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The Cessna Caravan 208 are considered the safest single-engine aircraft in the world and the safest single-engine aircraft to land on water (FAA & ICAO). Our aircrafts meets the strictest requirements by FAA  and CAAV for commercial operations.

FAA: Federal Aeronautics Associations
ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization
CAAV: Civil Aviation Authority Vietnam


To make sure the safety procedures to be followed, Hai Au Aviation team is trained to strictly follow below notes:
• Communication between ground and air shall be established at all times during the operation of the seaplanes.
• The aircraft and pilots are certified and licensed to operate under IFR (instrument flight rules) meaning flights can operate safely in adverse weather conditions and conduct instrument approaches at airports.
• All flights are conducted with two pilots, the Captain who is a very experienced international seaplane pilot and the first officer who is a trained and qualified Vietnamese seaplane pilot (trained and certified in Sydney, Australia).
• All aircraft are equipped with the most modern 'glass cockpit' avionics, weather radar, storm tracker system and Garmin GPS.
All routes and water operating areas are surveyed and approved for use by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

IMG 3196


Our maintenance routines follow the strictest FAA (US) standards and approved by CAAV. The maintenance team is comprised of experienced and certified engineers and mechanics. Our maintenance base is located in Noi Bai Airport, with international standard facilities. Major maintenance checks are supported by specialist from Cessna in Singapore.


We maintain a full aviation insurance policy, underwritten by Global Insurance Company (Vietnam) and Allianz (Singapore).


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