Skip the long drive back to Hanoi with a speedy 45-minute seaplane flight instead, taking you directly to Hanoi's Noi Bai Airport.

Enjoy a water take-off from Halong Bay's Tuan Chau Marina and fly over the scenic Red River Delta, taking in pastoral scenes of rice paddies, snaking rivers and rural country villages.

With just enough time to snap a few keepsake photos, you'll soon be descending into Hanoi before you know it.

45 minutes instead of 4 hours

After a two-day or three-day long trip in Halong, the anxiety for the upcoming 4-hour drive by shuttle bus back to Hanoi might be bigger than ever. With the 45-minute flight Halong Bay to Hanoi, those worries could be wiped completely away; you will have more time to relax on your cruise or in your hotel and contemplate the tranquil and beautiful countryside through plane’s window.

A perfect goodbye to the beauty of Halong Bay

Saying goodbye to the breathtaking beauty of limestone pillars pulling out of Halong Bay, you are welcome onboard with Hai Au seaplanes before enjoying the exhilarating moment of a seaplane taking off from the waters of Tuan Chau Marina to get back to the hustle and bustle of Hanoi within 45 minutes.

An easy way to transfer to the next flight

If you have a connecting flight from Noi Bai Airport, the flight from Halong straight to Noi Bai Airport will be perfect for your next journey. Moreover, the icing on the cake is that you get to spend time enjoying the tranquil scenery and have a time of your life!


Halong Bay to Hanoi flight by Seaplane

Halong Bay to Hanoi flight by Seaplane



Tuan Chau Marina: No T7 Tuan Chau Commercial Urban Area, Tuan Chau Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, Viet Nam.
Noi Bai Airport: Counter 109, Lobby E, Terminal 1, Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam.


Tuan Chau Island about 8 kilometers to the southwest side of Ha Long Bay, consists of multiple sloping hills, stretching over 2 kilometers long with white smooth sand and yellow sunshine the whole summer.
Hai Phong City has been well-known for its complex of deep water anchorage seaports with large facilities for maritime industry.
Luc Dau Giang – where all the rivers meet and in Pha Lai, all the rivers join together before running into the Pacific Ocean, forming a fabulous nature amidst the immense paddy fields.
Co Loa – the oldest city in Vietnam, also the former capital of Van Lang Au Lac Vietnamese kingdom located in the center of Red River Delta together with the Thang Long 1000 years-old Hanoi ancient heritage.
Picturesque Red River Delta to the coast of Tonkin Gulf with magnificent patchwork of green fields, farms, people and animals.


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