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Essential Information:

- Bring your passport to check-in
- Show up at the check-in counter at least 30 minutes (for scenic flight) and 45 minutes (for transfer flight) before departure time
- Luggage allowance: 7kgs/passenger (not applicable for infant). Excess luggage will be on standby and extra charge will be applied. See section BAGGAGE for additional information.

Check-in locations:
Noi Bai Airport: Counter A32, the 2nd floor, Lobby A, Noi Bai Domestic Terminal, Hanoi
Ha Long: Villa T7, Tuan Chau Marina, Halong City

Hotline phone numbers in case of emergencies or any other queries:
- Hotline: +84 (0) 962 069 689
Reservation: +84 (0) 962 960 689

Noi Bai Airport:  +84 (0) 919 136 089
Halong: +84 (0) 919 866 089

Before our flight takes off, passengers are required not to stored or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. To ensure that your experience is an interesting one, we commit strict safety standards and we may refuse boarding to any person we deem is in breach of our safety policy.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing during your flight. Also be aware that scarves and long gowns can cause a safety hazard, so we recommend you not wear these. Our seaplanes have air conditioning, however due to Vietnam’s tropical environment (warm weather from May to September), we recommend that you dress in light clothing to ensure a comfortable flight.

Weather Condition
Our pilots are experienced with the range of weather conditions that happen in Vietnam. On occasion, weather conditions may not be suitable for operating or continuing a flight safely, which will result in a cancellation of services or a diversion from original flight plan to a safe landing area. Should this occur, then our policy is to refund the full ticket price or re-schedule an alternative flying time.

Our services

Hai Au Aviation provides Vietnam's only premium, small aircraft service aboard our 12-seater Cessna Caravans. Our scheduled and sightseeing flights encompass speedy transfers between Hanoi and Halong Bay as well as Hue and Danang while our chartered flights service over 20 destinations all throughout Vietnam allowing you to fly when you want, where you want.

Scheduled Flights
Our scheduled flights are the fastest, most comfortable way to travel, saving valuable time over bus or car transfers.

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Sightseeing Flights
See well-traveled destinations from a completely new perspective aboard our sightseeing flights which reveal fascinating details unseen from the ground.

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Charter Flights

Fly how you want with who you want. Enjoy the luxury of complete privacy with a dedicated flight crew just for you.

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News & Specials

A partner in Hai Au Aviation’s survey flight service
The demand for survey flights is on the rise in Vietnam because of the benefits they bring to businesses and regulators. At present, Hai Au Aviation is...

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Hai Au Aviation Adds Afternoon Scenic Flights Over Halong Bay
With the recent opening of the Halong – Hai Phong Expressway cutting down the travel time between Hanoi and Halong nearly in half, many discerning visitors...

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