a fully equipped spa and wellness center which includes:

  • Special spa treatments
  • Saunas
  • Massage therapy rooms
  • Hot tubs.

The cabins on the Aphrodite Cruise rated highly amongst reviewers, especially amongst couples– with over a 175 positive reviews. Every room aboard the cruise gives guests a glimpse of the sea through expansive picture windows or from the breezy balconies. A Bridal Suite is also available on the cruise, for couples who’d like to take their honeymoon or romantic vacation to the next level of luxury and comfort.

The cruise also offers a variety of water activities such as: 

  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Squid fishing
  • Swimming on the beachfront.

SIGNATURE HALONG CRUISE – Best Rated Halong Bay cruise in Agoda.com  

Top recommended cruise in halong recommended Halong Bay cruises
Each attraction has the potential to lead to side journeys involving swimming, fishing and kayaking your way to more adventure.

Rated a whopping 9.2 on Agoda, the 5-star Signature Halong cruise is one of the most sought after cruises in Halong. The cruise also fares extremely well on Booking.com as the second highest rated cruise at 9.3/10 as well as the coveted 2015 most booked cruise award in Halong Bay. Well-placed for sightseeing and visiting the beaches of Halong, the Signature Halong Cruise provides a great spot for travelers to take a load off and relax in decadence.

The rooms of the Signature Halong are probably the biggest draw factor. Guests experience some of the most elegant and contemporary styled cabins, with high-quality facilities including:

  • Satellite/cable TV,
  • Jacuzzi,
  • Minibar,
  • Fully equipped luxury bathroom,
  • Private balcony
  • Complimentary fruit basket

ECC_Shot_16_Kayaking_Angle_2_C5A9631_Finish recommended Halong Bay cruisesAnother key selling point of the Signature Halong are the wonderful restaurants and bars. Guests won’t have any trouble indulging in all the delicious food and beverages native to the area. Guests will also have plenty of activities to keep them busy with Tai Chi lessons, cooking lessons along with fishing and kayaking available throughout the day.

HALONG SCORPION CRUISE – Best Budget Halong Bay cruise recommended under $100/person 

With three and a half stars the Halong Scorpion Cruise is an absolute steal for under 100 dollars per a person. The Halong Scorpion cruise is rated highly on agoda.com with a respectable 8.5 rating and a number of very positive reviews. It should be noted that cruises in the Halong region for less than 100 USD a person are few and far in between, making the Halong Scorpion Cruise a rare and surprisingly affordable alternative.

Scorpion Cruise recommended Halong Bay cruises
The Halong Scorpion Cruise is a popular pick for both business and leisure travelers alike.

With its very convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the city’s must-see destinations. The service at the Jalong Scorpion is one of their biggest strengths. Even with its low price point the Halong Scorpion Cruise offers a broad range of amenities, such as a family room and playground area. For the comfort and convenience of guests, the hotel also offers:

  • 24-hour room service
  • Babysitting services
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Taxi service
  • Ticket service

The Halong Scorpion vessel consists of 8 alluring rooms which contain all the essentials needed to have a comfortable stay. All throughout the day guests may enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the private beach, fishing, solarium, and garden. Whatever your purpose of visit, Halong Scorpion Cruise is an excellent choice for your stay in Halong.

BHAYA CRUISE – Best Mid – Ranged Halong Bay cruise recommended under $200/Person

Bhaya Cruise recommended Halong Bay cruises
Regardless of whether you’re traveling, solo with family, on business or as a couple, the Bhaya Cruises seems to cater to everyone.

Rated the 5th best cruise in the Halong region by Tripadvisor and pulling off a superb 9.1 rating on booking.com the Bhaya cruise is one of the top choices for cruises in the region. The Bhaya Cruise comes to around $200 per a person making it one of the more affordable cruises in Halong as well, compared to its competitors.

The Bhaya is a 4-star cruise that has an overwhelming number of excellent reviews on Tripadvisor and Booking.com. The facilities available aboard the Bhaya are exceptional. Guests will have access to a state of the art spa and wellness center if they choose to relax or cycling or fishing if they are looking for a more active vacation.

Special services such as room service, laundry, housekeeping and VIP room facilities tend to ensure that guests get all the attention they deserve.

The cabins on the Bhaya Cruise feature a modern contemporary style that includes all the newest room facilities that guests need for a convenient and enjoyable stay. The service aboard the Bhaya Cruise is known for making sure every guest has a pleasant journey. 

PARADISE LUXURY CRUISE – Best Luxury Halong Bay Cruise recommended under $400/person 

Paradise Cruise recommended Halong Bay cruises
With everything you could ask for from a luxury cruise, the Paradise Cruise will not disappoint.

The Paradise Cruise gets a fabulous 9.2 rating from Booking.com as well the 4th rank in Halong Bay cruises on Tripadvisor. Coming to around $300 per a person the cruise offers all the luxuries, services and amenities expected with the price tag. A vast majority of the reviews on the sites have come back positive.

The Paradise Luxury ships featuring 17 elegant rooms, 3 sundecks, a spa and wellness outlet and as always some delicious food prepared by highly skilled chefs. Guests will be provided with an English-speaking tour guide and many interesting activities to take up their time including kayaking, tai chi, and swimming.

The cruise sets course around Halong Bay, passing by the beautiful Soi Sim Beach and Coconut Tree Island and visiting the Cua Van Floating Village by rowing bamboo boats with local people or via kayak by yourself. The cruise will also stop by many of the wondrous Halong Bay caves such as the famous Sung Sot Cave, and the Trong Cave which is shaped as a drum. 

PARADISE PEAK CRUISE – Best Luxurious Halong Bay Cruise recommended over $400/person

Paradise Peak Cruise recommended Halong Bay cruises
If the price is not objected and luxury and decadence are what is required, look no further than the Paradise Peak Cruise in Halong Bay.

Another top cruise provided by Paradise Cruises Halong Bay, the Paradise Peak Cruise offers the #2 ranked cruise on offer in Halong Bay according to Tripadvisor. The Paradise peak is in a higher price range than the Paradise Luxury Cruise but it offers notable upgrades to justify the price. A night aboard the Paradise Peak Cruise in Halong costs approximately $500/person. Tours on the Paradise Peak can be booked for either 1 or 2 nights stay.

The Paradise Peak is a high-end boutique boat that features: 

  • 8 plushly designed suites, oozing with luxury
  • An intimate restaurant
  • A beautiful outdoor bar
  • A fully equipped spa. 

Guests will have a personal butler service to answer to their every beck and call, ensuring guests have no trouble getting exactly what they want. Another key distinction between the Paradise Peak Cruise and most of the other 5 star cruises are some of the best chefs in the world, preparing signature dishes which span the globe.

HALONG GLORY LEGEND CRUISE – Best 4-Star Halong Bay cruise recommended

Top 10 Cruises in halong recommended Halong Bay cruisesRated as the top 4-star cruise on Booking.com and the 18th best-reviewed cruise overall on Tripadvisor, the Halong Glory Legend Cruise is right cruise for travelers who are interested in a great value deal. All cabins feature a sleek wooden design coupled with modern amenities that should keep even the pickiest of travelers in comfort.

There are two types of tours provided by Halong Glory Legend Cruises, a 3 day and 2-night cruise or two days and one night tour. Both tours encircle most of the main attractions of Halong Bay. Sights and destinations such as the Sung Sot Cave, the Bai Tu Long Bay and the Vung Vieng fishing village are just some of the spots that you can expect to explore when aboard the Halong Glory Legend Cruise.

“Overall it has been a good trip with Glory legend. Nice boat with good decor. Rooms are a bit small, but then everything has a price. This is not a 5* luxury cruise so I kept my expectations accordingly and in the end, it’s a good value for money.” – Risigh76, Singapore (December, 2016)
“The boat cruise was great – the area is beautiful and the crew are friendly and helpful – the cabin is small but lovely with a huge picture window on the view and your own little balcony – which was the reason for selecting this particular boat – could be a very romantic event for a couple, but the family on our cruise also had a great time.” – Ron, Australia (January, 2017)
“We joined for NYE 2016/7. GREAT service from AMAZING staff. The location is SUPERB for dramatic scenery and the food was top notch. A bar is a bit pricey, but 2 happy hours each day helped. Would definitely recommend!” – Alan, UK (December, 2016)


THE AU CO DAY CRUISE – Best Halong Bay Day Cruise recommended

au-co-cruise recommended Halong Bay cruises
The cruise also ranks 6th overall amongst all cruises, including overnight and charter cruises.

The Au Co Day Cruises are considered the very best day cruise available in Halong by Tripadvisor. For the past 3 years running The Au Co Day Cruises have continued to maintain their standards and have received the Tripadvisor certificate of excellence. The cruise is among the most recommended by the site.

For those who don’t have the time or funding to do a 5-star overnight tour of Halong Bay the Au Co Day Cruise will make up for it. The Au Co Day Cruise is a 5-star cruise giving guests the luxuries and services expected on overnight cruises on a fantastic full-day cruise that is unrivaled in Halong Bay. The first thing that will strike you about each of the 32 luxury cabins aboard the Au CO Day Cruise is the sense of space, the abundance of light and the refined elegant interiors.

The cruise also features almost all the main attractions in Halong, including Cat Ba Island and the caves found stretched out across the Bay. If you’re in a hurry in Halong, the Au Co Day Cruise is the best way to make sure you don’t miss out on the glory of Halong Bay. 

