Halong Bay: Best places to photograph | The 2018 Guide

Halong Bay to photograph


For many travelers especially photographers who are seeking the impeccable views of Halong Bay to photograph out there, this article is perfect for you. As you approach Halong Bay, Vietnam, the first thing you experience is a gentle breeze and a whiff of salty sea air. Halong Bay’s breathtaking views offer photographers who are hunger for the finest shots so many opportunities to capture the exceptional illustration.

Flying Through The Sky To Capture The Breathtaking Halong Bay

There aren’t many ways that you can cruise through the clouds of Halong Bay and still get close enough for some amazing views. Helicopters are expensive, hot air balloons don’t run, and parasailing isn’t optimal for photography equipment. One option, however, stands out from the rest.

Seaplane will blow your mind up

One of the unique ways to see Halong Bay is by seaplane. Hai Au Aviation offers a one of a kind experience to combine a tour of the bay with seaplane transport to or from Hanoi. Furthermore, you can also sign up for a tour of Halong Bay and spend a blissful 25 minutes gliding through the clouds and feasting on the seascapes below.

Halong Bay photography

This is basically a photographer’s playground, having the opportunity to see Halong Bay intermingled with fluffy clouds and sparkling sun. It is a floating paradise of photo opportunities.

Halong Bay photography

While flying with seaplane, you are free to use mobile phone 3G to connect the internet. Therefore, you would have lots of great photos even without a proper camera. Gear up for the panoramic views and practically perfect shotsSpoiler content.

Halong Bay to photograph

Queen Cable Car and Sunwheel

A brand new attraction in Halong Bay to photograph is the Queen Cable Car, which runs from the Bai Chay district of Halong City all the way up to the top of Ba Deo Hill. It is an amazing opportunity to glide over the bay and get a majestic view of the sights below. Each car can carry 230 passengers, so they are quite large with windows bordering all sides.

Halong Bay to photograph
Source: Zing.vn
Halong Bay to photograph
Source: Zing.vn

Once you reach Ba Deo Hill, you can then take advantage of access to the Sun Wheel: an enormous Ferris wheel also offering fantastic views of Halong Bay to photograph.

Halong Bay to photograph
Source: Zing.vn

Each of these attractions provides a unique opportunity to enjoy a stunning perspective of Halong Bay to photograph from the sky. A two-way cable will cost around 300.000VND/ person.

Halong Bay to photograph
Source: Zing.vn

Mountains And  Peaks – Heaven For Photographs

Halong Bay is made up of stunning limestone karsts, creating islands, grottoes, and peaks all throughout the bay. These make ideal spots to climb and achieve a gorgeous view of the land and sea below. Some of the most optimal points are on the list below.

Expand Your Vision From Bai Tho Mountain 

Bai Tho Mountain is one of the most famous and highest peaks in Halong Bay. Located right in the city center, Bai Tho Mountain is not the easiest mountain to scale but certainly doable for most tourists. The entrance is tucked amidst local houses, hidden in a small corner with no sign in Hang Noi street.

Places to photograph in Halong Bay
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Ask the locals and they will be more than happy to point you the right way. You will finally come upon a magical staircase that winds up to the top of the mountain. It will take about 30 minutes to conquer this 200 meters (106m from ground level).

Bai Tho Mountain
Instagram: bburkley

From the top, you will have one of the most comprehensive and gorgeous views of Halong Bay. While it is a steep walk, there’s no reason why you can’t cart a decent camera and take advantage of all the wondrous sights from goats wandering through the rocks to birds soaring down to the bay below.

Bai Tho Mountain
Instagram: sian_owen

Trong Mai Islet – The Symbol Of Halong Bay

The tour guide said: “Once we are here as a couple, we need to take a kissing picture so that our love lasts forever”. This two chicken kissing rock formation is probably the most photographed scene in spectacular Halong Bay.

