Luggage allowance
Luggage allowance (per person): 7kg. This luggage allowance includes both checked and carry-on luggage. Each bag should not exceed the following dimension: H 56cm x W 36cm x D 23cm.

Additional luggage
Excess luggage will be on standby. Excess baggage charge is VND 100,000/kg. Bag weight should not exceed 25kg each

If you think you will be traveling with more luggage than allotted, please contact the Reservation Department at or +84 (0) 962 960 689 for additional options.
If you want to guarantee all your baggage accompanies you on your flight, please purchase an additional seat on the aircraft.  The extra seat will allow you to bring up to 80 kg of luggage.

Baggage storage fees
We can help arrange luggage storage for you at Noi Bai Airport’s facility. Fees (paid by customers) are charged as below:

Duration Fees

1 day - 7 days

VND 90,000/piece/day
More than 7 days

On request

Storage location: Hai Au Aviation office, Terminal 1, Noi Bai Airport

Receipt: Counter A32, the 2nd floor, Lobby A, Noi Bai Domestic Terminal, Hanoi

Delivery: at the check-in counter or domestic arrival Hall A, Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi.

Emergency contact: HAA Hotline in Noi Bai Airport +84 (0) 919 136 089

List of dangerous objects prohibited for hand luggage

1. Weapons or tools designed to inflict injury on human life or other objects of misrepresentation as weapons:

a) Pistols, rifles, submachine guns, and other kinds of guns;

b) Components of guns, including sight-tubes;

c) Air guns such as pistols, rifles, and shotguns with rubber bullets, etc .;

d) flares;

e) Self-made firearms;

f) rubber guns;

g) laser guns or laser emitters;

h) Items, toys like real weapons such as guns, bombs, mines, grenades, ammunitions, torpedoes, mines;

i) Daggers, swords, swords, spears, bayonets, knives, decoys, fists, maces, bows, arrows, crossbows.

2. The device is designed to anesthesia or to immobilize the object:

a) Shocking equipment, electric weapons such as electric guns and electric batons;

b) Guns used to anesthesia or kill animals;

c) Chemical sprays, aerosols for neutralization or paralysis such as sprays, acid sprays, insect repellants, tear gas.

3. Sharp objects that can be used to cause serious injury:

a) Objects made to chop, cut, split like axes, cutters, knives;

b) Coop, axes, picks for stone breakers, ice breakers;

c) Knives, paper knives;

d) Knives with a blade longer than 06 cm (excluding knife handle);

e) Drag with tongue length of 06 cm from drag axis;

f) Martial arts equipment and tools with pointed and/or sharp edges.

4. Work tools that may be used to cause serious injury or threat to the safety of the aircraft:

a) crowbar, hoes, spades, shovels, apricots, sickles;

b) Drills and drills, including manual drills;

c) Tools with tongue length of over 6 cm with a handle and capability of being used as a weapon such as a screwdriver, carabiner, chisel ...;

d) Hammers, wrenches, pliers with a length of more than 10 cm;

e) Saws, saws including manual saws;

f) Blow torch;

g) Screwdrivers, nail guns.

5. Items and tools that can be used to cause serious bodily injury:

a) Sports clubs such as baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, billiards clubs, ski clubs;

b) Baton types such as rubber baton, metal baton, wooden baton;

c) Martial arts equipment and tools;

d) The camera stands, cameras, sticks, and umbrellas with metal spat ends having a length of 30 cm or more.

6. Explosives, inflammable, and equipment that can be used to cause serious injury or threat to aircraft safety:

a) bullets;

b) Explosion, slow fire wire;

c) Simulators like an explosive;

d) Mines, grenades, other explosive devices;

e) Firecrackers, fireworks, flares, and firecrackers;

f) Smoke bullets;

g) Explosives, gunpowder;

h) Petrol, oil, fuel tank for lighters, matches that also fire, equipment containing liquid oxygen;

i) Beverages with an alcohol content of more than 70%.

k) Samsung Galaxy Note 7

i) Paint spray, paint solvent.

List of dangerous objects prohibited for signed baggage

1. Weapons, explosives

a. Bullets, unless accepted by the operator of the aircraft as a signed baggage in accordance with the specific conditions set forth in Section 8, Chapter 1, Section 1.1.2 ICAO Technical Guidelines for Carriage dangerous goods.

b. Types of detonators, slow fire wire.

c. Landmines, grenades, other explosive devices.

d. firecrackers, fireworks, flares, and firecrackers.

e. Smoke fire.

f. Explosives, gunpowder.

g. Samsung Galaxy Note S7

2. Highly flammable substances

a. Petrol, oil, fuel tank for lighters, matches, lighters, fire engines, equipment containing liquid oxygen.

b. Beverages with an alcohol content of over 70%.

Other prohibited objects onboard

a Animals live or die

b. Skeleton

c. Equipment with alarm device

d. Items prohibited from transportation in accordance with the applicable regulations of the countries and territories to which the airline flies from, flies to or flies through (drugs, narcotics, etc.)

e. Objects that interfere with the airplane passage: ‘Knee defenders’ or any device which restricts the recline of another customer’s seat.

f. Self-balancing boards (hoverboards) - also banned as checked baggage

g. Magnetic materials

h. Strong odor objects which are not packed properly onboard (durian, jackfruit, etc.)


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