Recommendation Halong Bay Cruise

Cruises are an ideal way to soak up all the beautiful scenery and attractions in Halong Bay. Using these top 10 highly recommended cruises in Halong Bay you may now find the best Halong Bay cruise for your particular taste or price range. top_cruises_infographic recommended Halong Bay cruises

Don’t forget that an aerial view of the Bay is also available to complement your cruise with special Hai Au Aviation cruise packages!

Best Halong Bay Hotel Guide: How To Choose The Right Hotel

Halong Bay Hotel

Traveling these days is no longer as easy as weekend picnics and there are numerous factors to take into considerations for choosing the right Halong Bay hotel. Halong Bay with its perfect combination of emerald water, unusual limestone islands and laid–back vibes.

This “Bay of Descending Dragons” is always a top destination for travelers. If you are thinking of making Halong Bay your next vacation destinations, it is important to pick the right part of your stay or getting it wrong can ruin your ideal trip.

But finding the right Halong Bay hotel that meets your expectations is a long and tricky progress. Since everyone has different needs when finding a hotel, we have broken the selection progress to make it easier for you to pick the perfect hotels in Halong Bay.

Reasonable Halong Bay Hotels For Those Who Travels Alone

Exploring the world is not always meant to be with someone specifically. Lots of people admit that they feel way better when traveling alone. Being alone means you have to narrow down the property options which can actually make or break your solo traveler’s trip.

But traveling alone will change your whole life. You don’t have to rely on someone else to get the most out of your trip. Here are some compelling Halong Bay hotel options for your solo travelers.

The Light Hotel – Ideal Place For Basic Needs

On a mission to bring the most convenient stay for group travelers, The Light Hotel Halong has popped up in a range of popular places in Halong Bay with a style all their way. The Halong property, located in the trendy, 2-minute walk from the beach, Halong Bay Night Market is 3 kilometers away. This hotel offers easy access to the city must-see destination and many seafood restaurants. The Light Hotel Halong is not a glamorous place but it definitely meets the basic needs when traveling with good price.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: thelighthalong.vn

The 30 rooms are decorated base on simplicity to carter the basic needs. Because of its simplicity, breakfast is not included. All rooms not only featuring modern and air-conditioned rooms with free Wifi but also having a private bathroom, electric kettle and mini bar are just some of the facilities that can be found throughout the property.

Star Rating: 2-star hotel

Price: US$17 – US$25

Guest Rating: 3.5

Address: 108A Vua Dao Street, Bai Chay, Halong, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 from Expedia.com

Room Type About Price
Standard Double Room
  • 17 m2 with 1 double bed
  • Room sleeps 2 guests
Deluxe Room
  • 20 m2 with city views
  • Bed types: 1 king bed
  • Room sleeps 2 guests
Deluxe Triple Room
  • 25 m2 with city views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed and 1 twin bed
  • Room sleeps 3 guests
Deluxe Quadruple Room
  • 30 m2 with 2 double beds
  • Room sleeps 4 guests

Starlight Halong Hotel – Pleasant Stays With Reasonable Price

Staring at only $19 a night, Starlight Halong Bay Hotel covered room that overlooks Halong city. Located in the heart of Halong Bay, Starlight Halong Bay Hotel’s design is inspired by European architecture.

With its convenient location, Starlight Halong Bay Hotel offers easy access to Halong city’s must-see destinations. It only takes a 5-minute walk to the beautiful Halong Bay coast and 5 minutes from the cruise terminal to visit Ha Long Bay.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: starlighthotels.vn

The 20 rooms have air-conditioning, private bath, and cable TV. Guest can also make use of a shared lounge. Whether you choose the Standard Room or Deluxe Room, all guests are provided with mini bar, refrigerator, and wardrobe. Guest can also enjoy a range of benefits from its facilities that include a bar – café featuring a wide variety of Asian dishes, particularly excellent local seafood on the 12th floor, live melodious music with piano and violin every weekend evening. The room rate excludes breakfast and VAT tax. You will get 20 percent off if you book directly on their website.

Star Rating: 2-star hotel

Price: US$19 – US$30

Guest Rating: 4.1

Address: 1A Anh Dao Street, Ha Long, Vietnam

Price updating in January 2021 from Expedia.com

Room Type About Price
Standard Double Room
  • 20m2 with overlooking the city view
  • Bed types: 1 double bed
Superior Room
  • 35m2 with city view
  • Bed types:  2 twin beds
  • Room sleeps with 2 guests (up to 1 child)
Deluxe Twin Room
  • 30m2 with city view
  • Bed types: 1 queen bed or 1 double bed
  • Room sleeps 2 guests (up to 2 children)

Halong Park Hotel – Comfortable Rooms For Solo Travelers

One of the most famous facilities of Halong Park Hotel is its family room. With rooms’ prices starting at $25 including breakfast. Halong Park Hotel offers good value and comfortable Halong Bay hotel experiences. Located a three-minute walk from the beach and 800 meters from Quang Ninh Museum. Halong Park Hotel is a great base to explore the city.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongparkhotel.com

The city center is 6km away from Halong Park Hotel and the nearest airport is Cat Bi International Airport about 41 km away. This Halong Bay hotel has a garden and shared lounge. At 25 rooms at Halong Park Hotel have a private bathroom, a flat TV with cable channels, a wardrobe and featured with air conditioning.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongparkhotel.com

This two-star hotel offers freshly prepared on-site dining and breakfast continental, vegetarian options. For children activities, there is a big park which has a playground nearby. Small and personal with friendly staff, they are always willing to provide you with practical information and famous destination in Halong Bay at the receptionist desk.

Star Rating: 2-star hotel

Price: US$25 – US$40

Guest Rating: 4.1 – Very good

Address: Group 65, Zone 5, Bach Dang Ward, Halong, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 on Agoda.com

Room Type About Price
Suite Room
  • 26 m2 with city view
  • Bed types: 1 extra-large bed
Deluxe Room
  • 36 m2 with park view
  • Bed types: 2 single beds
Grand Deluxe Room
  • 36 m2 with sea view
  • Bed types: 1 queen bed, 2 single beds
Business Room
  • 38 m2 with  park view
  • Bed types: 1 queen bed, 2 single beds

Halong Pearl Hotel – Surprisingly Lovely Stays

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongpearl.vn

Just a step away to the beach and easy access to major transport link, Halong Pearl Hotel is Halong Bay’s top convention hotel ideal for business travelers. This four-star boutique hotel has 160 well-maintained designed rooms with gorgeous seafront view overlooking Halong Bay. Each room comes with a private bathroom equipped with a bathtub. For those who want to unwind will enjoy the outdoor pool and for those who want to stay fit can take advantage of the tennis court.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongpearl.vn

This property also has foot massage service using typical herb ingredient, will bring you the ultimate relaxation and health therapy. An onsite Century Restaurant serves European, Asian, Vietnamese dishes and Chinese Cuisine prepared by our Chief Chinese Chef and local Chefs.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongpearl.vn

Being a leading conference in Halong Bay, Halong Pearl Hotel knows how to meet guest’s expectations. Located on 2nd floor, the conference features spacious grand hall and 4 meeting rooms can be flexibly divided into different elegant spacious sections.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongpearl.vn

Star Rating: 4-star hotel

Price: US$45 – US$65

Guest Rating: 3.5

Address: 162 Halong Road, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Room Type About Price
Superior Room
  • 28 m2 with city and hill views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed or 2 twin beds
Deluxe Room
  • 32 m2 with city and sea views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed or 2 twin beds

Enjoyable Halong Bay Hotels To Stay With Your Friends

There are countless reasons to travel with your friends, however, not a lot of people know that traveling is the truest test of their friendship. Imagining traveling with your best besties is always exciting and full of adventures but the reality is the entirely different story. It gets more complicated when traveling with friends no matter how well you know them.

Traveling always teach you something new about your true best friend. The financial issue is one of the problems and to make it less frustrating for you. Here are some budget Halong Bay hotel options below, you can make your Halong Bay trip becomes successful without driving each other nuts.

Halong Seoul Hotel – Good Location and Friendly Staff

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongseoulhotel.com

Halong Seoul Hotel located in Bai Chay Tourism Center, this property is a 12-minute walk from the beach, 5 kilometers away from Queen Cable Car Station and Tuan Chau Harbour. Lots of places to drink and eat around this property.

The services and facilities provided by Halong Seoul Hotel ensure to bring you the most pleasant stay. A budget Halong Bay hotel with 20 elegantly designed rooms with full up to date facilities, free wi-fi in all areas and free indoor parking.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongseoulhotel.com

An on-site restaurant that brings you a mix of European dishes and Vietnamese cuisine is served by talented Vietnamese Chef. American breakfast buffet is served daily from 6.30 am to 10.30 am. Not only providing the most comfortable stay, Halong Seoul Hotel also have other services such as visa on arrival, travel services, airport pickup, etc. 