Trong Mai Islet
Instagram: joeydeviv

Located right in the heart of the bay, this pair of limestone islet jutting out from the calm water has become memorable landmarks in Halong Bay to photograph.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: jaraburgos

At times, the rocks look like lovers, at other times, they look like machinery or cockfighting. When there is a mist in the air, the marvelous effect will be embedded in your mind forever.

Ti Top Mountain – The Perfect View To Photograph Halong Bay

Halong Bay to photograph
Photo by Phong Nguyen

No better place than Ti Top Mountain to experience the beauty of Halong Bay. Right in the heart of Halong Bay lies Ti Top Mountain, 8 kilometers from the Southeast of Bai Chay Harbor.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: amyseder

Approximately 400 steps will take you from Ti Top beach to the top of the peak. While many cruise lines stop here, it is generally a quieter spot than Bai Tho and will provide a much different perspective from the center of Halong Bay to photograph.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: johnschumacher_

This gives you a perfect opportunity to discover views from the small sandy shore as well as up high in the sky. Ti Top Island offers wonderful views of Halong Bay to photograph, walk to the top is not an easy journey. The climb is extremely hard and treacherous since the stairs to the top are not uniform in size or shape.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: terka_pavlikova

Just make sure you have plenty of water and keep pushing yourself to the very top. The view once you get there is worth every moment of pain.

Adventurous Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is situated on Cat Ba Island. It is a rock climber’s wonderland, home to about 60 sports routes. There are sheets of limestone shooting out of the terrain in many spots. It is also a popular area for honey and honey-related products so keep on the lookout for local food opportunities.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: charlottedailyparis

Most people choose to go on a hiking or rock climbing tour to check out these amazing sights and make sure that they have guidance for safety concerns. If you have an adventurous spirit and a longing to shoot some amazing geographic anomalies. This is a great opportunity to go somewhere off the beaten path.

Halong Bay to photograph
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Floating Villages Will Bring Your Shoots To The Next Level

The floating fishing villages of Halong Bay are one of the unique ways of seeing the local Vietnamese culture in action. Hovering over the emerald water, the multicolored houses stand out as a patchwork of family and industry. These are an ideal place to not only meet some native inhabitants of Halong Bay but take interesting shots of daily life.

Lively Pictures In Cua Van Villages

Cua Van village is one of the most popular and the largest of Halong Bay fishing villages. It sits in tranquility about 20km from the touristic boating wharf. It is the largest fishing village in the area and boasts a population of 733 people in 176 households.

Halong Bay to photograph
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Home styles range from the small and clean to the more spacious and well-equipped, utilizing electricity and televisions.

Halong Bay Photography
Instagram: asianflaneur

Not only will you be able to see the real-life homes of the fishing families, but observe the vast amounts of marine life floating below. An excellent opportunity for you when in Halong Bay to photograph the many layers of the pace everyday life.

Halong Bay Floating Villages
Instagram: jairoiglesias

Local Vibes In Vung Vieng Village

Located in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng Village is a slightly smaller fishing community. There are about 50 families with approximately 200-300 members. Most of these villages are generally considered to be poor.

Vung Vieng Village
Instagram: anaishayar

Fishing is their primary income for things like food and potable water but nowadays tourism also assists their economy. One of the most beautiful sights is seeing the local children learning their family craft, romping around in the surf and contributing to the trade.

Padding Around Cong Dam Fishing Village

This old and small fishing village is located on Bai Tu Long Bay. Quite far from the mainland with the population of 120 people. Not really close to the center of the bay, so the Cong Dam Village is pretty isolated from the normal tourist routes.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: dave_le

The first thing you will feel about this fishing village beside the simplicity of life is its mysterious and unusual vibe. It is fascinating to see how very different some people live and work. And how they have adapted to their environment.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: antoinebourdet

Instead of kayaking around those karsts and lime-stone, choosing to hire a rowboat and discover sides of Halong Bay to photograph is a better idea. Visiting this isolated villages to take pictures of the inhabitant and fisherman’s cute kids will be the highlight of your journey.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: abhitbhatnagar

