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Aerial flights are becoming more popular in Vietnam than ever, considering the great benefits they bring about to businesses and governmental organization. They serve the purpose of researching and assessing natural conditions of the ground (which are) necessary to planning, designing, mapping, construction, etc.
Hai Au Aviation is currently the only Vietnam’s airline to provide aerial survey services using the Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX aircraft.

This type of aircraft’s major advantage over others lies in its flight range (1,800km), ceiling (100-8,000m), and flight speed (130-330km), making it an ideal device for quick and efficient surveying activities. It has a seating capacity of 9 along with space for sensor equipment, creating a comfortable environment for technical operations during flights.

For imagery purposes, the body of Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX is equipped with purpose-built cutouts to mount LiDAR scanners and other specialty aerial photography equipment. Therefore, aerial surveys by seaplanes are the perfect choice for businesses wanting to optimize surveying efficiency, save costs and streamline work processes.

6 reasons to choose Hai Au Aviation:

● Hai Au Airlines has undertaken thousands of hours of survey flights throughout Vietnam, including over mountainous terrain and sea islands
● Experience in working with various partners from domestic to international, including the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Geology and Minerals of Vietnam, Viettel, and more
● Ability to closely coordinate with major operators and airports to organize aerial surveys
● Years of experience in flight planning and licensing
● Prompt support and flexibility in changing flight schedules
● Certified and professional technical team, ready and willing to assist partners in installing specialised equipment on the aircraft

Past aerial survey services:

● Geology, topography, magnetic fields, and more
● Photogrammetric mapping, LiDAR scans
● Testing specialized equipment (radar)

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