The staff is super helpful and friendly. If you are late for an early morning flight, don’t be hesitate to ask them to help you out by hiring a private care with the best price.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongseoulhotel.com

Star Rating: 3-star hotel

Price: US$40 – US$60

Guest Rating: 4.2

Address: No 3, Phan Boi Chau, Cai Dam, Ha Long, Quang Ninh, Ha Long, Vietnam

Price updating in January 2021 from Expedia.com

Room Type About Price
Superior Room
  • 25 – 32m2 with street view
  • Bed types: 1 double beds/ 2 single beds
Deluxe Twin Room
  • 35 – 40m2 with city view
  • Bed types: 1 double beds
Suite Room
  • 51m2 with city view
  • Bed types: 1 king size bed

Halong DC Hotel – Great Perspective Hotel

The very first 4-star hotel in Hong Gai area, Halong DC Hotel is situated right in the heart of Halong City with modern architecture. Step into one of 77 rooms you will get away all the stress of daily days to truly enjoy the excellent services and superior facilities. Besides the basic service, Halong DC Hotel also provides free use of bicycles, you and your partner can cycling around Halong city.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongdchotel.com

Along with the luxurious bedroom system, the services of this hotel is designed to cater your needs: 2nd floor is a restaurant and large meeting room, 3rd floor VIP dining room – 4th floor, swimming pool, gym, small meeting rooms.

On the top floor is Dupin Bar & Coffee, from here you can admire the whole scenic Ha Long city with the romantic space of Ha Long Bay. With thoughtful service and convenient location makes Halong DC Hotel a great base to enjoy your romantic holidays.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongdchotel.com

Star Rating: 4-star hotel

Price: US$42 – US$70

Guest Rating: 4.0

Address: No 08, Road 25/4, Hong Gai, Halong, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 on Expedia.com

Room Type About Price
Superior Deluxe Room
  • 30 m2 with city views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed (extra beds available: Rollaway bed)
Deluxe Double Room
  • 32 m2 with city and sea view
  • Bed types: 1 double bed or 2 twin beds
Deluxe Twin Room
  • 32 m2 with city views
  • Bed types: 2 twin beds
Executive Room
  • 50 m2 with city views
  • Bed type: 1 double bed
Family Suite
  • 50 m2 with city views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed and 1 twin bed

Muong Thanh Grand Halong Hotel

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: grandhalong.muongthanh.com

Muong Thanh Grand Halong Hotel is the 4 stars international standard Halong Bay hotel. The city center is merely 0.5 km away and the airport can be reached within 210 minutes. Ideal for both group travelers and business travelers, guests will find recreational facilities include karaoke rooms, a sauna and steam baths. They also provide business and transportation services. At Blue Pearl restaurant, you have a panoramic view of Halong Bay while enjoying distinguished dishes.

Halo ng Bay Hotel
Source: grandhalong.muongthanh.com

Come evening, there is an onsite Avocado Bar offers great drinks and laid back vibes with your friends. With impeccable services and all the essential amenities, Muong Thanh Grand Halong Hotel guarantees to bring the greatest comfort to invigorate travelers.

This Halong Bay hotel has great value in Halong Bay so book early to get the best price with the best benefits.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: grandhalong.muongthanh.com

Star Rating: 4-star hotel

Price: US$55 – US$180

Guest Rating: 4.5/5

Address: No 7, Block 20, Hung Thang Area, Bai Chay, Halong, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 on Agoda.com

Room Type About Price
Deluxe Twin
  • 25m2 soundproofed room, balcony with city views
  • Bed type: 2 single beds
Deluxe King
  • Balcony with city view
  • Bed type: 1 king bed
Junior Suite
  • 45 m2 soundproofed room, balcony with ocean views
  • Bed type: 1 queen bed
  • Layout: Living room and sitting area
  • Shower and bathtub
Executive Suite
  • 60m2  soundproofed room, balcony with city views
  • Bed type: 1 double bed
  • Layout: Living room and sitting area
 Grand Family Suite
  • 80 m2  soundproofed room, balcony with ocean views
  • Bed types: 2 single beds and 1 double bed or 2 double beds

Halong Plaza Hotel – Relaxing Stay And Good Value

One of the most favorite places to stay of solo travelers in Halong Bay is Halong Plaza Hotel. The rated it 8 out of 10 for a one-person stay. Ideally located by a natural World Heritage site – Halong Bay, 800 meters from Queen Cable Car Station.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongplaza.com

This property is rated for the best value in Halong Bay. The type of rooms and suites here are stylishly furnished with modern and luxurious facilities, specially designed for scenic views of Halong Bay and Bai Chay Bridge. All 200-room Halong Plaza Hotel boast fireplaces and deep soaking tubs, plus dryers and LCD TVs with satellite channels.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongplaza.com

Guests will also find 2 restaurants features Vietnamese, Japanese, Western, and Thai specialties created by Thai chef, an outdoor pool, and the finest center. Free WiFi in public areas and free valet parking are also provided.

Additionally, a bar/lounge, a poolside bar, and a coffee shop/café are onsite – everything you might expect and more. Drop by and enjoy unparalleled services and a truly prestigious address at Halong Plaza Hotel.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongplaza.com

Star Rating: 4-star hotel

Price: US$71 – US$156

Guest Rating: 4.1 – Very good

Address: 8 Ha Long Road, Bai Chat Ward, Halong, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 from Expedia.com

Room Type About Price
Superior Double Room
  • 38m2 with sea views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed
Superior Twin Room
  • 38m2 with city view
  • Bed types: 2 twin beds
  • Room sleeps 2 guests (up to 1 children)
Deluxe Double Room
  • 42m2 with sea view
  • Bed types:  1 double bed
  • Room sleeps 2 guests
Deluxe Twin Room
  • 43m2 with sea view
  • Bed types:  2 twin beds
Junior Suite Room
  • 78m2 with sea view
  • Bed types: 1 king bed
  • Room sleeps 3 guests (up to 1 children)
Executive Suite Room


  • 80m2 with sea view
  • Bed types: 1 King bed
  • Room sleeps 3 guests (up to 1 children)

Romantic Stays With Your Partner In Halong Bay Hotel

One of the best ways to discover more about significant one is to travel with them, tons of beautiful things will happen during your trip. People said that couple traveling can “make or break” your relationships. It brings out the best and the worst in every person. Not only exploring the world together but also going through highs and lows with your partner can learn more about their deepest aspects.

To have quality and memorable couple time, you need to make a travel plan with your “bae” carefully. It’s about creating romantic moments not about screaming at each other. Would you want to surprise your partner with amorous short breaks in the best value hotel in Halong Bay? Here is the best value Halong hotel for a Halong staycation we’re sure you will enjoy.

Golden Halong Hotel – Couple Friendly Hotel

Golden Halong Bay Hotel is located at the center of the East Hung Thang Tourism Area nearby Bai Chay beach in Halong. It’s just 1km from Halong Tourism Wharf, 4km from Tuan Chau Island and only 4-hour drive along-shore of Halong Bay. Guest can choose from 102 warm designed rooms, from a Superior Room to a Suite Room, that offer minibar and work desk.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: goldenhalonghotel.com

At 24 – hour desk awaits travelers, you will find convenient services that include tour booking and foreign currency exchange. Golden Halong Bay Hotel also features Bay View Restaurant on the top floor which serves Asian and Western dishes. Breakfast buffet is served daily from 6 am – 10 am.

Star Rating: 4-star hotel

Price: US$50 – US$72

Guest Rating: 4.5/5

Address: East of Hung Thang Tourism Area Bai Chay, Halong, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 from Expedia.com

Room Type About Price
Superior Double Room
  • 32 m2 with city view
  • Bed types: 1 queen bed
Deluxe Double Room
  • 42 m2 with sea view
  • Bed types: 1 king bed
Superior Twin Room
  • 42 m2 with sea view
  • Bed types: 2 full beds
Deluxe Twin Room
  • 42 m2 with city and sea views
  • Bed types: 2 full beds

Halong Dream Hotel – 4 Star Hotel Features 2 Restaurants

In walking distance to many of Halong City’s attractions, Halong Dream Hotel is an excellent place for those who want to explore the city by foot. This property is only 1-minute walk from the beach, a 10-minute walk of Sun World Halong Park.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: booking.com

Halong Dream Hotel boasts many high-end amenities including 184 individually designed rooms, a range of functions and ideal meeting rooms for weddings and business event. Superior rooms include a spa tub or a hot tub. Each room can sleep up to 4 guests and you can play ping – pong with your friends at the hotel.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: booking.com

A full day dining restaurants offering Vietnamese and international cuisine. Decorated in a luxurious and modern style, Hanoi Restaurant is an excellent choice at any time of the day for buffet breakfast, dinner or à la carte. With an outdoor pool and a fitness center and other excellent facilities, Halong Dream Hotel offers great accommodations in Ha Long Bay.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: booking.com

Star Rating: 4-star hotel

Price: US$55 – US$170

Guest Rating: 4.5/5

Address: 10 Halong Road, Bai Chay, Halong, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 on Expedia.com

Room Type About Price
Superior Double Room
  • 34 m2 with partial sea views
  • Bed types: 1 king bed or 2 twin beds
Deluxe Double Room
  • 38 m2 with sea view
  • Bed types: 1 king bed or 2 twin beds
Junior Suite
  • 49 m2 with sea views
  • Bed types: 1 king bed
Executive Suite
  • 72 m2 with city and sea views
  • Bed types: 1 king bed


Halong Paradise Suites Hotel –  Surreal Halong Bay Moments

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongparadisesuites.com

After a very long journey from Hanoi, it will be amazing to have a rest at this beautiful hotel. Only 3-minute walk from the beach and hot attractions in Halong Bay. Halong Paradise Suites Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel with 154 luxurious design room, staying here guest will have chances to enjoy the more personalized hospitality of Vietnamese services.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongparadisesuites.com

Their rooms are bigger than most in Halong Bay comes with dark wood furnishing and large windows overlooking the city. Walking through the door, you will right away feel earthy because of the natural and modern design.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongparadisesuites.com

In 2021, Paradise Suites Halong Bay Hotel is honored to be among Top 25 Hotels in Vietnam awarded the 2021 Traveler’s Choice Awards. Halong Paradise Suites Hotel is especially fantastic for couple anniversary, the staff here know how to make you feel special again. 