A Glimpse Of Ba Hang Village

To capture extraordinary life moments based on simplicity, yet filled with complexity at so many levels, then this indispensable village is a right spot in Halong Bay to take photograph. Three Caves Village is one of the four famous villages attracts major tourists in Halong Bay.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: projetdeouf

Beautiful in every direction, there 50 families living here so it’s easy to talk to local people and get to know the fisherman daily lives. A relatively simple life without the stresses of modern living. Seeing the floating villagers, eat, sleep, make their living and raising their family is truly unbelievable. Their living quarter is really small, but they have the best out of it and their friendliness will warm your heart up.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: lindous

You will be amazed at how fascinating everything is utterly quite traditional and more than just beautiful. Nonetheless, an interesting scene along the river – a must see if you are in Halong Bay. Don’t miss those unique experiences if you have the chance.

Falling In Love On The Decks Of Cruises

One of the hot spots of Halong Bay tourism is their wide selection of full day to multiple day cruises (2D1N or 3D2N). It’s an ideal opportunity to get out into the water and take some panoramic photos of the world around.

Halong Bay Cruise
Instagram: lukebender

Most of them will also include Sung Sot caves visit, which will allow you to get up close and personal with the limestone karsts so you can take some exquisite photos of the landscape. There are many options for cruises of all length and price. These are some of the top sellers.

Magnificent Views On L’Azalée Day Cruise

Seaplane Flight & L’Azalée Day Cruise is one of the most affordable options and is ideal for people working with time restraints. Hai Au Aviation has many tour package deals which combine their seaplane experience from Hanoi to Halong Bay with a hotel or cruise option. By taking advantage of this option, you will be able to see the sights from the sky and the sea, snapping shots from every angle you can think of.

Halong Bay Cruise
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They also have a wonderful overnight affiliated with Emeraude cruise, a high-end cruise line that will provide you with some delicious Vietnamese food. And show you some of the amazing scenery where movies such as Indochine were filmed. The itinerary often includes visiting Sung Sot Cave, Ti Top Island, Pearl Farm and 2 meals on board.

Halong Bay to photograph
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The Lovely Sights From Indochina Junk

Traditional Junk ships stand out like a blast from the past as you gaze out into the waters of Halong Bay. The rust-colored sails flying high above the deck are photo-worthy themselves, inspiring all manner of adventure theme.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: naveda89

Indochina Junk will bring you out toward Bai Tu Long Bay, an area considered more “off the beaten track” then some of the initial Halong Bay sights.

Halong Bay Cruise
Instagram: justine.dolores

You will have the occasion to kayak into the caves and mingle with the floating villages. Seeing many of the sights you have on your list for great photo ops.

Let Your Eyes Wander Around The Scenery On Signature Cruise

Signature Cruise is considered a luxury romantic cruise ambiance. You’ll be able to take a Vietnamese cooking class or try out a lesson in Tai Chi. This itinerary could bring you out toward the Cong Dam Area and includes all of the sights and activities typical to a Halong Bay experience

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: madonnahooper

Imagine walking on the day during sunrise or sunset and capturing the moment the sun first starts glittering on the horizon. These cruises will give you ample opportunity to take some of your most astounding photos.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: amyseder

Unusual Limestone Caves And Karsts

Some of the most remarkable aspects of Halong Bay to photograph are the limestone caves and karsts that jut out from the sea and create the magical skyline surrounding the bay. Most cruises and tours will include time to explore some of these grottoes either by kayak or by foot. It’s a fantastic opportunity to take out your camera and get clicking away at all the stalactites and stalagmites piercing the terrain.

Creating Lifetime Moments In Dau Go Cave 

Dau Go Cave is located on Dau Go Island and is considered to be the largest and grandest of the limestone caves. It is almost 2 million years old and holds the dimensions 12 meters wide and 17 meters high at the entrance.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: ericagcrowe

90 steps will bring you into the first of 2 chambers ready to explore. As you walk through the cave you will see the amazing geological detail as the light reflects from mystical angles.

