This summer, Hai Au Aviation will not only offer the usual scheduled flights, sightseeing opportunities and package deals, but they will be offered as part of a special summer promotion. The best prices will be available, with the lowest package listed at the outstanding rate of $185 and all packages about 25% less than normal rate.

Summertime is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning out your precious vacation days. Most people use the summer months as a time to explore the sunnier, more tropical climates of the world. Halong Bay, Vietnam is one of the perfect places to put on your list. And if you are planning a trip to see this gorgeous Unesco World Heritage site, you won’t want to miss Hai Au Aviation’s stunning seaplanes. This summer, Hai Au Aviation will not only offer the usual scheduled flights, sightseeing opportunities and package deals, but they will be offered as part of a special summer promotion. Choose from among the many glamorous options available through this one-of-a-kind seaplane experience.

What better way to transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay than by cruising through the clouds

and getting a bird’s eye view of the emerald seas and limestone caves below?


Halong Bay - UNESCO Natural Wonder



There are many options to choose from when deciding how to see Halong Bay at its very best. Taking a seaplane is a rare opportunity that is unique to Hai Au Aviation. You will fly 150-300m above sea level for 25 minutes and witness some of the most pristine features of this beautiful bay. At the low cost of $99, this is a deal you won’t want to miss. 

Sightseeing Flight in Halong Bay




Most people fly into Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, on their way to Halong Bay. As it is generally a 4-hour drive to get from the bustling city to the relaxing beaches, taking a Hai Au Aviation plane is an amazing substitute. This experience will cut the travel time down to a mere 45 minutes, with the added bonus of spectacular views below. You can choose to book one way or both, going from Noi Bai Airport or Tuan Chau Island Marina depending on the direction. The summer promotion brings prices down from $275 to $175 or you can add an extra 15 minutes soaring low over the bay for the summertime price of $269.5  


Tuan Chau Marina


Hai Au Aviation also offers a number of adventurous and luxurious package deals, combining seaplane transfers with overnights in hotels or cruises along the bay. For those looking for a one-day getaway, the Halong Bay Seaplane Flight & L’Azalée Day Cruise is ideal. It begins or ends (your choice) with a stunning seaplane transfer to or from Halong Bay and connects with a cruise ship for your day on the bay. You will get to see Thien Cung Cave, Floating village and several other amazing sites. This summer, you will be able to do this as part of the summer promotion for only $300.

Emeraude Cruise 

The One-way Flight & 1 Night Wyndham Legend Halong 5-Star Hotel will be offered at $289, allowing for one-way seaplane travel and overnight in a fantastic seaside hotel. You could also choose the Halong Bay Flight & Emeraude Cruise Overnight, combining one-way seaplane ride with an extended cruise on the wonderful waters of Halong, also at a 25% summer deal discount.

Wyndham Legend 5-star Hotel

(please click to the package name for more information)

1. Seaplane Scenic Flight
& L'Azalee Classic 1D
  • 25’ Scenic seaplane
  • 4 hours L’Azalée Day Cruise

   VND 4.162.500/pax
(USD 185)

2. Seaplane Scheduled Flight
& L'Azalee Classic 1D
  • One-way seaplane Hanoi - Halong or Halong - Hanoi
  • 4 hours L'Azalee Day Cruise
  • Shuttle bus Hanoi-Halong-Hanoi

VND 6.750.000/pax
(USD 300) 
25% OFF

3. Seaplane Scenic Flight
& Cruise 2D1N
  • 25' Scenic seaplane
  • 2D1N Emeraude/ L'Azalee Cruise
  • One-way shuttle bus Halong-Hanoi or Hanoi-Halong

VND 5.287.500/pax
(USD 235)

4. Seaplane Scheduled Flight
& Cruise 2D1N

  • One-way seaplane Hanoi- Halong or Halong- Hanoi
  • 2D1N Emeraude/ L'Azalee Cruise
  • One-way shuttle bus Halong-Hanoi or Hanoi-Halong


 VND 7.875.000/pax
(USD 350) 25

5. Seaplane Scheduled Flight
& 5-Star Wyndham Hotel Legend

  • One-way seaplane Hanoi- Halong or Halong- Hanoi
  • 2D1N Wyndham Hotel Legend
  • One-way shuttle bus Halong-Hanoi or Hanoi-Halong

VND 6.502.500/pax
(USD 289) 

It’s never too soon to take advantage of the best deals available for this summer 2017. Hai Au Aviation offers an unique experience to fly by seaplane and see the beauty of Halong Bay, Vietnam from above. Take a look at our many summertime promotional offers and don’t miss out!



• The only seaplane service in Vietnam

• Once-in-a-lifetime experience 

• You can charter your own private plane!

• Brand new Cessna Caravan aircrafts

• International safety standards with experienced flight crew



"Luxe new ways to explore what’s been a hip Asian destination for a decade-plus now: a recently launched seaplane experience over Halong Bay, which lets visitors take in the bay’s otherworldly limestone cliffs from a new perspective — that doesn’t require two days on a dodgy boat..."

ArticleThe 10 coolest places to visit in 2015 by Forbes magazine.

"From the air we could see parts of the bay not visible from the cruise boats," said Claire Boobbyer, who made the film. "Sculpted valleys, hidden lakes and deep craters, all carpeted in an iridescent green which looked beautiful in the late afternoon sun"

Article “Halong Bay from above: tourist flights begin by Telegraph.