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongparadisesuites.com

Aside from consistent high-class services, Halong Paradise Suites Hotel also features superb wellness such as La Parafum Spa, Paradise Pool, and Paradise Beach.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: halongparadisesuites.com

Relaxing by the outdoor beach while sipping your favorite drinks will make your trip unforgettable. Don’t forget to book early to get 20% off spa service and 10% percent F&B service.

Star Rating: 5-star hotel

Price: US$60 – US$70

Guest Rating: 4.8 – 85% of guests recommended

Address: Group 65, Zone 5, Bach Dang Ward, Halong, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 on Booking.com

Room Type About Price
Trend Room
  • 32 m2 with city views
  • Bed types: 1 king bed or 1 large twin bed
Classic Room
  • 32 m2 with city and sea views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed or 2 twin beds

Royal Lotus Hotel Halong – Intimate Feelings

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: royallotushotelhalong.com

Only 15-minute walk from Halong Pier and just opposite Halong Marine Plaza – the biggest shopping and entertainment complex of Quang Ninh province. Royal Lotus Halong Bay Hotel offers international and impeccable services. 

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: royallotushotelhalong.com

From the expansive Premium to the elegant and comfortable Senior Suites, guests are spoiled with different bed sizes and provide stunning views of the bay and city. 147 ample rooms filled with the combination of Asian and Western décor with luxurious amenities and modern facilities.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: royallotushotelhalong.com

Guests can also relax with pampering massage treatment and rooftop bar, a fitness center for those who want to stay in shape. Adequate breakfast is served daily. Book 14 days in advance to get 30% discount and 15% discount at HANA HANA Japanese Restaurant and Sky Bar. Royal Lotus Halong Bay Hotel will definitely win your heart.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: royallotushotelhalong.com

Star Rating: 4-star hotel

Price: US$80 – US$135

Guest Rating: 4.0

Address: A 13, Block 1, East of Hung Thang 2, Bai Chay Ward, Halong, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 on Expedia.com

Room Type About Price
Premium Room
  • 32 m2 with bay views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed or 2 twin beds
Deluxe Room
  • 38 m2 with city and bay views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed and 1 twin beds
Junior Suite Room
  • 45 m2 with bay and city views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed or 2 twin beds
Suite Room
  • 57 m2  with bay and city views
  • Bed types: 1 double bed

Wyndham Legend Halong Hotel – Fascinating Experiences

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: wyndhamhalong.com

Not only is a fabulous property for couples but also bringing the brilliant view of Halong Bay. The outstanding Wyndham Legend Halong Bay Hotel located on the coastline of Bai Chay, just 6.5 km from Halong City. This non-smoking hotel offers international standard services consist of professional staff and luxurious amenities.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: wyndhamhalong.com

The 217 sleek designed capacious rooms and suites, luxurious brand new facilities take care of every customer’s needs. All room sleeps maximum 02 adults and 02 children under 16, boasts soaking tubs and 24-hour room services.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: wyndhamhalong.com

You can have pleasant time a range of benefits that includes 3 restaurants, Club lounge and spacious fitness center on the 4th floor with a direct access to the outdoor swimming pool and the Pool Bar.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: wyndhamhalong.com

Lovers alike will enjoy soaking in the sunshine at the hotel’s outdoor pool. Save your budget and enjoy the best of their Honeymoon Package by spending a perfect stay and dine by the impressive view of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: wyndhamhalong.com

The staff is happy to help you plan your day both in the city and beyond. One thing that impresses every guest here is the hotel view, the room overlooking the lovely park – wide open space with fresh air and amazing scenery in sight. Offering hotel guests numerous facilities, Wyndham Legend Halong Bay Hotel ensure to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: wyndhamhalong.com

Star Rating: 5-star hotel

Price: US$85 – US$130

Guest Rating: 4.8 – Fabulous

Address: No 12 Halong Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang

Price updating in January 2021 on Booking.com

Room Type About Price
Superior Room
  • 33 m2 with bay views
  • Bed types: 2 single beds
Superior King  Room
  • 40 m2 with city and bay views
  • Bed types: 1 extra-large double bed
Deluxe Room
  • 42 m2 with bay and city views
  • Bed types: 2 single beds
Executive Deluxe Room
  • 42 m2  with bay and city views
  • Bed types: 1 extra-large double bed
Junior Suite
  • 60 m2  with bay and city views
  • Bed types: 1 extra-large double bed

Halong Bay Hotels When Traveling With Your Family

You will have a love-hate relationship with your kids when bringing them with you on vacations. Traveling as a family is a completely different thing than traveling with your partner or your friends. Families travel is kind of expensive and parenting is not easy for everyone.

Getting the whole family together for a weekend to Halong Bay sounds an ideal weekend getaway but it could be a nightmare if you don’t know how to make it right. These Halong Bay hotels listed below will help you have a better family trip.

Saigon Halong Hotel – Gorgeous Hotel Views

Situated within 2 kilometers of Sun World Halong Park and Ha Long Night Market is only 3 km away. Saigon Halong Bay Hotel greeting guests with its gorgeous décor, guest will enjoy a various range of accommodations from superior, superior and deluxe room all the way to villa family and president suite.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: saigonhalonghotel.com

Over 200 rooms boast thoughtful touches and well-equipped with in room safe, fully stock minibar and other needed amenities. Every room has large windows which present expansive views of Halong or the green pine hill.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: saigonhalonghotel.com

Solo travelers will never be lonely when staying at this hotel, the staff is always friendly and caring to your every single need.  Stunning Panorama Restaurant serves Vietnamese specialties as well as Western dishes. Clean, spacious rooms and the unparalleled service makes Saigon Halong Hotel an ideal place for budget travelers.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: saigonhalonghotel.com
Halong Bay Hotel
Source: saigonhalonghotel.com

Star Rating: 4-star hotel

Price: US$40 – US$100

Guest Rating: 3.8

Address: 168 Ha Long road, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 from Agoda.com

Room Type About Price
Villa Superior Double
  • 23 m2 large window with garden view
  • Bed types: 1 queen bed
Superior Twin Room
  • 37 m2 with hill view
  • Bed types: 2 semi-double beds
Deluxe Twin Room
  • 41 m2 with ocean view
  • Bed types: 2 semi-double beds
Executive Suite
  • 82 m2 with panoramic sea view
  • Bed types: 1 king bed

Novotel Halong Bay Hotel – Convenient Family Stays

Only a 6-minute walk from Bai Chay beach, nearby are Sung Sot Cave and Emeraude, this 4-star hotel allows easy access to many popular attractions in Halong Bay. Novotel Halong Bay Hotel knows how to make you feel like home with their friendly staff and modern furnishings.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: novotelhalongbay.com

Novotel Halong Bay Hotel is one of the top picks in Halong Bay, comprises of comfortable 225 rooms from standard to executive are designed to bring you a unique hotel stay.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: novotelhalongbay.com

Your family stay will be complete with Novotel Halong Bay Hotel’s three main food and beverage outlets from The Square restaurant to a chilling place like Pool SideBar. In Balance Fitness and Spa opens daily from 6 am to 10 pm which has everything you need for a good workout and self-healing treatment.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: novotelhalongbay.com

For families, Novotel Halong Bay Hotel offers free cribs/infant bed, children’s pool and playground on site to bring the seamless stay to every visitor.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: novotelhalongbay.com

Star Rating: 4-star hotel

Price: US$65– US$130

Guest Rating: 4 – Very good

Address: 160 Ha Long Road, Zone 5, Bach Dang Ward, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 on Booking.com

Room Type About Price
Standard Room
  • 32 m2 with hill view
  • Bed types: 1 extra-large bed
Superior Room
  • 32 m2 with bay view
  • Bed types: 2 single beds
Executive Room
  • 42 m2 with mountain view or bay view
  • Bed types: 1 extra-large bed

Royal Lotus Halong Resort & Villas – Excellent Family Holiday

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: royallotushalongresort.com

If you are looking for some familiarity with home while traveling very far from it, this five-star resort is an ideal base for your family in Halong Bay. Located in a golden spot at the heart of Halong Bay nearby are multiple tourist attractions, Royal Lotus Halong Resort & Villas is your true heaven home-away-from-home. 