Thien Cung Cave – Magical Grotto

4 kilometers away from Dau Go Cave you will find Thien Cung Cave, another magical grotto. The cave is 10,000 square meters. After a narrow passageway, you will come to a spacious chamber filled with the reflective light so common to these ancient structures.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: meoowchann

The complex network of stalagmites and stalactites make it a challenging yet incredibly worthwhile experience in Halong Bay to photograph.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: meoowchann

Unexpected Adventure In Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot cave is another legendary experience, often called the most famous of the Halong Bay limestone caves. 100 stone steps mark the entrance to the various chambers, once again denoted by the kaleidoscopic light and geological wonders.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: moonhor829

The deepest section is the “royal garden” where you will find a crystal clear pond decorated with various flora and fauna. It’s a stunning haven away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside. Hire a tour guide and the myth of each cave could surprise you.

Ho Dong Tien Cave – Fairy Lake Cave

Legend has it said that the lake inside the cave is fairies’ favorite place for bathing and sleeping that is why this cave is called Fairy Lake Cave. Its special features, magical values of geology and stunning scenery makes it become a top destination for many researchers in Halong Bay to photograph. Different from all other caves in Halong Bay, entering Fairy Lake Cave is an exciting experience.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: through_da_iris

You can only access this wet, dark, small chamber by one boat, the entrance is really narrow that allows one person to go through at a time. After passing through that tiny tunnel, you will be surprised because of its spacious chamber and gorgeous, glowing stalactites beautifully hanging down from the ceiling. Marvelous beautiful nature creators in Fairy Lake Cake are waiting for you to discover.

Me Cung Cave – Bewitching Grotto

Me Cung Grotto (Bewitching Grotto) is located on Lom Bo Island, about 2 kilometers far from Ti Top Island to the southwest. Bewitching Grotto’s beauty standing out among many caves in Halong Bay to photograph. It is famous for not only being a remarkable appealing cave but also being the evidence that scientists found of prehistoric life in Vietnam.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: walkerkristymeglin

The combination of sunshine on the outside and sparkling diverse shapes and sizes of stalactites on the inside makes Bewitching Grotto become a magical feature in Halong Bay to photograph. Its natural beauty provides photographers transforming pictures and wonderful experiences for travelers.

Extraordinary Hidden Beaches In Halong Bay To Photograph

Finally, there are many hidden beaches sprinkled around Halong Bay to photograph, giving the tourist or the photographer alike. A chance to frolic in the deep blue sea and capture some of the most picturesque moments of the bay. Many beaches closer to the city are small and touristy, but because there are so many beautiful islets around the bay, there is always a place to find some solace and serenity.

Halong Bay Photography
Instagram: _.myk

Original Beauty Awaits In Ngoc Vung Beach

While you will still find beach chairs and sunbathers at Ngoc Vung Beach. The sandy shores and pristine waters make up for it. This spot is still considered relatively untouched and the sea is crystal clear all year round. It’s a beautiful location for pictures of beach dwellers, marine life, and panoramic views of the bay.

Halong Bay Photography
Instagram: alexcallahan4

The beach is about 34 km southeast of the tourist wharf and the island is approximately 12 square kilometers. Walk as long and as far as you can or stick around for campfire and see the sparks twinkling under the deep blue sky.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: skipper_paterson
Original Beauty Awaits In Ngoc Vung Beach
Usually, tours in Halong Bay do not provide to Ngoc Vung beach so that you have to arrange everything by yourself.

