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Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Whether you’re driving over land in a shuttle bus, flying through the clouds in a seaplane, or rumbling along on a motorcycle, the next thing you experience is a glimpse of emerald green as the water begins to come into view. Let's ready for your trip to Halong Bay! 

Places to photograph in Halong Bay

Halong Bay Tours: Every Way To Explore | 2020 Guide

Halong Bay is a magnificent natural world heritage located in Quang Ninh, Vietnam. Over the past few years, it has become more and more popular among global traveling lover community. Halong Bay is famous...
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Dynamic Differences Between One-Day and Overnight Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay, Vietnam is filled with a variety of activities, from caving to kayaking to cruising. One of the best ways to see the sights is a cruise through the emerald seas surrounding the...

Top Ten Places To Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most magnificent areas of Southeast Asia. It is home to amazing cities and countryside filled with culture, history and stunning sights. It is a country jam-packed with seasides, mountain...
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Halong Bay weather and holidays | The 2020 Guide

Where you live you usually know exactly what you’ll be wearing depending on the month of the year. All of the seasons are familiar to you, and while there may be some variation, you...

Halong Bay Weekend: A perfect escape | The 2020 Guide

A Halong Bay weekend getaway is one of the most ideal plans. Whether you are touring the Southeast Asian landscape for weeks on end or setting your sights on Hanoi and Halong Bay in...

Review 2 Days 2 Nights trip in Halong Bay, Vietnam | Carin Skowronsky

Ha Long Bay, located in northern Vietnam and accessible from Hanoi, is a must-see destination on your Vietnam travel. Ha Long Bay offers exhilarating experiences, from unforgettable seaplane rides with Hai Au Aviation to...
halong bay weather

8 Steps to plan your Halong Bay Trip | The 2020 Guide

The summer is coming and it’s time to sit down and figure out your holiday schedule. With the advent of technology, creating the perfect vacation has become simultaneously easier and harder at the same...
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Bucket List: Halong Bay places you must visit

As one of the recognized current Natural Wonders of the world through UNESCO, you know that Halong Bay must be on your bucket list of places you must see, but what else is there...

Bucket List: Halong Bay Activities you can’t miss

It’s time to start checking items off of your bucket list in the upcoming year.  While taking your trip to Vietnam in 2019, there are plenty of Halong Bay activities that you can do...
Halong Bay: Best places to photograph | The 2018 Guide

Halong Bay: Best places to photograph

For many travelers especially photographers who are seeking the impeccable views of Halong Bay to photograph out there, this article is perfect for you. As you approach Halong Bay, Vietnam, the first thing you experience...

Top 11 Adventure Experiences in Halong Bay | The 2020 Guide

Halong Bay, Vietnam is a treasure trove of excitement and amazing experience. As a Unesco World Heritage site, this beautiful bay is a must-see when planning a trip to Southeast Asia. It's stunning seascape, glittering geography...


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