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: royallotushalongresort.com

Royal Lotus Halong Resort & Villas offers 500 well-equipped rooms and 100 nature-inspired design villas, kid playground is a plus point for families with children accompanied.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: royallotushalongresort.com

Dedicated to the most blissful moments, Royal Lotus Halong Resort & Villas feature an infinity four-season pool, Garden Bay Restaurant, and lobby lounge. Indoor and outdoor pool are designed for guests’ flexible needs, the indoor pool has 24/7 heating system will make sure you get the full benefits in any kind of weather conditions.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: royallotushalongresort.com
Halong Bay Hotel
Source: royallotushalongresort.com

Don’t forget to check out luxurious in-house Lotus Spa from facial to full body massage to recharge your batteries after a long day trip.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: royallotushalongresort.com

Star Rating: 5-star hotel

Price: US$70 – US$500

Guest Rating: 4.5 – Excellent

Address: Peninsula 2, Hung Thang Urban Area, Ha Long, Vietnam

Price updating in January 2021 on Expedia.com

Room Type About Price
Deluxe Double Room
  • 30 m2 with garden view
  • Bed types: 1 double bed
Deluxe Twin Room
  • 27 m2 with bay view
  • Bed types: 2 twin beds
Deluxe Double Room
  • 30 m2 with sea view
  • Bed types: 1 extra-large bed
Lake View Villa
  • 3 double bedrooms with balcony (30m2/each)
  • 2 twin bedrooms (27m2/each)
Garden View Villa
  • 3 double bedrooms
  • 2 twin bedrooms (27m2/each) 
Sea View Villa
  • 3 double bedrooms with balcony (35m2/each)
  • 2 twin bedrooms (30m2/each)

Vinpearl Halong Bay Resorts – Impeccable World-Class Service

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: vinpearl.com

This stylish, modern looking and largest 5-star resort is a wonderful choice for families travel to UNESCO heritage sites – Halong Bay. With its excellent location, guests can soak in views of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: vinpearl.com

A private, peaceful resort is a great way to escape busy daily life with your family. For kids, there is a free kid’s club and children pool where young travelers can make new friends and join fun activities while parents can be relaxing by the outdoor pool bar overlooking the picturesque landscape in Halong Bay.

Halong Bay Hotel
Source: vinpearl.com

The diversity of food & beverage here will bring your hotel stay to the next level. Featuring three restaurants, one lounge and a pool bar Vinpearl Halong Bay Hotels & Resorts ensure to touch every visitor’s heart with their thoughtful hospitality.

Halong Bay Hotel
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Choose Bayview Restaurant is a great choice to get dinner with a view if you are craving for Japanese food choose Akoya Restaurant. Open only in the summer, Pavillion Restaurant offers fresh seafood in the unique style of Vietnamese BBQ.

Halong Bay Hotel
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You will probably not find a better place for a chilling evening when spending time at Pearl Lounge or Pool Bar. Sipping on tasty drinks while enjoying the beautiful Halong Bay night with live music. Besides the needed facilities, Vinpearl Halong Bay Hotels & Resorts also provides Vincharm Ha Long and modern gym center.

Halong Bay Hotel
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Staying here, you will completely satisfied with everything from immaculate rooms to dedicated customer service. This property is rated for the best value in Halong Bay and highly recommend for families.

Star Rating: 5-star hotel

Price: US$245 – US$500

Guest Rating: 4.5 – Excellent

Address: Reu Island, Bai Chay Ward, Halong, Quang Ninh

Price updating in January 2021 on Vinpearl.com

Room Type About Price
Deluxe Room
  • 38 m2 with garden view
  • Bed types: 1 king bed or 2 single beds
Deluxe Ocean Room
  • 38 m2 with bay view
  • Bed types: 1 king bed or 2 single beds
Deluxe Terrace Room
  • 38 m2 with sea view
  • Bed types: 1 extra-large bed


Picking the perfect Halong Bay hotel for your trip is not a piece of cake and will take a lot of your time. To avoid the stress, frustration, and disappointment that comes with staying at a hotel that doesn’t meet your expectations.

This Halong Bay Hotel Guide will somehow make it easier for you to make the final decision about where to stay. The thing that matters is what you really want for your vacation, and don’t forget to check out all the “excellent” and “terrible” reviews to have the right expectations and truly know the hotel before you get there.

Planning your travel plan is an exciting process and doesn’t have to be complicated at all. And if the reality doesn’t look like the imaginary, don’t be too disappointed. Because traveling is about getting those new adventures and unpredictable things ahead.

Top 8 Travel Trends blooming in 2021 | Hai Au Aviation

travel trends 2017

Spring of 2021 is upon us and the options for upcoming holiday time are plentiful. All around the world, travelers are beginning to make their plans for the months ahead.

Where to go? What to do? How to book? Any number of questions seep into our heads as we consider what to do with those few precious days we get to fill with relaxation or adventure.

2021 brings with it myriad opportunities to explore new regions and take advantage of new technologies. So, what are the top travel trends for 2021? Here are the eight we’ve decided to highlight for your traveling pleasure.



seaplane flight and halong bay cruise tour
Emeraude Cruise

The term “bleisure” may sound like a made up work, probably because it is. This year, companies around the globe are starting to mix business with some well-needed leisure time.

Especially in countries where employees aren’t gifted months on end of vacation days, it can be a trial to find a balance between hard work and relaxation. Some companies are starting to realize that happy and productive employees require both.

Allowing workers to tack on a few extra days to their business travels gives them the opportunity to actually see the sights rather than just the inside of an office or conference room. Employees may even return with an added spring in their step rather than a battle with never ending jet lag.


seaplane flight and halong bay cruise tour

How to travel hanoi to halong bay

There will always be room in the schedule for time spent lounging by the beach or pampering in a spa. This year, however, top jet setters are more interested in high-flying adventures.

From adrenaline-inducing sports to hop-on hop-off tours to roughing it excursions through the woods, there are all manner of adventures waiting for the intrepid traveler.

It’s not all about getting your heartbeat going, either. Choosing countries that you know nothing about or are off the beaten path can be thrilling enough when you delve into a new culture and come back with stories to last a lifetime.


Luxury is a time-honored tradition for those with money and resources. In contrast, there will always be those on the look out for the next great deal. Budget travel is a hot ticket this year, as travelers of all means look to simplify their journeys and make the most of their voyage.

Living like the locals is one way to experience things on the cheap. Book an Airbnb so that you can experience a real home in the area and cook food from the local market. The internet is also a massive source for deals.

Sites like Kayak, Expedia and Skyscanner make it easy to compare flights, hotels and car rentals. Not only that, but budget travel makes it possible to see more for your money and prioritize the destination over the grandeur.


seaplane flight and halong bay cruise tourWith the world constantly changing and global warming taking effect, many travelers are trying to go more green. In fact, the United Nations declared 2021 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism. For some, this might mean traveling more locally so as to reduce their carbon footprint.

For others, this means looking into environmentally friendly accommodation or even eco-friendly tours. People may consider heading to countries like Singapore, which has taken huge initiatives in environmental health. It is all about responsible tourism and paying attention to your options.


Nowadays, information is at our fingertips. It is no longer necessary to hire a professional travel agent to guide you in your travel-making plans. Instead, teach yourself the tricks of the trade and become your own travel connoisseur.

Not only can you book everything online these days, but most sites offer abundant information, comparisons and deals to make it easier for you. In addition, sites likes Viator and Trip Advisor provide all sorts of feedback and forums for you to talk to other people who have traveled the same routes.

You can even find full-on itineraries for some of the hotter spots around the globe. Though, doing a little research may make it easier to find the budget opportunities as well as the more unique areas to conquer.


seaplane flight and halong bay cruise tour travel trend2021 is not about bringing home souvenirs or trying to find the top-of-the-line materials. It’s about having amazing experiences. Budgeting, packing light and doing your research will lead you to some of the most stunning spots you could imagine.

Rather than worrying about how many objects you can fit in your bag coming home, instead focus on the brilliant things you will get to see, taste, touch, and feel. Find the perfect little pizza shop in Naples. Take a seaplane to Halong Bay and stare at the sunset.

Get lost in the streets of New York until you meet your new best friend at the cutest bar tucked into a corner of the East Village. Take some pictures of the beauty but spend most of your time living in the moment.


travel trendSolo travel is another top trend this year, especially for women. While many people prefer to have adventures with friends and family, it is becoming more common to see the world through nothing but your own senses.

Women are a driving force in the world and their voices are only getting stronger. Taking a solo trip is further proof of their independent and courageous spirits. With apps and websites devoted to solo or female travel, it is easier than ever to jump on a plane and enrich your life.


travel trends 2017Every year there are lists of top destinations to put on your radar. 2019 offers a wealth of locations to consider in your search for the perfect travel spot. Havana, Cuba is one of the main cities being talked about this year.

Now that Americans have gained more access to this beautiful country, tourism is sure to skyrocket. It’s a good time to check out this unique location before external influences make their mark on this relatively sheltered culture.

Cape Town, South Africa is another hot spot. From art exhibitions to wine country to the seaside, there is no end to fantastic activities. Cities in Japan from Kyoto to Osaka are top on the list as well.

Rather than just focusing on the capital Tokyo, these cities offer the same levels of culture and adventure with the added bonus of being slightly less popular.

Travelling around the globe is an amazing way to see, learn and create. 2020 will be filled with its own wonders and experiences in this ever-growing world of technology.

Take the time to figure out where you want to go, what you want to see, and how you want to create your journey. The top travel trends of 2020 are a great guideline to get you started.

Experience Halong Bay like a local

Review Halong Bay trip

Halong Bay, Vietnam is known for many beautiful sights and sounds. Because it is a Unesco World Heritage sight, travelers from all around the globe flock to this stunning destination throughout the year.

As a result, tourism is high and tourist locations are sometimes overrun. If you are traveling to Halong Bay for a quick weekend, it makes sense to hit the hot spots.

If you have a little extra time or are in the mood for something slightly more unique, however, there are many different ways to see Halong Bay. Rather than ticking off a checklist of universally known tourist spots, consider experiencing Halong Bay like a local.


Airbnb is a more recent phenomenon that has allowed a whole new world of accommodation for travelers. Not only can airbnbs often provide more affordable lodging, they are incredibly convenient for people in search of more home-like comforts.

You can choose places with private bathrooms, full kitchens in many different locations. Halong Bay Airbnb listings offer a wide range of prices and locations to choose from. The best part of an airbnb is that you can experience the life and culture of your destination first-hand.