Finding Peace In Son Hao Beach

Son Hao Beach is located on Quan Lan Island. It is a small island and scarcely populated, to begin with, though there is a small village in the center and moderate tourist trade. Son Hao beach is hard to find and still considered one of the most secluded areas around.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: kritikaandcompany

If you can find the entrance, you will be well rewarded as one of the only inhabitants taking advantage of its beautiful shores. It is not as well-maintained as some of the other more touristy beaches. But for exquisite shots of a serene seascape, it ranks on top.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: cetqal

Ancient Feelings In Ba Trai Dao Beach 

Ba Trai Dao beach is also on the tourist track but is unique due to its mythical association. Three small mountains resembling peaches separate the three small beach areas that are ideal for swimming and kayaking around.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: gordy98

Legend has it that a fairy fell in love with a fisherman near these isles and offered the young man three peaches as a token of her affection and to bring him eternal life. Because she had stolen them from heaven. The King of Heaven became angry and turned the peaches into the three limestone isles. Then separating the fairy forever from her love. The islands are now considered romantic and enchanted hamlets to take advantage of only during the 2-3 hours a day when the sand is not covered in the tide.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: sepoissts

An Appealing Destination – Soi Sim Beach

Soi Sim Beach is a charming, small island and pretty unfamiliar compare to other attractive places in Halong Bay. Peaceful ambiance, quiet atmosphere and natural beauty of blue sea will lead travelers to another different side of Halong Bay to photograph. Because of its clear-cut emerald water, you can easily see schools of fish while swimming there.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: klaudia_strzyzewska

Furthermore, from the highest peak of Soi Sim Islet, you will great chance to enjoy the spectacular views to photograph and other activities. The Sim Soi Islet is receiving more attention from locals and tourism to set up a plan to developing this new feature to become an eco-tourist site which brings both economic interest and value of preservation.

Halong Bay Beaches
Instagram: liinanotta

Travel Photos Tips You Should Know Before Getting Started

Having a list of beautiful places in Halong Bay to photograph but not everyone can make the best of it. Probably you will be wondering how to make your shot look better than everyone else. Here are some handy travel photograph tips will guide you through your Halong Bay photoshoot and take gorgeous shots like a pro.

Shooting Epic Landscape Photos In Halong Bay

To get a beautiful and artistic landscape photos in Halong Bay, you can’t just lift up the camera and shoot. Landscape photos are about being prepared, being able to get to the place you need to go, and being able to bring everything with you. These landscape photo techniques you need to take with you into the field to ensure you have a perfect trip.

Essential equipment

1. Camera and Lens

Beginner photographers don’t need to spend too much money on the most expensive cameras and lenses. The most important for beginners is to learn the setting and how you can get the most out of it. When it comes to right time, you will know when it’s time to upgrade.

2. Tripod

Having a tripod is highly recommend for any kinds of photographs. Tripods can be heavy and bulky but it will help you out for different situations to photograph to best of Halong Bay. Investing in a good tripod is actually a good idea to achieve high-quality images, catching the good light, sharp angle and longer exposures

3. Don’t forget to clean your equipment

Treat your equipment well with nice cleaning materials, it protects your camera, keeps your images in good quality and helps you save a lot of time in the editing game. Carrying your cleaning wipes with you nearby through your trip could be extremely beneficial in unexpected situations.

4. Waterproof and dustproof protection

Unexpected things happen all the time in traveling, to ensure your camera not getting any damaged during your Halong Bay trip. Bringing waterproof and dustproof protection is highly recommended. Whether on cruise, beach or hash environment situation it protects your camera from getting wet, dusty which will lower the quality of your photo.

5. Last but not least is yourself

Keep a clear focused mind to become a storyteller with your own photos, creativity in shooting can be hard to get. Fresh and new composition is waiting for you to explore. Listen to your inner self, take a step back and shot. With a keen eye for odd nature in the landscape orientation may seem the most important asset in your photographer’s toolkit.

Nature landscape photo tips to photograph the best of Halong Bay

For nature landscape photos particularly in Halong Bay, you should do some research to know more about that place, the weather, viewpoints and find inspirations for your own shoots.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: _emilyrosephoto

Perhaps even more important is to know when to travel to Halong Bay, it’s amazing how different landscape photo can appear at different times of the year. Each season has its own unique scenes that you can capture then turning it into spectacular images.

