Press Release - Aircraft Delivery by Cessna

11 June 2014, Hai Au Aviation has published a Press release with main purpose to inform further details of 02 Cessna Grand Caravan 208B EX aircraft, m...

Hai Au Aircraft up on United States' Sky

10 June 2014: After over one year of detailed planning at Thien Minh Group, in Wichita Kansas, USA, Hai Au Aviation’s first two brand new Cessna Grand...

What are seaplanes used for? | Hai Au Aviation

Seaplanes are becoming more and more popular throughout Asia. In often at the bet least one side are a no-brainer for everything ranging from emergency...

Top Ten Places To Visit In Vietnam | Hai Au Aviation

Vietnam is one of the most magnificent areas of Southeast Asia. It is home to amazing cities and countryside filled with culture, history and stunning...




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