Hosts are often more than willing to offer advice on local customs, festivals, restaurants or landmarks. Depending on where it is within a city, you may find yourself right in the heart of Halong Bay daily life.


Halong Bay like a local
Banh cuon tom Halong

Tasting traditional cuisine is an ideal way to experience the local life of Halong Bay. Since Halong Bay is next to the sea, it is no surprise that seafood is one of its main specialties. Don’t get caught up in touristy restaurants that only promote international food.

One of the best ways to experience local flavor is by having a traditional breakfast. Jump into the local taste buds and try some of the traditional Halong Bay fare. Taste the seafood noodle bowl called Bún Bề Bề or the sweet rice powder-based Gat Gu Cake.

Banh Cuon Cha Muc is essentially a fried squid sausage often served with sticky rice. You can find this delicacy for breakfast near Bach Dang cinema. Don’t miss the opportunity to feast on these essential Halong Bay delights.


Halong Bay like a localBa Vang Pagoda is a Buddhist Temple first constructed in the 13th century. Its first major renovation took place in 1706 by the Buddhist Monk Tue Bich and today’s manifestation is the result of the most recent renovation in 2011.

Warring and political drama took its toll throughout the years but the recent transformation makes it a beautiful tourist attraction. The structure faces the Bang Dang River with its back to Ba Vang Mountain. It is a beautiful exhibition of ancient Vietnamese architecture.

One of its most defining features is Dai Hung Bao Dien, regconized by Indochina Records Organization as “the largest sanctum in Indochina”. It is also an excellent place to visit for its annual Chrysanthemum festival.


Dragon Park Sun World HalongDragon Park is part of a large amusement complex called SunWorld in Halong Bay. It has many thrilling attractions that are perfect for the intrepid adventurer. Some notable diversions include the Queen Car Cable and Sunwheel.

The Dragon Park segment is famous for its three riveting roller coasters: the Dragon’s Run, the Mysterious Journey, and the Little Dragon’s Flight. There are also twenty-nine other rides ranging from the carousel to tea cups to tropical gardens. It’s a delightful place to experience a little excitement and local fun.


Halong Bay like a localAfter you have spent time thrill-seeking through Dragon Park, stay around long enough to enjoy a magnificent sunset. The Sunwheel is an enormous Ferris wheel that offers spectacular views of the surrounding terrain.

Its location is at the top of Ba Deo mountain, 250 meters above sea level. The wheel itself is bedecked in tens of thousands of LED lights. It is amazing opportunity to sit in one of the 64 cars and watch as the sun slowly plummets over the horizon.


Halong Bay like a localFinding bars and cafés is a great way to mingle with the locals. You can question the servers and bartenders or even strike up a conversation with a Halong Bay inhabitant. You can find the Rooftop Café & Bar on the tenth floor of the Halong Telecommunication Building.

This café offers food, coffee, cocktails and a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. Since it is open from 6 am to 11 pm, you can choose almost any time of day to sit, relax and take in the local culture.


Halong Bay like a localCruises are one of the most touristy things you can do in Halong Bay. They come highly recommended and offer a wonderful glimpse into the hot spots around the bay. However, when you choose the right cruise you also get a taste of the true local culture.

Emeraude Cruise is known for its top of the line cooking courses, one of the many things you can enjoy on board the ship. Attend the demonstration on board and you will be able to see how to make traditional Vietnamese spring rolls.

Hai Au Aviation also combines their seaplane experience with an overnight Emeraude cruise, some of the best ways to experience all that Halong Bay has to offer.


Breakfast is not the only time to taste the local Halong Bay cuisine. Ben Doan street and Hong Gai ward offer a cornucopia of evening street food. There are about eighty-seven booths in this nighttime market, offering all manner of twilight fair.

Seafood is a must-have, from grilled shrimps to grilled spider-crabs and grilled snails. Imagine wandering around the darkened streets of Bay after an early dinner or late night cocktail. The street food of Halong Bay is a necessary experience if you want to understand local life.


For the partiers at heart, there are many local clubs in Halong Bay. While most clubs are full of the brim with dancers and rollickers, trying one of the local clubs is a fantastic way to party like a local.

The Diamond Club is open from 6pm to 1am and has tons of drinks, music and food. It’s an exciting environment to witness or participate in karaoke. Sing your heart out and see what it’s like to feel as if you are truly apart of Halong Bay.


Halong Bay like a localMost people head to Halong Bay to enjoy the sights, scenery, and emerald green sea. It’s a blissful environment to engage in water sports like swimming or kayaking or simply bathe in the sun rays shining down from above.

From the moment you step into the bay, you will see beaches and cruise ships dominating the scenery. Beaches are overflowing with people trying to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. While it is a highly touristic destination, there are still a few beaches that only the locals tend to seek out.

Ngoc Vung and Son Hao are just a few of the hidden beaches that are still generally left to be explored by the more adventurous travelers. If you make the effort, however, the award for you will be a peaceful afternoon.

The delightful highlights of Halong Bay are numerous and diverse. As it is a small area of Southeast Asia, there are many popular and touristy spots to choose from. With a little work, however, you can easily dive into the local culture and see some of the more traditional and unique locations sprinkled about the bay.


Be sure to take the time and see Halong Bay like a local. Join Hai Au Aviation for a trip remembering in Halong Bay.

10 Things to pack for your trip to Halong Bay

pack for your trip to halong bay

Most people would agree that the worst part of any vacation is packing. It’s an arduous task that requires necessary organization and forethought. Not only do you have to consider things like where you are going and what the weather will be like, but most travel is now hindered by security and baggage allowances.

Halong Bay, Vietnam is a Unesco World Heritage site and top tourist destination. It greets hundreds and thousands of tourists all throughout the year. Because it is a 4-hour drive from Hanoi and is surrounded by emerald seas, packing efficiently is a prerequisite.

You want to be able to enjoy your time swimming or cruising through the limestone karsts rather than worrying about what toiletries you might have left behind. To help prepare for your magnificent Halong Bay adventure, here is a list of essential things to pack for your trip to Halong Bay.



Before deciding what you will put in your pack, it is best to do some research on what size suitcase you can fill. If you are traveling internationally, you will usually be allowed more baggage than if you are traveling locally.

Things to pack for your trip
10 things you need to pack for your trip to Halong Bay

However, if you are planning to tour Vietnam or other parts of Asia in addition to your Halong Bay stay, you may want to consider a smaller case that is easier to tote around. The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, is the main hub for trips to Halong Bay. While there are many options for transport, some of the most popular are car, shuttle bus, or seaplane. Make sure that you check company websites such as Hai Au Aviation to make sure that your bag will fit within maximum guidelines. Once you have chosen your optimal travel bag, it’s time to start packing.


The most important thing to get in order right from the start are your travel documents. Depending on where you are traveling from, this paperwork may vary. Most travelers will need to have an updated passport at the very least.

Make sure that it is not within 3-6 months of expiration or you may not be able to fly. It is also never a bad idea to make copies of your passport in case there is ever a problem.

Things to pack for your trip
10 things you need to pack for your trip to Halong Bay

Other travelers may require an additional travel visa to enter Vietnam, in addition to medical documents like proof of vaccination. It can also be a good idea to print out all of your transport tickets and receipts so that you have them in case of emergency.

Even though many airlines will now accept e-tickets, discount lines in particular usually demand printed copies. And if your phone should die or be stolen, it is a great idea to have a backup.


Traveling with too much cash on hand is never the best plan, but you always want to cover your bases. Thankfully, credit and debit cards are now accepted worldwide and any tourist destination such as Halong Bay will have provisions for international consumers. However, the further off the beaten path you go, the less likely it is you can use cards or foreign money. The currency in Halong Bay is the Vietnamese Dong.

Things to pack for your trip
10 things you need to pack for your trip to Halong Bay

If you are able to exchange your foreign bills at a local bank or exchange center, it is usually helpful to have a bit of cash on hand when you arrive. This will save you from paying exorbitant fees at the airport or having a hard time getting your first snack or taxi. Do some research on exchange rates and figure out how much to exchange before you go, making sure to strike a good balance between cash and card.


If you have your own medical needs, be sure to prepare for those in advance. Some people have prescription medications that are crucial to their daily lives. Particularly with prescription medicine, you cannot be sure that you will find what is necessary for another country so plan to have more than enough in stock for the duration of your trip.

It is also a good idea to have a small first aid kit with essential products that might come up during mishaps abroad. Items such as band aids, disinfectant, antihistamine and pain relievers are always useful options.

Things to pack for your trip
10 things you need to pack for your trip to Halong Bay

To pack for your trip to Halong Bay, you might also want to consider including things like insect repellant and pills for seasickness. You will most likely be spending at least part of your time wandering the beaches or enjoying the sights and sounds of a cruise, so best to be prepared for all possibilities.


Halong Bay, Vietnam is a tropical climate, full of sea air and sunshine. Therefore, some of the most vital things to pack in your suitcase are provisions for the potentially hot sun. Sunglasses with UV protection will help you see the gorgeous sights without injuring your eyes.

Sunblock or suntan lotion is crucial for days lounging on the beach, swimming in the sea, or even wandering a boat deck. If you are sensitive to the sun, you might also want to add some aloe vera and moisturizing lotion to your pack in case you soak up a few too many rays.

Even certain pieces of clothing like a sun hat or cover-up for your swimsuit will protect you during the many hours you are enjoying Halong Bay.