Catch the best light in Halong Bay to photograph

What time is the best time to travel Halong Bay may seem the first question that pops up in your mind? For the finest illustration, the easiest tips that also get the best result when being in Halong Bay to photograph is to patiently wait for the right light.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: valent.andr

Bright sunny days tend to add more contrasts in nature scene with clear bright highlight and also sharp shadow. Shooting in early mornings and late afternoon will help you get photos with fewer contrasts and beautiful pleasant glow.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: shaneadversalo

For a lot of people, cloudy days are nightmares to photograph. But if you know how to overcome those cloudy day’s challenges. This kind of weather is somehow proving that it is perfect for photographing. Cloudy days provide interesting skies from top to bottom. Dramatic skies combine with beautiful mountains and peaks in Halong Bay image is definitely what you wish for.

Don’t forget to add a subject

Adding a subject or a human element to your landscape photo is a plus point that conveys depth and interest. Instead of shooting just natural beauty in Halong Bay, try to ask someone to pose in front of the scenery to make your picture more impressive which can also help better personal connection.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: kathbeau

The interaction between human and nature always bring the best poetic contrast to landscape photography. The meaning of a photo can be delivered totally different with the combination between magnificence of nature and human.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: whext_travelblog

Finding The Perfect Angle In Halong Bay To Photograph

There is no better way you can find in Halong Bay to photograph when you have a chance to explore it from the above with seaplanes or queen cable cars and sun wheels. Don’t be lazy by just shooting everything from one viewpoint which is so dull. Exploring Halong Bay thoroughly and you may find the viewpoints that everyone else wishes they should have a shoot from. Photographing from an unusual angle can give various perspectives, make your photos unique if you want them to stand out.

Perfect angle to photograph in Halong Bay
Instagram: bbabebenz
Finding The Perfect Angle In Halong Bay To Photograph
Have fun with shadows, shades, sunset shots and angles to get tons of fascinating photos in Halong Bay.

The golden hour

The golden hour is normally appeared after sunrise or before sunset, to make the most of the golden hour you have to know exactly what time the magic light happens. Regularly the golden hour includes the first hour after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: reisbrigade

To catch the best moment of golden hour in Halong Bay to photograph, you should check it each month or even every day when you want to take photos. Understanding subtle light in golden hour and how it impacts the quality of your photos is probably the most important aspect when you do cruising shoots.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: spiros_e_pandis

And in the “magic hour”, portraits photos will be much warmer and pleasing. The soft, warm, dimensional light is totally worth all the preparations.

The golden hour time in Halong Bay – 2018:

Month Sunrise Sunset
January 6:25 – 6:30 AM 5:20 – 5:40 PM
February 6:12 – 6:30 AM 5:42 – 5:55 PM
March 5:45 – 6:10 AM 5:55 – 6:05 PM
April 5:20 – 5:45 AM 6:05 – 6:15 PM
May 5:05 – 5:20 AM 6:15 – 6:30 PM
June 5:09 – 5:15 AM 6:30 – 6:37 PM
July 5:13 – 5:25 AM 6:30 – 6:37 PM
August 5:25 – 5:35 AM 6:08 – 6:30 PM
September 5:35 – 5:42 AM 5:40 – 6:10 PM
October 5:40 – 5:50 AM 5:15 – 5:40 PM
November 5:54 – 6:10 AM 5:05 – 5:15 PM
December 6:10 – 6:30 AM 5:10 – 5:20 PM

The water reflection of Halong Bay

Water refection can turn your ordinary photos into something surreal, outstanding but you need a bit of patience and creativity to expand your imagination for stunning results. Understanding few fundamental techniques can bring the quality to the next level. If you are on a cruise, it is so much easier for you to make the amazing water reflection photo. Water reflection photo makes Halong Bay look extra special.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: segwenstar

A calm weather and a clear blue sky keep the surface stay still provides you great opportunities to make gorgeous images. Animals are also a good subject to photograph their reflections so try to include them into your shots.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: travelloverblogi

Instead of focusing too much on the reflection, you should try to find the right angle and nature extraordinary sheer which is going to make your images really miraculous.

