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The demand for survey flights is on the rise in Vietnam because of the benefits they bring to businesses and regulators. At present, Hai Au Aviation is the only airline in Vietnam offering survey flights by Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX aircraft.


On our journey to providing clients with the very best products, Hai Au Aviation is incredibly honored to be accompanied by prestigious partners in the field of surveying. Notable among them are two leading companies: Natural Resources and Environment One Member LLC and the Survey and Aerial Mapping One Member LLC.

Natural Resources and Environment One Member LLC is a state-owned company under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Vietnam Natural Resources and Environment One Member LLC includes Survey and Minerals Joint Stock Company and 5 affiliated production enterprises.

With over 40 years of experience, Natural Resources and Environment One Member LLC has put its trust in Hai Au by using its seaplanes for its survey flights.

Currently, the company is using Hai Au seaplanes to carry out production, business, consulting, and other service activities in the fields of surveying and cartography; environment; geology and minerals; land and real estate; seas and islands; water resources; hydrometeorology; climate change and several other areas. The company's activities are carried out both domestically and abroad in accordance with the law.


Survey and Aerial Mapping One Member LLC, Department of Cartography/General Staff (SAMCOM) was formerly known as the Geodesy and Cartography Joint Enterprise. Currently, the company operates under the model of a one-member limited liability and is the only defense - security enterprise of the General Staff.

The company is known as a leading enterprise in the field of aerial photography, surveying, mapping, database building and various forms of publishing. SAMCOM is also a reputable company specializing in providing surveying, monitoring and support equipment for specific jobs related to topographic surveying.


Throughout its active operation, Survey and Aerial Mapping One Member LLC has also made important contributions in the areas of national defense and construction. Flying the Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX aircraft, Survey and Aerial Mapping One Member LLC has continued to successfully undertake its assigned tasks, closely balancing economy with national defense.

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