In addition to your main suitcase, packing smaller bags and containers will help you manage any new items you may collect. For a day at the beach or a hike through the limestone caves of Halong Bay, a small backpack can be incredibly convenient.

Things to pack for your trip
10 things you need to pack for your trip to Halong Bay

Ideally, you can have your sunscreen, water, extra set of clothes, towel for the beach and everything else you might need at hand. You can take what you need for the day and leave your hands-free to explore and take photos.

Some plastic and/or resealable bags will allow you to keep your dry clothes dry and your wet clothes separate from everything else. And since no trip is complete without a souvenir or two, having an extra bag will make it easier to pack when you are heading back home.


Now that it’s  2020, most travelers require various electronic devices. You will probably travel with a smartphone and camera at the very least, possibly an Ipad, Kindle or Laptop to boot. Each of these devices requires a power cord to charge and many countries have different voltage and sockets. Vietnam and Halong Bay now use mostly 220V, though older outlets may still use 127V.

Typical plugs are 2-prong but some higher end hotels may have British Standard 3-prong plugs. Make sure you check with your accommodation to see what they have available. More importantly, invest in an adapter and converter so that you can use the electronic devices most important to you.

If you plan on using an electric razor, hair dryer, curler or straightener, you may want to see if the hotel has any to borrow so that you can avoid packing too many things.


Clothes often take up most of the available space in a suitcase. While you want to consider packing lightly so that you aren’t hindered with too many bags, you also want to pack for all contingencies.

The weather in Halong Bay can vary depending on the time of year. Summer months are the hottest but also the wettest. Winter months are cooler but also dryer. Depending on when you choose to book your trip, you will want to make sure you have a variety of options. Swim gear, towels and light layers are a good place to start.

things to pack for your trip
10 things you need to pack for your trip to Halong Bay

When the sun goes down and the weather gets cooler you will want to have a sweater to cover up. A day at the beach means bringing sandals or flip flops while hiking or climbing will require sneakers or sturdy shoes. When considering exactly what you will need, think about how long you will stay, what activities you will do, and what time of year it will be.


Water is one of the most important things that you should consider when packing. It is generally not advisable to drink tap water in Vietnam. While airplanes make it difficult to travel with liquids, you can find many good water bottles to pack. Some will easily attach to your belt or bag and others even collapse. This makes it easier to fill up when you come upon potable water sources. Otherwise, it is best to purchase water bottles. In many touristic areas, water bottles are expensive. Try to stock up when you find a more affordable option. In such a sunny tropical climate it is essential to stay hydrated and drink clean safe water whenever you are able.


There are always a few final items that are personal to every traveler. Some people always have a book on hand for the long hours on a plane. Others like to document their journey in a diary or scrapbook.

Carry-on luggage is usually filled with the little things we want to have from home to make our journey more comfortable.

Whether it be a neck pillow for the plane, a small box of snacks in case you can’t find anything to eat, or a good luck talisman for every new adventure, always make room for that final little trinket. Halong Bay is a mix of traditional and touristic so you are about to find most of what you need. However, a little bit of comfort never hurt anyone.

Vacations are meant for rest and relaxation, new experiences and new adventures. The more planning you do in advance of your trip, the more likely you can spend your hours enjoying your holiday without stress or worry. Halong Bay, Vietnam is a culturally rich area with dozens of activities to choose from.

The weather can vary depending on the time of year and anything can happen on the open seas. By planning and preparing your suitcase, you will be ready to do nothing but enjoy your time in this beautiful area of the world.

Dynamic Differences Between One-Day and Overnight Halong Bay Cruises

tour du lịch Hạ Long 2N1Đ

Halong Bay, Vietnam is filled with a variety of activities, from caving to kayaking to cruising. One of the best ways to see the sights is a cruise through the emerald seas surrounding the distinctive karsts sprinkled throughout the bay.

While there are infinite companies and deals for cruises around Halong, two of the most popular options are a day cruise or an overnight tour. There are benefits to both, depending on time and resources. Here are some of the differences between day trip and overnight Halong Bay cruises.

Overnight Halong Bay Cruise Opportunities

The most important benefit of an overnight cruise option is time. For those with a few days to play around with, overnight cruises provide a wonderful opportunity to see more of the sights and sounds around Halong Bay.

You will get more onboard services like cooking classes and tai chi lessons. You will also be able to visit more of the astonishing parts of Halong Bay and beyond. This means more time for things like sunbathing and other water sports.

And of course, a luxury night in a quality cabin. As you walk around the boat deck at sunset, you will be able to take stunning photos, have romantic moments or meet some new and interesting fellow travelers.

Seaplane & Overnight L’Azalee Deluxe Cruise

overnight halong bay cruises

Hai Au Aviation offers two cruise options which are great examples of overnight service. Both include a seaplane experience of some sort. With one option, The Best way form hanoi to halong bay that you get to fly over the beautiful bay for a 25-minute seaplane scenic flight. The other option includes a seaplane transfer from Halong Bay back to Hanoi as part of the tour. Either way, you get to have a magnificent trip through the sky and see the charms of the bay from above.

Cruising Day One

In terms of the cruise aspect of the package, the L’Azalee combination allows you two days worth of time to explore. The first day begins with lunch onboard the vessel “Spirit of the Bay”. You will then cruise through the waters of Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island. You will visit a local Pearl Farm in the Lom Bo Canal area and have time for kayaking or swimming before anchoring for the evening. A night of dinner, games and squid fishing awaits.

Cruising Day Two

After a tranquil night sleeping soundly out at sea, you will wake up to a stunning sunrise glimmering off the surf. Day two begins with tai chi instruction before breakfast, followed by a tour through the Sung Sot Cave. Here, you will have even more time to adventure through the cave and spend some additional time kayaking. It’s an amazing way to get a taste of Halong Bay without feeling like you are rushed. You will be able to see parts of the bay only accessible by boat but still have time to relax in the spectacular scenery.

There are also many good overnight tours in Halong options so that you could easily pick up the most suitable one for your trips.

2D1N Flight & Emeraude Cruise

overnight halong bay cruisesAnother great overnight example is the seaplane flight combined with Emeraude Cruise. With this package, you once again have the choice of transfer or scenic tour with Hai Au Aviation’s seaplane service. However, there is a few difference to consider when choosing which itinerary will best suit your needs.

Cruising Day One

overnight halong bay cruises

Once you have landed in Halong Bay, an Hai Au buggy will pick you up and bring you to the Emeraude café to check in to your cruise. After your departure, you will have a Vietnamese buffet lunch on board the ship. In the afternoon, you will be treated to a guided tour on Sung Sot Grotto and go to Ti Top Island for some swimming or hiking.

Emeraude is known for their Vietnamese spring roll cooking class in the evening, followed by dinner, and a choice of evening activities such as squid fishing or viewing the film “Indochine.”

Cruising Day Two

overnight halong bay cruisesOn day two you will also have the option to wake up bright and early for a tai chi session and a nice sunshiny continental breakfast on the deck. You will then have the opportunity to either visit the Pearl Farm or suit up for some adventurous kayaking. After a lovely brunch on board, you will cruise back to Halong Bay and make your way back to Hanoi.

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One Day Whirlwinds

For those travelers with limited time in Vietnam, a one-day cruise poses its own unique advantages. You will still get a sampling of the sights and sounds but on a much swifter schedule. The downside of a one-day cruise is that you won’t be able to delve into the local culture as completely.

You also won’t be able to drink in the beauty as the sun rises and falls on the horizon. The benefit, however, is that you will still get a chance to see what Halong Bay is like out on the sea and have plenty of time for fun and photo opps. If you are on a strict time restraint than a one-day cruise is an optimal way to fit Halong Bay into your itinerary.

overnight halong bay cruises

Seaplane & One Day L’Azalee Deluxe Cruise

Once again, Hai Au Aviation offers a combo deal with seaplane service and L’Azalee deluxe cruise. You will still have the option to choose between a 25-minute scenic flight or a seaplane transfer back to Hanoi. In this case, a seaplane is even more beneficial because it cuts transfer time to and from Hanoi down by less than half. Instead of spending 4-hours each way by car or shuttle bus, a seaplane will get you back to your hotel speedily and safely.

Day Cruise Deluxe

After embarking on your terrific tour, you will get to have lunch while the anchor is dropped around Tung Lam Island Bay. You will be able to see many notable landmarks such as Thumb Island, Cock Fighting Island, Incense Island, Ba Hang Floating village and Dog Island as you glide through the sparkling sea.

Finally, you will get the opportunity to visit Thien Cung Cave before heading back to port. While you won’t get to engage in water sports and activities with this option, you will get to see a wide variety of local spots. It’s a picture perfect glance into the life and soul of Halong Bay: some time at sea, an adventure in a cave, and some local cuisine.

Final Comparison

For those with time to spare, an overnight Halong Bay cruise offers one of the most exciting ways to get out there onto the sea and truly experience Halong Bay from within. Combined with a seaplane flight, you will see the best of Halong Bay both from above and below. However, anyone visiting this area of Vietnam is advised to spend at least a day in Halong Bay.

For those who have limited time, the day tour is an ideal antidote. You will get to see some hot spots of the area and walk away with the beauty of the bay in your thoughts. Whichever option you choose, a cruise through Halong Bay (hopefully accompanied by a seaplane experience) is one of the best ways to truly enjoy this area of Vietnam.

Top Ten Places To Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most magnificent areas of Southeast Asia. It is home to amazing cities and countryside filled with culture, history and stunning sights. It is a country jam-packed with seasides, mountain ranges, and national parks.