Playing With Halong Bay’s Darkness When Being In Caving

Entering deeper inside Halong Bay’s caves makes you feel like you are walking in Disney Land because it is hard to believe that there is an other-worldly place with beautiful natural formation still exits. Hazy, cold and excitement, it is apparent that there is something magical waiting just beyond the opening to the cave.

Getting to know caves first, photographing second

Shooting extraordinary photos in caves can be a real challenge for those who aren’t prepared before going there. Taking photographs in slippery, gloomy cave is not everyone’s cup of tea. The environment in a cave can be harsh for travelers especially photographers who are hungry for the finest shots.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: girlgoinglobal

Go out and explore, get to know how incredible things that happened naturally in caves is a way to make remarkable moments and best storytelling in photos.

Photographing caves techniques

Make sure you know about your camera fundamentals and choose the right camera to photograph Halong Bay’s caves. A camera with low light capability will work better in the dim light situation.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: paulbucknallphotographer
Photographing caves techniques
Bear in mind to pre-check your camera equipment before entering the cave. A lot of photographers make mistake is to go caving without checking then end up leaving behind the essential stuff.
Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: amyseder

Keep in mind to test your shots

Taking a few test shots to check the camera exposure and lighting effect of the slave flashes. Adjust your camera settings if required. Always have your camera set on the highest resolution to take every photo.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: ameliamoelle

Re-creating the perfect shots with lighting effect is impossible but deleting those not work out the photo is so easy. Caves are kind of wet, dirty and muddy which can be harmful to your camera. So remember to protect your equipment and keep yourself safe when exploring pretty formations. A strong water and dust proof case is highly recommended!

The right light angle in Halong Bay’s caves

Getting the light angle properly can create some exceptional results. Not only focusing to highlight the formations and sophisticated details of every cave but also changing your point of view to find out the unique things.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: trillica

Most caves have little or no light at all, so lightening the cave yourself should be considered if you want to get magnificent shots of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: gabriela_salgueiro

Capture the ancient moments and learn to work your camera in the dark in Halong Bay to photograph. Look for interesting formations around you or even getting low to find creative perspective in Halong Bay to photograph.

The right light angle in Halong Bay’s caves
Don’t forget the previous tip is to add a person (family members, a friend or your travel mate) in the photo for a better neat portion.

Exploring The Floating Villages Through The Lens

Leaving away from all of the luxuries of city centers and urban places. The floating villages are an ideal place for you to discover leisure moments and find tranquil times. Going to fishing villages to witness the exciting life of a fisherman on floating and the unique ethnic communities.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: flaneur_7117

The photo opportunities are endless as your launch glides through the villages and the whole new different angles of Halong Bay are waiting for you to discover through amazing photographs. The simplistic way of life in floating villages can possibly bring out the sentimental side of you when traveling Halong Bay to photograph.

Talk to locals

Spending more time in Halong Bay to photograph the moments, to explore the cultures and get to know the locals will give travelers a taste of rural part in the incredible Vietnam. Trying not to become a tourist is the first thing that you should keep when exploring Halong Bay. There is nothing more interesting than capture the random individual moments you can observe various perspectives.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: marcia.dch

When photographing people in the floating villages, don’t forget to be friendly, open and honest. Smile, be nice, talk to local people and focus on those inspiring things they do – which providing context.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: kieronlawrence_

Capturing not only the events that will take place over and over can make a great storyline. But also the subjects that show high value to make your trip in Halong Bay so much more meaningful.

Get lost on purpose 

Finding beauty in imperfections seem the right way to describe how Cua Van and Vung Vien floating villages will make you feel. You get the chance to open your journey deeper inside look into the everyday life of fishers.

Halong Bay to photograph
Instagram: projetdeouf

To freeze these moments in time capturing the details when being in Halong Bay. Spending a day to get lost on purpose, you will have the opportunities to see a lifestyle that stood the test of time and the remarkable experiences for sure last a lifetime.

Instagram: shaneadversalo1
Let yourself wander without agenda, without knowing what you will find, you are open to more surprising and unexpected things waiting for you forward.Hai Au Aviation
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