For tourists planning to explore this exquisite country, there is no end to the options available to explore. Having built upon centuries of history, Vietnam is a fascinating mix of ancient and contemporary ideas. From world heritage sites to the top cities, this country has something for everyone.


Halong Bay

Halong Bay Viet Nam
Halong Bay, Vietnam

One of the most well-known Unesco World Heritage Sites in the world, Halong Bay is a must-see when visiting Vietnam. With emerald seas and captivating karsts, it is an amazing place to explore true natural beauty. Take a cruise through the floating villages and caves or fly high through the clouds in a spectacular seaplane. Spend a day swimming or kayaking then lounge on one of the hidden beaches out at sea. It is a top spot to visit in Vietnam and easily accessible from Hanoi.

Moreover, there are more than 10 adventurous experiences waiting for you in this bay.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh may not be the capital city but it’s certainly one of the most captivating. It is considered the commercial hub of Vietnam and has tons of shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. Motorbikes flood the streets and intriguing architecture reigns supreme. The mix of culture and history makes this city a necessary stop for anyone wanting to experience various activities.



Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and certainly, lives up to its name as a hallmark of Vietnamese culture. The city can feel crazy with natives and tourists constantly roaming the streets. However, this is where to go if you want to jump into the local scenery. You will be able to see all manner of attractions from the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to the Grand Opera House to the Presidential Palace. It’s also a great way home base for day trips to the country or seaplanes to Halong Bay.


visit Vietnam
The amazing Hue

Hue is one of Vietnam’s most historic cities, sitting on the banks of the Perfume River. It harkens back to the reign of the 19th-century Nguyen Emperor and boasts a plethora of relics to prove it. There is a wonderful amount of palaces, pagodas, and temples to explore. It is also known for a variety of interesting local cuisines such as the Bun Bo Hue (beef noodle soup) and one of many different types of rice cakes.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

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For those who loved the karsts and caves of Halong Bay, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is another great place to explore. It is also a Unesco World Heritage site, located in the Quảng Bình Province on the North Central Coast of Vietnam. Stalagmites and stalactites abound in the sprawling caverns. The world’s largest cave, Son Doong, reaches up to 200m in height. The caverns and grottos are ideal for seeing some of the most distinctive and beautiful aspects of nature.

My Son

My Son is an important archeological site dating back as far as the 4th century. It was a center of Hindu worship and is home to approximately 20 temple structures for religious worship dedicated mainly to the Hindu god, Shiva. The temples were created by the kings of Champa from the 4th to the 14th century AD. It is the third Unesco World Heritage on the list and no wonder based on its unique structure and fascinating history. You could easily stare at the enchanting architecture for hours.

Hoi An Ancient Town


Hoi An Vietnam the best placeAnother historic and architecturally stunning city is Hoi An. It’s notable Old Town is famous for its cultural ambiance. Wander the winding streets and you will find charming lanterns, flowers, and dainty decoration. You can visit the old merchant houses and get a real sense of the ancient culture still so prominent in this beautiful little haven. The Japanese covered bridge is one of Hoi An’s most delightful discoveries. Outside the city, you can find rice paddies and floating villages to see even more of local life.

Sapa Countryside

Victoria Sapa Resort
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Sapa was a French hill station in 1922 and is now a center of ever-growing tourism. While the city itself is a simple market town, the countryside surrounding is the true hot spot. The gorgeous views and valleys are the perfect place for trekking and traversing the Vietnamese terrain. Local hill-tribes including the country, ethnic minorities including the Hmong, Giay, and Red Dzao make this a truly diverse place to visit.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc island

If you’re looking for stunning beaches surrounded by crystal clear blue seas, Phu Quoc Island is the place to be. Located off the coast of Cambodia but part of and only accessible by Vietnam, this idyllic island boasts nature, resorts, bars and a generally romantic atmosphere. You can visit parks, Buddhist pagodas, and traditional villages. It is another one of the Unesco World Heritage sites so prevalent to Vietnam. Among all of the hot spots on the list, this is an amazing place to kick back and enjoy the scenery.

Mekong Delta

Sometimes called “Vietnam’s Rice Basket,” the Mekong Delta is a lush cornucopia of local life. You will find rice paddies, floating markets, bird sanctuaries and all sorts of local life and nature to feast your eyes upon. Start in Can Tho and take a boat ride through the labyrinth of waterways and get lost in the natural beauty. This area is a vast grove of natural beauty and vegetation.

There are so many dazzling things to see in Vietnam. Undoubtedly, it can be difficult to decide on which places you will visit. Depending on how long you have to work your way through the vibrant cities and exquisite countryside, you might want to start with some of the top highlights. Anything you choose will yield memorable results, from taking seaplanes to Halong Bay, trek through the Sapa Countryside or boats along the Mekong Delta.

What are seaplanes used for? | Hai Au Aviation

In the growing age of technology, there seem to be more and more methods of transportation every day. From bicycles to cars to rockets, advances in transportation are some of the main reasons we can explore, defend and communicate. We often overlook seaplanes as a method of transport.

Over the course of history, seaplanes have been invented, developed, waxed and waned in popularity, and put to a great many different uses. While they may fly somewhat under the radar of public knowledge, they use seaplanes for a variety of interesting and even important tasks.


What does seaplanes use for?
What does seaplane use for?

One of the most common uses for seaplanes these days is air taxi service. Seaplanes are a unique and efficient way of getting from one place to another. The planes are able to fly low and fast. More significantly, since they can take off and land on water, seaplanes have more flexibility when traveling from the mainland to island sites.

Many companies around Asia offer seaplane transfers from airports to prime tourist spots. For example, when traveling from Hanoi to Halong Bay, Vietnam, taking Hai Au Aviation seaplane is not only an exciting way to travel, but it cuts the travel time down by more than half. Ultimately, you will be able to spend much more of your trip enjoying the sites.


What does seaplanes use for?
What does seaplane use for?

In addition to taxi services, many seaplane companies offer scenic tours. Rather than using a seaplane simply for transportation, taking a scenic tour allows you a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. You can glide over the terrain and see stunning panoramas from above. The size and capacity of a seaplane make it possible to soar within range of some of the most spectacular sites in an area. You can take amazing photos and film clips as you fly through the clouds.


Many typical transportation options are incapable of maneuvering secluded or remote areas. Train and cars don’t have access and regular planes cannot land without a substantial runway. Seaplanes can touch down on land or at sea so they have the advantage of being able to fly into much more compact zones.

Not only that, but they can approach islands with rocky reefs or small land areas by way of the sea. This means that tourists can experience more exotic locations. Moreover, explorers, law enforcers or even rescuers can access hard-to-reach areas.


When tragedies happen at sea, it is imperative that search and rescue teams get to the location as quickly as possible. They must also be able to get as close as they can to the site of the disaster. Search and rescue teams utilize vehicles from helicopters to submarines, and of course seaplanes.

Seaplanes have a marked advantage because they can move faster than boats and will be able to get closer to the accident. They will also be able to quickly disembark with any survivors in need of medical treatment. Air-sea rescue is an important job for seaplanes both in terms of the military as well as civilian mishaps.


Because seaplanes can fly low and have access to both land and sea, they are perfectly suitable for coastal surveillance. They are able to combine land and sea tasks usually carried out by two different vessels.

They can observe coastal activity such as border control, investigations or weather anomalies. While countries like the United States do not currently utilize seaplanes in their coast guard, other countries such as India and Japan have considered amphibious aircraft in their coastal surveillance.


What does seaplanes use for?
What does seaplane use for?

China recently purchased what is said to be the largest amphibious aircraft currently in operation. The seaplane will potentially be used for all manner of purposes from maritime search and rescue to law enforcement.

This particular seaplane, the AG-600,  has a much larger capacity than other models and will continue to be tested for its capabilities. However, law enforcement is an important aspect for countries with large coastal borders. It is yet another way of efficiently tracking and enforcing criminal activities.


Any coastal area will, of course, be home to a wide range of marine wildlife. There are restrictions in place for all of these areas, based on a country’s rules and regulations. Fishing is something that must be monitored and regulated for business, trade, as well as marine life health and safety.

Seaplanes are an important way of keeping watch on the fishing industry. They are also able to observe and track poaching offenders who wish to capitalize off of fish that is not theirs or that may, in fact, be illegal to catch at all. Once again, seaplanes have the ability to fly low and enter fishing areas with ease so that things can be properly monitored.


One of the most important uses for seaplanes is fire fighting in forests. Forest fires are hugely dangerous because they catch fast and move quickly. Depending on the conditions of the vegetation and how close the fire is to surrounding inhabited areas, forest fires can easily get out of control.

They require immense amounts of water to overcome and ultimately extinguish. Many national parks like the U.S. National Parks System keep seaplanes for this and many other reasons.

Seaplanes can fly at low speeds and handle high gust-loading environments which allow them to carry water and help put out forest fires.


Finally, seaplanes are critical in continuing marine biological research. Agencies such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) use seaplanes to track wildlife and research marine animals like sea turtles.

Seaplanes are also one of the few forms of transport having an allowance on the Great Barrier Reef. The reason is that they won’t ruin or disturb sediments or marine life. They make up an integral part of marine biological exploration.

Over the years, seaplanes have come in and out of favor due to the fact that they can be expensive and inconvenient when dealing with large passenger capacities or work within treacherous weather conditions. However, seaplanes have fallen into important the niches of tourism, research and safety missions. While they are not the mainstream in terms of transport, they provide a unique and vital mode of transportation for various regions.


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